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Post by phoenix27 Fri Sep 11, 2020 2:48 pm

Trump announces today a decision regarding US forces from Iraq

9/9/2020 9:10

Trump announces today a decision regarding US forces from Iraq{International: Ayna News}

A US administration official said that President Donald Trump will announce today, Wednesday, an additional reduction in the number of US forces in Iraq.

Trump will also announce, according to the official, in the coming days, a reduction in the number of US forces in Afghanistan.

Trump had informed Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi during the latter’s visit to Washington last month that the United States sought to reduce the number of US forces in Iraq and his commitment to the rapid exit of the international coalition forces within 3 years.

On August 12, General Kenneth Mackenzie Jr., Commander in Chief of the US Central Command in the Pentagon, expected that Washington would reduce its forces in Iraq and Syria, probably in the coming months, and maintain a long-term presence of US forces in Iraq, to ​​help fight terrorism.

He refused to disclose the size of this presence, but other US officials said that discussions with Iraqi officials could lead to a reduction in the number of forces to about 3,500 out of more than 5,000 soldiers.

And Washington had announced that it would reduce its forces in Afghanistan to about 5,000, instead of 8,600, and Trump also issued orders to withdraw about 12,000 soldiers from Germany, about 6,400 of them will return to the United States, and about 5,600 of them will go to other European countries.

Today’s news is all about going international in general terms for trade.

They did not talk about the currency so much.

However, Iraq needs to begin trading with the international community and not just close neighbors.

To do this they will need to be part of the WTO (World Trade Organization).

The WTO has used terms like “fast tracking” Iraq to the WTO.

Their next major meeting with Iraq in in early November.

Do they need a tradeable currency on FOREX to join the WTO?

The answer is YES.

How else will countries convert their currency rates to Iraqi dinar rates?

It is time to break Iraq out of these sanctions and go global.

Is the currency reform an important part to kickstart the economy?

Yes, it is.

Let’s joggle our memories for a second.

Remember too that under Dr. Shinan Al Shabibi, then governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, was more than willing to go complete the project to delete the zeros in late 2012 and then reinstate the dinar to FOREX in January of 2013.

How could he then without a robust economy and demand for the dinar. I trust this expert and so maybe Iraq does not need so much this “robust economy” all these gurus elude to.

We all know the story of just what happened in late 2020 and why this was all approved but not executed on.

I can say it all in one word – CORRUPTION, mainly Iranian influence.

So here we sit today and we think Iraq needs a robust economy but who are you going to listen to these intel gurus or a financial experts like Dr. Shabibi?

Do they really then need a robust economy and to migrate to the private sector to RV and reinstate?

Or maybe it’s the Iranian corruption that is holding back approval to go?

Remember that Iraq was much worst off then they are even today in 2020 then they were in 2012.

This all tells us that it is not so much the economy that is needed but the end to the corruption and Iranian influence.

This is called stability and security.

Permission has not been given since 2012 to RV and reinstate and probably won’t be given until Iranian corruption is taken care of.

Now we also confirmed that the CBI will also transition to a new governor.

So now, looking at the timeline of this effort, we see this new governor lining up for the January 2021 release.

So, in summary, we see things are lining up nicely for a January 2021 RV and reinstatement.

This means we must see some movement with the project to delete the zeros prior to this time frame.

I am going to follow the 2012 and 2013 schedule of Dr, Shabibi and say we must hear word around October or November of this year to when they expect to complete the project to delete the zeros.

If we do not then do not count on anything happening in January 2021 either.

So, all the articles are telling us today that Iraq is moving quickly in the right direction.

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