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BRUCE´S CALL HIGHLIGHTS, 9 SEPT - they are saying from a very high bank source that tomorrow is looking very good – tomorrow morning DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

BRUCE´S CALL HIGHLIGHTS, 9 SEPT - they are saying from a very high bank source that tomorrow is looking very good – tomorrow morning

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BRUCE´S CALL HIGHLIGHTS, 9 SEPT - they are saying from a very high bank source that tomorrow is looking very good – tomorrow morning Empty BRUCE´S CALL HIGHLIGHTS, 9 SEPT - they are saying from a very high bank source that tomorrow is looking very good – tomorrow morning

Post by Ponee Wed Sep 09, 2020 8:27 pm

Buce’s Big Call Replay LINK  Intel Begins:  59:25


Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – It’s good to have you in – it is Tuesday September 8th and you’re listening to The Big Call - Thanks for tuning in everyone –

Let’s talk a little about where we find ourselves from an intel point of view – This is one of those times when it is not dead quiet but pretty quiet - This is one of those times when certain bankers are just told not to say anything - to stay quiet - they are under a sort of gang order – certain people maybe under orders to not share anything anymore – so it’s a little tougher to find and get the information that you and I are interested in – especially on timing –

However - we did find some things out and I will share them with you now – I hope everybody had a wonderful relaxing weekend and you were able to do something may be that you couldn’t before - What I found was on Saturday we heard that some large amounts – this is coming from a very high source in Texas - high amounts of funds were being allocated to a number of accounts – that was on Saturday –

What we don’t ever totally know is which accounts did they go to – I think – based on what I have been hearing and piecing things together they probably went to some tier 3 SKR’s – they could have gone to other groups but they did not go to the groups based out west that we put into tier 4A – certainly they did not go to tier 4B – that’s us –

So we saw money moving in that direction – going that way – we know that some of the prosperity packages have been delivered – we know that some CMKX was sent out and received - this was supposed to be the weekend where all of those groups were to be cleaned up - by yesterday – we know that we are looking at new rates on the screens as of this morning –

The redemption center staff had plans to go in today relatively early and still have plans to go in tomorrow with the full contingent of staff tomorrow morning in the 8:15 AM range – we understand from one very high up wealth management advisory source that we had a shot at going today around lunch time – but if we did not go today -  then we were looking very strong for tomorrow –

There was also a piece in that talking about Steven Mnuchin or state treasury secretary getting in touch with AG  Barr this afternoon with the justice dept - the question is – what was that involving ?? – Was it involving something to do with the stimulus package that seems to be going nowhere in Congress?  At least in the House – The thinking is that – the situation – that problem was to have been solved today - 

Now what I don’t know – and I’m only projecting here – does that mean if we don’t have something that could be agreed upon and acted upon in Congress to give the stimulus out under the guise of the CCP virus and all of that – that is going on - could it be that Pres Trump was checking the situation out to see whether or not the stimulus could be done through and executive order – as opposed to both houses of Congress coming together on a bill? I don’t know – I am only throwing it out there something that may be the case - I don’t have that - but supposedly today that action completed the idea of a stimulus package in some form or another – we’ll see –

The other bit of information that came in very positively today – was not only to suggest that the redemption center staff would be on full staffing tomorrow morning – but also that information went out saying don’t plan anything for the remainder of the week or the weekend – in other words we should have between 8-10 days under tier 4B to complete our redemption and exchanges of currencies –

At the same time the public what we call tier 5 – was supposed to start around the 15th of September – That time as you know -  that can get pushed back a week – I don’t know that – I don’t have that - I’m just saying we have a time line now  - today being Tuesday – I believe they want to get this thing started for us so that we can get in and get out – essentially we are the stimulus for the economy – the tier 4B - getting the funds to us and then out – and it could be said for everybody that’s receiving funds – because everybody that’s involved in the various programs – the Zim platform - the groups – all of that is stimulating the economy  and you know as well as I do  they have let this roll out very very slowly –

I think they have done it so the economy does not over heat - and we don’t – it doesn’t become so obvious to everybody - I think it going to be hard to keep this thing under wraps when certainly we go or the public goes after us - but I would say this - the idea of us going this week is something that I’m still being told – and whereas today I was told today or tomorrow - tomorrow is in play – it is not absolute – at least not to us –

I’m only telling you what I’m getting – I’m giving it to you like I got it – and they are saying from a very high bank source that tomorrow is looking very good – tomorrow morning

So let’s hope and pray that is the case – and if it’s not just be prepared for the possibility of it still going this week – I am not trying to put it way out there – I know that we are on a day by day basis – I believe – one thing they have completed and I don’t remember the exact day it was done – might have been Friday that President Trump brokered a peace treaty  between Serbia – and Kosovo – I’m sure you have seen that on the news – This was a major deal and at the time I was told this was the last thing that needed to be done before GESARA  – I can’t think of the wording for it right now -  (Global Economic Security and Reformation Act) was complete – and that was done – I don’t know if that was made to be a very big deal but I think it is – I think it is a big deal -  that Peace Agreement

So the systems are all there all intact – the QFS is good to go - the Real Time Settlements System is in place -  everything is good – I don’t know that there is anything else that we know of that must occur other than making sure from the security point of view that the number of that the coast is clear – you know – that everything is set for us to begin

So I am going to say that the best thing that we can do is be prepared for the exchanges – I am going to suggest that we are very, very close – that we are looking quite possibly at tomorrow (Wednesday) but they really don’t want us to know and that is why it has been very, very quiet for the most part – we know we have new rates on the screens -  we know that we’ve got an opportunity to exchange at very high rates – I am still encourage – very encouraged – yes I want it to be over just like you do – I’m ready to get started – I am ready to get going on projects – I’m ready to go from incremental  to exponentially – and I think we all can agree that is where we are going with this –

Thanks everyone for listening –


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