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Nut Job FLEMING UPDATE, with a warning about emails.... DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Nut Job FLEMING UPDATE, with a warning about emails....

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Nut Job FLEMING UPDATE, with a warning about emails.... Empty Nut Job FLEMING UPDATE, with a warning about emails....

Post by Ponee Thu Sep 10, 2020 8:21 pm

Wed. 9 Sept. 8:54 am EDT Fleming’s Military Intel Contact WARNING on Emails:

1. Do not worry that you did not get a test email on Tues. 8 Sept.

2. When testing the emails for the exchange, the average person connected with Tier 4B group would not get an email. Email tests were being used as a sting operation to wrap up things that needed to be taken care of before the release could take place.

3. The banks had a list of people connected to various criminal ties or activities. Generally the emails would be sent to those people who had those criminal ties.

4. Right now there were emails being sent across the US saying that people should contact a certain 800#. The emails and 800#s asked for certain personal and banking information and wanted people who had a credit card to contact USPS or UPS. Do not respond to these emails and 800#s.

5. The real RV emails would not be asking for any information concerning your banking, or asking for how much Zim, or currency you had. Anyone asking you for your holdings in currency or Zim, do not tell them.

6. All of your emails addresses have been turned over to HSBC. The actual RV emails would be coming from HSBC and Wells Fargo.

7. These RV emails would contain all information you needed to know in order to proceed to the next step in the RV process.

8. The big reason as to why they were using this method and not just an outright publishing of the 800#s was because of fraud. 800#s were very easy to get, just ask the Nigerians on their 419 scams that they ran thru 800#s.

9. The only thing that Intel providers would be able to provide on their websites was the safe-link website.

Wed. 9 Sept. 7:24 pm EDT Fleming’s Military Intel Contact:

1.There was some kind of unplanned 24 hour hold on an Executive Order about the Stimulus Bill signed by AG Barr & Mnuchin on Tues. 8 Sept. at 3:30 pm EDT.

2. The release was still at any moment, any day.

3. Redemption Center staff were being told that they would be exchanging Tier 4b (us, the Internet Group) this week & weekend.

C. Wed. 9 Sept. 7:19 am EDT Fleming’s Military Intel Contact:

1. The technical issue that prevented the start on Tues. 8 Sept. was that AG Barr had to sign off with Treasury Secty Mnuchin on Trump resolving the Stimulus Bill impasse in Congress. Trump was bypassing the Congressional impasse through an EO.

2. The Stimulus Bill release of COVID-19 scamdemic financial relief payments to USA citizens was required by GESARA / NESARA in order to release the RV Shotgun start and start us in Tier 4B.

3. This was signed off by Barr with Mnuchin at 3:30 pm EDT Tues. 8 Sept.

4. Redemption Center staff was told to come in to the Redemption Centers Wed. morning 9 Sept. to be ready for our Tier 4b exchanges / redemptions that would occupy them the rest of this week and weekend.

5. Behind the scenes the release has been an evolving multidimensional challenge with the Deep State. An example of the war was Charlie Ward's accounts from his White House, Elder and Royals sources, plus Charlie and Colleen Freak's info from their QAnon team sources.

6. The Deep State has fought REAL HARD TO THE END (witness the riots STILL GOING ON in Portland, Seattle, NYC, Rochester, Pittsburgh, etc etc) against Trump and the RV release.

7. Google "inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com Charlie the take down of the cabal's evil plan" AND SEE THE LATEST QAnon post at qmap.pub #4635 8 Sept.: “Was the Nazi Party Ever Truly Destroyed (Eradicated)? No.”

8. Keep watching your emails, and keep praying over this all for COMPLETION now.


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