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COFFEE WITH MARKZ  - Transcript and Video  -- Sept 8 2020 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

COFFEE WITH MARKZ - Transcript and Video -- Sept 8 2020

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COFFEE WITH MARKZ  - Transcript and Video  -- Sept 8 2020 Empty COFFEE WITH MARKZ - Transcript and Video -- Sept 8 2020

Post by Ponee Tue Sep 08, 2020 7:00 pm

Member:  it seems like NOBODY wants to pull the trigger.. or the show hasn’t started yet

Member:  Here we sit all broken hearted, thought we’d RV, but we haven’t started......

MZ: Very disappointing news so far this morning….  In Asia and Europe they are still sitting on their hands…the bankers, Paymasters and attorneys…all these folks are waiting for a release that has not happened yet.

MZ: I am told that all eyes are on Reno right now for updates right now. It may be late afternoon before I get those updates.  

MZ: The one contact I did speak with there said that all is still on track and all still looks great. He said to watch this week..it’s going to be a very important week. 

MZ: I assume they are talking about the budget in Iraq….and waiting to see when they pass it. …then they can say…yaaay its great we can now revalue. I believe it will be an interesting day or two as we watch the news unfold. 

MZ: They are convinced that it is indeed happening…and it has already started. .

Member: I had a great friend who sent me news that Iraq passed their budget on Saturday…in iraqs paper. 

MZ: if that is true we may be in the 10 days of silence while it is rolling out. The last update I had was that they were expected to vote on Tuesday or Wed. of this week.   

Member:  Iraq news Frank26: He went through his updates from FIreFly since Kazemi met with Trump. FIreFly said the mobile billboards have been on the streets advertising that the 2020 budget will be sent to parliament this week and will be quickly passed and that the 2021 budget will be like no other budget before. In the news the Kurds are in Baghdad to continue negotiations today. 

MZ: I am desperately trying to get in touch with contacts in Iraq today to find out if they are going to pass the budget or have already passed the budget….   If they do I just may be able to post that golden egg!!!!!

Member:  The calm before the storm.

Member:  Frank26 says all news posted out of Iraq is weeks old.

Member:  I think all tiers will go liquid when Tier 4B starts, as the top tiers have started their agreements with the banks a few weeks ago.

Mod:  SALTY’S TELEGRAM REPORT 🧂 ISAAC 9/7/2020 Posted in Texas Snakes room Keep the faith Good things about to happen this week I will know tomorrow Nobody is liquid yet Hope to have great news tomorrow

MZ: Late Thursday last week China announced it was going to sell 20% of US Treasuries. And they would consider selling 100% of them at fire-sale prices if there were any conflict. 

MZ: Trump has literally declared a trade war with China over decades of poor trade policies and they are feeling the effects more than we are.. A lot of consumers around the world are choosing to not buy Chinese goods because of the Corona virus. 

MZ: It will be interesting to watch the markets today.  Things may be changing in our direction. A member sent me a cool article about the Phillipines starting to use gold as their trade and security instead of fiat. A number of countries have already stared in that direction. We are watching things roll out and need to stay calm and patient 

Member:  Silver is supposed to be on the verge of a 300% spike

MZ: I enjoy watching the fiat talking heads trying to justify why gold is getting ready to collapse and not take off…and they cited that the stories about Buffet buying gold is an absolute lie. Well if he’s buying gold mining companies…is that now investing in gold???  To me it is.  They are doing everything they can to convince the people to keep throwing money into their 401k and that everything is just rosy and green like fiat money….…. . 

Member: Fiscal year timing is important (Oct. 1st) I think everything will change on Oct 1st……for the entire world. 

Member:  We are in WEEK 8 of when Trump said expect 8 weeks of greatness

Member:  Trump will be in Reno this Saturday Sept. 12th .

Member:  If people doubt that Trump might know a thing or two, just consider that his uncle John, was hired by FBI to read Nikola Tesla papers on flying saucers and free energy!

Member:  I’ve heard there are people who have had debt forgiveness of student loans and mortgages. I wonder when will we get to receive this debt jubilee?

Member:  the RV will happen when the Gold Treaty is released for the GCR. the Iraqi dinar RV is secondary to the GCR imho.

Member:  Good vs Evil - What you are seeing is the death of the [DS] Swamp creatures.

Member:  Heard Trump will use the 14th Amendment to take them all down,

Member:  Trump called out Obama, Biden, and Hilary for treason yesterday at the White House press conference. Said proof is in Durham Report.

Member:  Wag the Dog! When they are trying to push a narrative, look around to see what they are trying to hide

Member:  I heard latest list of who is going down in Hollywood. Some very big surprises. All of Hollywood going down.

Member:  apparently GTMO normally houses something like 40-400 inmates, despite a normal 8k+ capacity, so to be adding 4 new holding wings, means they're expecting a HUGE influx of prisoners…

Member:  I wonder if Trump is holding up the second stimulus because he knows Nesara is around the corner?

Member:  the holdup is the demos want a trillion to help destroyed cities rebuild. POTUS says NO!

Q: Is CMKX still expecting at-door deliveries.

MZ: Yes…..it will be a 2 part package….one part is you….the first part will have instructions on who you call and where you go for the second part 

Q: How will the exchange work in France?

MZ: The QFS system should work the same everywhere and the same as here in the US.  . Meaning your banks will not be e necessary part of your lives. So, numbers should come out for you to set appointments….. you then go to your exchanges and it should be very similar how it will happen for us. 

Member:  How are we going to have exchange safely. Questions I am trying to answer.

Member:  my intel states because the 800 test numbers were hacked they will just make a secured website to go to so they dont have to deal with that

Member:  Per Charlie ward, NO 800s now, testing showed hacking. Sorry don’t remember what the new plan was?

Member:  I believe they will have a secure link on the quantum financial system for us to use for exchange

Member:  was talking to my brother Mike this morning he was at his bank he asked bluntly are we on the qfs and they said yes as of Monday she was shocked he knew about the qfs

Member:  Big news on digital currency being regulated on FOX Business w Maria this morning

Member:  Sign on door; Homeschooling in progress please, do not knock unless you have beer or teach math…lol

Member:  Please keep Okie and Frank26 in your prayers for healing …..

Member:  Frank put up a new video last night, he did have his surgery and biopsy and he still has the cancer, he's trying to stay positive and he is using a rife machine to try and beat it


Member: Markz: Thanks for all your time and Effort to help us and keep us informed. You are greatly appreciated. By, see all tomorrow


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