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Post by Ponee Fri Sep 04, 2020 7:05 pm

MarkZ Friday Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member:  Is this adventure finally winding down???

MZ: Well, In Hong Kong and Europe so far people are still sitting on the edge of their seats with no movement yet……..interested to see what happens when the West Coast opens today…..

MZ: There was a tremendous amount of expectation last night going into this weekend to see some kind of movement. None out of Hong Kong and Europe yet…I was unable to touch base with middle Eastern contacts yet…..no response. 

MZ: I don’t think tier 3 started last night- I think I would have heard if it had…When I check in with the West Coast and if they have….I will send out a tweet. If we havn’t started, I will see you all Monday morning to try to figure out where we are at. 

MZ: With such big expectations for this weekend….hopefully we won’t be let down again. 

Member:  I saw a note today that said someone in London at HSBC had a SKR funded to the tune of 43.000,000 USD.....supposedly a test run of a few select people...

Member:  I know someone who received a call to verify contact information for Prosperity Pkg. Around 60 other members of her group were also contacted over the past few days.

MZ: that is huge!

Member:  Folk have already started their paperwork though, from the top tiers….. The top tiers have been doing their paperwork with the banks for the past few weeks.

Member:  of course there is tremendous expectations going into the weekend. It's a US holiday and it happens every year for over a decade.

MZ: It’s always been a “when” not an “if” so buckle up…we are watching it roll out. 

Member:  It has to happen soon- the fiat dollar is going down….

MZ: yes it is and its going down fast

Member:  Charlie Ward anticipating black out this weekend not reset

Member: Well, maybe we will see both….a blackout to hide the reset.

Member:  .that blackout May occur in certain areas for continued picking up of the deep state.

Member:  The mass arrests of the DS elite must happen now!

MZ: I don’t know about 10 days of darkness, but a number of banks have scheduled closings and down times for online access over the next 7-8 days or so….there is a lot to watch. 

Member:  Bruce at the big call said rv delayed and going on Tuesday now.

Member:  Bruce at the big call last night said all the tiers will go during the weekend, and come Tuesday is 4B.

Member:  Tony stated that the rates are great...much better than expected

Member:  According to Kent Dunn, who is already on a NDA, STATED THAT THE RATES ARE VERY GOOD AND THE QFS WAS SETUP FROM THE 1st September.

Member:  No public announcement - changes will just slowly roll out. Per Charlie Ward

Member:  Just remember. Federal fiscal year starts October 1.

Member:  so...we revalue in fiat and then the reset happens. correct??

MZ: that is our understanding yes.

Member:  I’m calling it on Sept 10 at midnight

Q:  Mark will DONG and DINAR go at the same time

MZ: yes, we expect them to go at same time.

Member: Any QFS news?

Member: The Federal Reserve website calls this QFS system FedNow. On their website now.

Member:  Movie Quantum Financial System (QFS) https://youtu.be/iE_qBX-PnRk

Member:  It was MilitiaMan that first brought this information to light. 

Member:  I worked at Intel and IBM in SilVal, headed Super Computing then Quantum Computing global event projects for 15 years. The QFS is going to be a game changer

Member:  It will stop the CROOKS...no more naked shorting...no more counterfeit...

Member:  QFS is currently running parallel with the Swift system - confirmed

MZ:  YOUR computer, tablet and PHONE will become VERY important WITH the new system. Which will be connected thru A I ,to handle ALL of YOUR transactions.

Member:  I cannot find ANYWHERE that XRP is GoldBacked!!

MZ: it isn't gold backed. Only rumors that it will be.

Member: We are hearing that the next 2 weeks may be dangerous. Stay home.

Member:  CA has been caught (by people) cheating registered voters. Registered republicans have been switched to Democrat and some republicans are no longer even registered. they also have put some on permanent mail in balloting. If in CA you need to check your registration! Persons reporting this did not mention counties. If me, I would check Asap!

Member:  IMPORTANT NEWS CA voters- If you registered as Independent you will NOT be able to vote Republican. Must go online and change to Republican. CA changed rules hoping you do not figure out in time

Member: Australia's First Recession In Over 30 Years After Deepest GDP Contraction On Record, ADP Jobs Data https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ash06PEssyM&feature=youtu.be

Mr. Cottrell joins the chat at about minute 15:00…please listen to the replay for the entire Q&A…there is an awful lot here today…..

Mr. C: I want to commend Charlie Ward for the video he put out on Sept 2 on the Quantum financial System. This information is not available anywhere in the US…I have tried to find it. But its not anywhere. Google redirects me everywhere. 

CHARLIE WARD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HliBbcSe6QE

Mr. C: This is all based on the Cross Border Interbank Payment System. CIPS. Inside CIPS is the QFS. CIPS is an Artificial intelligence Private network. A Virtual Private Network. A QFS3D smartphone and digital currencies. 

Mr. C: It provides a pristine, clean integrity in the movement of money/funds from central banking to destination accounts. We are going from banking to destination accounts….very, very big. It will cover a new global network for transfer of asset backed funds and will replace the US Centrally controlled Swift System. 

Mr. C:  This has not fully happened yet, but it will protect all parties from corruption, usary, and manipulation within the banking system that currently is happening. It will assure the banks are monitored and protected within the agreed upon contractual obligations with regard to the transfer of funds… .  

Mr. C: Now this is what was advocated in the Gold Treaty. This is completely independent from the existing Central Banking System. It makes all other transfer systems obsolete. 

Mr. C: This is not a crypto currency. It is a system based on an Asset backed, digital currency. This security basis is based on a phototonic technology that does 3.5 trillion frames (not bytes) per second…

Mr. C: This replaces the dynamic routing system that we currently have. It’s a true, physical GPS authentication between the sender and the receiver. 

Mr. C: The AI that controls this will control the transfers and independently controls the Global network. The AI program will handle instant settlements. Real time in seconds……AI assigns a digital number to each fiat dollar, fiat Euro and fiat yen (yuan) that currently exists in every bank account all over the world.  

Mr. C: The digital numbers are monitored in real time. The physical GPS location between the sender and receiver will be set up to provide an unbreakable security in regard to who sent it and who received it. 

Mr. C: This is very important. The sovereign currency of the US , The Republic of the US is the USN. The united States Note. This is in the Gold Treaty and also given to me by Interpol back in 2014. 

Mr. C: AI will be applied across the QFS. It will work with the CIPS system in regards to language processing across the entire user base….Which means the entire account-holding base around the world…Everybody is on it.  One base..It will facilitate the adaptation and will evolve over time by recognizing the new behavior and recommending appropriate banking responces. .   

Mr. C: You will actually be able to do your banking on your own phone within this self-contained system. You can do your banking on desktop, mobile or hand held. 

Mr. C:  The AI Exchange : The asset chain collection or ACC is a distributive general ledger . This new system will provide breakdowns inside the asset chain collection to maintain custody and control of that information. Asset standard tokens inside the ACC that will interchange between your currency which is the USN to the SDR which is the Special Drawing Rights accounts that were developed under Bretton Woods. 

Mr. C: Example: You take $10 of a USN to buy something in Russia. It will go from a $10 USN to a $10 SDR to a $10 Russian Ruble. This allows you to purchase all around the world.  We are talking about parity of all currencies and this is how they will do it. 

Mr. C: The CIPS virtual currency will be based around the QFS VPN and will be used for the purchase of goods and services all around the world. There will be 100 million coins minted in gold. There will be 100 million coins minted in silver. Once minted there will never be more or fewer in existence. This is all around the world. 

Mr. C: Each CIPS coin has a virtual counterpart. So there is a real life coin and a duplicate in the system which will keep track of it at all times. Each coin has a barcode for ownership and a GPS tracking code on the coin. This is gold backed Basel 3, 4, 5 coin. Under the US system it is called a GSM. A Gold/Silver measure. 

Mr. C: This whole process is on the you tube video (see below) on charts that have officially come from the QFS. This is not made up and totally compliant with what I have been talking about with the Gold Treaty.

Mr. C: There is no actual person in charge of this system, It is Artificial intelligence.  There will always be transparancy the pristine, clean integrity of all transactions.  .

Mr. C: IMPORTANT:  When you go to your exchange you will be asked to set up your own new security ID and new account. This new security ID will immediately debit your old fiat accounts at your bank and credit your new QFS account with the Asset backed funds on a 1 to 1 basis. . . This is not exchange ratios…this is about your old US federal fiat dollars going into new asset backed funds….the USN’s.  

Mr. C:  You will be prompted to go to the next window (it’s all on a computer) and your existing funds will show as an Asset backed funds as well as a ledger balance of asset backed funds. . 

Mr. C: Example: So if you have $100 in your old fiat bank account it will show you now have $100 in your new QFS system account .

Mr. C: IMPORTANT: There will be no co-mingling of fiat and asset backed funds. . The QFS is running but not operational and will not until I enter the codes for the new gold backed currency

Mr. C: This new system is totally secure and totally under your control. No other person can access your accounts and no banks. Banks will no longer be in control. 

Mr. C: The QFS ends all corruption which now exists..The QFS covers the worlds transfer of Asset backed funds and works via 24 GPS orbiting sattelites protected ty the new US Space Force. The new QFS headquarters is Switch, Las Vegas. That’s very interesting. We had always been told the new Treasury headquarters would be Reno. It would no longer be in DC surrounded by all the rats.

Mr. C: In the Reno/Las Vegas area there are 3 large military bases protecting the area. There were going to be and probably now are 56 data center units in the US and there are 192 data centers planned for the world. Ultimately there will be a USN uptimate cloud system. 

Mr. C: The Heritage funds are involved and the US Treasury. 

Mr. C: The GCR will be within the QFS System . It will use a specific quantitative formula to establish the amount of currency available in any country that is gold backed by the QFS. The formula will establish a fair value based on the countries assets. The price of gold will become irrelevant once this is all complete. 

Mr. C: Included in the formula are in-ground assets, it’s population as an asset, and other parameters. This formula will apply to each country so they can be on par with one another. 

Mr. C: This is the Global Currency Reset. All currencies will reset at the same time. 

MZ: You have always said we revalue then we reset (We exchange when currencies revalue into fiat – then we exchange our fiat into the QFS Gold backed system)

Mr.C: There will be no baskets.  All currencies go at the same time. In one shot…it has to. No fiat currencies will exist in the QFS. This formula is already in existence. 

Mr. C: That’s why the rats are fighting this so hard….Once this is all in place they can no longer steal from the public , they can no longer do financial scams, or Ponzi schemes or sell drugs…..There will be no corruption period. 

Mr.C: Any country not Gesara compiant will be left out of the QFS and eventually left out of all international trade.

Mr.C: This video recaps everything I have been saying for years from Interpol, the White Dragon and sources and am very pleased that Charlie ward has posted this tool to help you all understand this all. Be sure t download and watch it. It gives you a good idea on whats going on and what we are looking for. 

Mr.C: I still think we will have martial law and arrests and this whole thing starts after the elections so the rats cannot interfere. It just makes sense to me.  .

Mr. C.: Also want to recap the Gold Treaty that was signed on Mar. 21, 2013. In these protocals it advocates and commands that the team visits me with the codes to release the gold for the New Republic Treasury of the united States. At that moment all fiat currencies go to zero . We will have a turn in time of 30-60 days at 1 to 1. Also all derivatives will go away...completely wiped away. 

Mr.C: At this point we will go into a worldwide debt jubilee. . The treaty itself will provide the gold bullion that will back all the currencies of the world for parity of currencies…with no more petro dollars. 

Mr.C: The gold will not be released until the US Corporation is dead. This also happens immediately when I submit the codes. . 

Be sure to listen to the ENTIRE REPLAY for all the details and watch the video posted below  ………..



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