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BRUCE´S BIG CALL REPLAY LINK and FULL CC NOTES , 4 SEPT DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1


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Post by Ponee Fri Sep 04, 2020 7:03 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK  Intel Begins:  59:40


Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – It’s good to have you in – it is Thursday September 3rd and you’re listening to The Big Call - Thanks for tuning in everyone – Let’s get our intel out tonight and see where we go tonight – Tuesday’s intel I think was fairly extensive but – what we did not have – we had a window – if I remember correctly – that of course right after I got off the call started getting additional intel -

So here’s kinda where we are – we had the concept Tuesday of being in the zone – “the go zone” between 4 PM Tuesday and 4 PM today (Thursday) – now it was “go” for a couple of things but not for us – Here’s what happened – Did we talk? I don’t think we did – on Tuesday night about the real time gross settlement system – RTGSS - This system is the way new bank wires or ledger to ledger transactions are being done – that system was put into play on Tuesday night at 12:01AM – and then it was to complete – completely be installed globally as part of the Quantum Financial System and using the Blockchain technology – it needed to complete that setup last night at 12:01 AM Wednesday –

That would allow for things to happen for wires starting today – now what happens on these wires – what happens on these money transfers is they occur domestically (inside US) in 25-30 seconds – 365 days a year 24 hours a day  - that is really cool –

Then you take us internationally - what about global transfers – those can actually occur in less than 40 seconds – so it is so much faster that it ever use to be and there’s a series of satellites – I believe 16 that are being used for this system -  with two of those as “extras’ – standby’s – in case there is a problem with one of the others – those are available – that is what the transactions are using to complete to happen –

What makes that system work is the fact that it’s not hackable – this is very big for us – as we move forward into our redemption period – because we’re going to have the ability to send these transfers anywhere we need to and the receipt of those should be very very quick –

This is where the RTGSS is replacing the SWIFT – that was not as swift as you would think – that is something that was tied to the central banks – Fed Reserve – and it was really a stopping off point for money to be parked and traded and used by those banks instead of it going where we sent it – it was not transparent – using “our” funds – so we have a new system now that is tied to the QFS and uses Blockchain technology –

What I said on Tuesday night was – one of the big benefits of the QFS is that it uses the unique signature that is created for each transaction – so that every transaction stands on its own and has its own security built in because of that –

The good news is that did get installed during that little 48 hr window – now what else is happening? According to what I am hearing  - coming from the Canadian bank sources – with Royal Bank of Canada  and Scotia - they do not celebrate Labor day – but we do – we understand from our sources – that Canada will send out notifications on Tuesday morning about 9:15 am Eastern time –

They do not celebrate Labor Day – they are doing it on Tuesday – We are coming in to the Labor Day weekend and my understanding is we may go parallel with Canada – I am just putting that out there as a possibility  - this is what I’ve heard – I like the idea – I am not thrilled about going after the Labor day and losing this weekend for us – however – I do think we will not lose the weekend but rather the groups we’ve been talking about that are based out west – the intermediates – tier 3 – 4 – there is quite a bit of people that will be finished up over this weekend - it’s kind of a clean up weekend – for those groups -  so I’m looking at us starting – I’m just hoping this comes through as I’ve heard – that we would start on Tuesday and then finish right before or on the 15th  which is the following Tuesday - 7-8 days depending on how they do it - That is enough time for us to get in before the public starts – tier 5 is supposed to start on or about the 15th  maybe the 16th  -

That is a very likely time for us – the public will go when they go – which is probably the 15th or the 16th through at least to the end of the month – we do know this though – the redemption centers will probably close for the most part when we are done on the 15th - Because the tier 1 and tier 2 banks obviously can handle currency for the public

They obviously want the Zim to come in to the redemption centers and tier 1 banks – they are the only branches who can handle what is expected to happen for us in the Zim

Let’s cut to the intel about the redemption experience itself – we’ve got people who will be helping us at the redemption center – appointments should take from 50 – 90 minutes for Zim holders – what they want to do is to try to get us exchanged and redeemed of Zim at that first appointment so they do NOT have to bring us back in for a follow up appointment – understand me  --  we would have just a week or 8 days to do this  - they do not have the time to bring us back in for a follow up – that is why they want us to be content with the negotiation for the rate we would like to see for not only other currencies but for the Zim specifically –

You should be able to reach an agreement with your redemption staff for the Zim and no need for follow up -  they don’t want us to come back  for that –ok very clear -  as clear as I can make it –

Here’s the other thing – we have heard a lot of things -  we heard there are over 10,000 redemption centers in North America – we have plenty of places to do this in – but here’s the thing – who’s going to be at the redemption center to work with us – 1 – an agent from the US Treasury – 2 – private banker – or wealth manager – you will also have someone who will be counting and verifying the currency – all of them including the Zim – at that time -  that’s 3 people – possibly 2 people counting and verifying on the delarue machine -  that would be for people that have a lot of currency

If you only have a few notes 1 person can do that easily – so 3-4 people with the exchange – they do have – we understand is an 8 min video they can play for you - I think those of us who know what is on the video would still sit down and be polite and watch it -  who knows we might glean something from it  - so that is taking up 8 mins of our redemption time

The KYC know your customer will go fairly quickly because they know who the zim holders are with the exception of people that have been gifted – they know everyone that purchased - that is why we don’t need homeland security at the redemption centers anymore –

What we’re going to do is have an experience where we talk about our projects - we have 5-8 minutes to give presentation – demonstration for them - time for currency to be counted and verified and time to get totals – and time to discuss and agree on rates - and also time to set up new accounts – I am thinking we’re going to setup accounts in one or two banks maybe 3 but probably 2 at the most – maybe 2 at the main bank and one at a secondary bank – that will take a bulk of time – and remember the plan that I’ve got – you can do what you want -  my plan is do the mother lode account with Wells -  Abbott Downing overseeing it – then have a spillover account for the interest that the motherlode account earns -   So that is 2 accounts at Wells and then maybe set up another account at another bank

The 3rd account for me is going to be for additional currencies - essentially the value that those currencies generated put into a 3rd account - you with me? Mother lode – spill over -- all at same bank and then a 3rd account for the currency proceed in a separate second bank

I told you how much you could ask for in the first 90 days - if you are a zim holder it is 500 million per account and up to 250 million per account for non zim holder -  day 1 is day of exchange – 90 days later your first interest payment is coming in  -

I am talking about interest based on your longevity of your structured payout and also based on the amount you have and so on – they would like to keep that money just like I plan to do - keep the motherlode there and use the interest earned - the only thing I’m going to do is seed from that master account – seed the spill over account with money maybe up to 1 B – when that interest starts kicking in – that is everything  we’ll need for our projects -

I believe this thing is on its way – we should be in good shape on this – I cannot absolutely call it but you know it was close – we thought w=it was going to be there by today – we did hear some things were going to be released at 2 am tomorrow  - I believe it is going to be dealing with the groups in some form or fashion – and I believe they want all of that stuff kicked and knocked out over the weekend - including Monday – so by Tuesday we are good to go –

Also Tuesday morning we will have all new rates for us - we’ve already got new rates on the screens - they came in Sunday night and into Monday morning - which was 4 days ago - we already have that -  but on Monday night into Tuesday we will have all new rates for us on those currencies – 4B – if we do not go by the 15th the rates will change again - and back screens will go away – for tier 5 the public -  that is what we’re looking for –

Regarding anything else NESARA will roll out probably in pieces and parts - I told you there was some debt forgiveness  that was a test on the QFS – some people had all their previous debt wiped out and refunded the interest from it – some people had credit cards refunded to them -  those were beta tests – and done sporadically across the country

What I’m understanding is that we will get our full debt forgiveness our debt jubilee through NESARA by the end of this year - after Christmas - so by the end of the year we should be paid on the debt we paid interest on - going back to at least the 1950’s maybe even further back - there is a lot to NESARA you should go and look it up – read about it to get well versed on all the different parts of it – there is a lot to it 

When I first heard about NESARA and GESARA and I realized oh no we have to wait for that before we get our revaluation  oh no it’s going to be a while - guess what – it’s been a while – but I do believe we are at the point where we’ve seen the first fruits of NESARA  come in  

 President Trump by executive order reduced or limited payroll taxes and then he said this is going to happen where we don’t have any income tax – in other words he was giving us a hint that  the income tax was going away – what we’re going to see instead of Federal Income personal or state income tax is an actual consumption tax – somewhere between 14 – 17% - I heard the President likes 15% - if that is what it is 15% would be added to the price of new goods but not to used items or food  or medicine – collected at the state level they keep a portion and send  the rest to the Treasury for the country –

I believe that means that all states will become no personal income tax states -  like Texas is now – ad Nevada – and Florida  and Tennessee and maybe 2-3 others  so we’ll see how that shakes out

Its exciting that is taking place and there will be major changes – my gut is I don’t know this absolutely but my gut is that well make that tax change at the beginning of 2021 – so theoretically January 1 2021 we would be on the new tax system let’s see what happens

Hope we have a great Labor Day weekend – I feel my sources are very good .


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