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Post by Ponee Fri Sep 04, 2020 7:17 pm

Thurs. 3 Sept. 7:34 am EDT Fleming’s Military Intel Contact:

1. This week Deep State hacking interference was still going on against major banks trying to fully utilize and be able to execute money transfers through the new QFS system.

2. This week the schedule set by Trump and the Department of Defense Security Teams on Mon. 31 Aug. had to provide time for all the lead banks to use and test the QFS system in order to plug any remaining holes through which there could be Cabal attempts to hinder the RV Shotgun release. If successful, the Cabal could stop our Tier 4b exchanges/ redemption cold.

3. On Tues. 2 Sept they paid 7 SKR's of DINARES in the HSBC bank in London. By video an acquaintance in London showed me his account with USD $ 43,000,000 for the exchange of his Dinar with SKR in HSBC London.

4. Our guy said these tests have been going on this week and moving forward with the Shotgun release timing, partly depending on progress on Thurs. 3 Sept. of lead banks being able to successfully utilize the QFS--without Deep State interference--to securely transfer funds.

5. This was a large part of what has held us back – the war going on – it was not Trump and his advisors who have held us back.

6. On Tues. 1 Sept. Charlie Ward alluded that this week they have to ensure that Deep State interference would not keep the banks from securely using the new Quantum Financial System in order to execute the Shotgun Start earlier than later.

7. US Treasury and Banker information was that they would start our Tier 4b 800#s notification any time between Fri. afternoon 4 Sept. to Tues. 8 Sept.

8. He again repeated that This Is It. Trump, the RV Teams and banks have to finish not only us in Tier 4b redemption, but also the General Public Tier 5 this month of September in order to be ready for the Thurs. 1 Oct. full online functioning of the QFS for global business and full online use of the asset-backed USN for the Restored Republic federal govt fiscal year start also on Thurs. 1 Oct.

9. Governments around the world were fully expecting the global asset-backed QFS system to be ready for global government business and private business by Thurs. 1 Oct, which was only four weeks away. The landing strip was IN SIGHT!

10. For these and other reasons continued prayers were appreciated and necessary to bring this Shotgun Release in for a landing this week and over the Labor Day Weekend.


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