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COFFEE WITH MARKZ - Transcript and Video  -- Sept 3 2020 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

COFFEE WITH MARKZ - Transcript and Video -- Sept 3 2020

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COFFEE WITH MARKZ - Transcript and Video  -- Sept 3 2020 Empty COFFEE WITH MARKZ - Transcript and Video -- Sept 3 2020

Post by Dinares0 Thu Sep 03, 2020 12:22 pm


Have we heard the shotgun blast yet?

MZ: Not really expecting any news until overnight tonight…..just big anticipation that tonight starts the rollout somewhere between 11pm and 2 AM. …..

MZ: I assume what we will see first is sovereigns start to move and possibly 4a skr’s, ministry groups….stuff like that. Then settlements. Hopefully we will have solid news by tomorrow morning. 

MZ: Reno is still anticipating as well..……

Member:  Isaac said he will get new news today 9/3 or tomorrow per his Telegram site

Member: Is this just another Groundhog Day?

MZ: I was not expecting anything today….until late tonight. 

Member:  Today is the Calm before the storm

Member:  60 more Starlink satellites launched today, this means the social media platforms will be soon be de- monopolized and regulated and unhackable internet will be ready.

Member:  Charlie Ward said yesterday he got notified by USA bank 10 day bank blackout starts 9/4...

MZ: I am hearing a lot of chatter…but cannot prove if Swift is dead yet or not…..I have been chasing bankers trying to prove or disprove info about the swift system…almost all of them –conclusively say that yes- they are upgrading their system for “near instant” transfers. They see the changes coming. 

MZ: Part of them have updated now- part of them havn’t but I do not believe swift is totally dead yet. No banker will tell me that “yes it’s dead” only that it is ending in Sept, and everyone will be on new system for interbank transfers and country to country transfers now.. 

Member:  They’re saying swift running on about 10%....but QFS is handling monetary transactions now. 

MZ: I think more and more will be moving to the new backbone and out of regular swift….

Member:  Department of Retirement System document tells employee NO transaction Between 4 Sept to 21 Sept, might want to consider alt dates for retirement plans.

Member:  Question, Would they have ever rolled out the RV and funded our accounts without the QFS. Swift was not secure.

Member:  we have been waiting for so long for the RV, but looking back on it now, they would have never rolled out the RV and funded our accounts until the QFS was active and they knew it was actually secure.

Member:  Bank blackout means we have no access to our money for a period of time. No worries...gold standard will be up and running afterwards.

Member:  Q mentioned the 10 days of darkness so EVIL can be picked up behind the scenes that keeps us safe. Should stay in as often as possible during this time so as not get in the way. Stay away from cities.

Member:  Don't understand why Trump can't sign a EO to make mail-in voting illegal in every state?

Member:  Supposedly blockchain for voting thru QFS has been set up for some time. October surprise??? Been tested for years, no hacking, lets pray that’s how we vote.

Member:  I think it might be too late to start blockchain voting unfortunately...unless we mean after november 3rd because the election cannot be sorted out. YUCK!

Member:  According to the constitution, the States have the responsibility to hold elections. But oversight can be done by the Federal government.

Member:  remember you are watching a movie and you are going to love how this movie ends

Q: How can tier 3 go if Mr. C hasn’t gone yet?

MZ: Mr. C will not go until the end of Tier 3 beginning of Tier 4

Q: Do you see banks closing tomorrow?

MZ: No I don’t.   Could they stay closed on Monday for the Labor Day weekend…possibly……but there will be a crash crunch in liquidity if they don’t have some bank closure warning ahead of time….that’s my take on it. 

Member: I have heard tomorrow will be a “magical” Friday

MZ: I am so ready for one of those….I think we all are. 

Member:  Watch Lynette Zang on YT, solid and clear explanations on the economy. Expect digital banking and digital wallets aka Treasury bank accounts starting Jan 2021.

Member:  J.P Morgan has 6 employees charge with RICO for manipulation of the Silver & Gold markgets.

Bob Locke joins the stream today……

MZ: I was not expecting anything until this evening starting with the sovereigns…..we talked earlier on the Swift system and I cannot find anyone to confirm its dead….only that they are in the middle of a transition…..and that a number of their transactions now are “near instant” …what are you hearing?. 

BL:  The latest things I heard from a few weeks ago was to anticipate something after Labor Day. And I have not heard a peep since then from the people I speak with. It’s been so quiet- it’s weird and eerie….

BL: I am looking at all the arrests taking place now, and other tell-tale signs that we have been looking for….look at the latest Q drops with all the pedofiles in it …..seeing on the news all the children that are being found and freed…..human traffickers being arrested in Georgia and Ohio…..now there is a big operation found in Indianapolis……this pedophilia stuff is the key to me……it’s so incredibly rampant….escpecially in higher levels of government…..this stuff coming out now is a game changer

BL: This has been hidden from the general population for many years and it’s so corrupt…so the more I see the people in Hollywood and the high levels of government howling over what Trump is doing its indicatative that we are in the end game.  Because these people are screaming because they know their day is coming soon. 

Member:  Both sides have sick discussing people that need exposed

Member:  X22 report had a lonnnnng list of evil pedos in government from Q. Was so sick, 2 year olds sex trafficked. Makes you want u to throw up. disgusting.

Mod:  New Q posts..Four posts disclosing numerous names of pedophiles both Dems and Republican Government Officials Posted in SAVE OUR CHILDREN ROOM LINK https://t.me/joinchat/JrH1jhuKUx8qqSv...

MZ: We are watching it roll out…My people said it would roll out in September and get very quiet except for disinformation…..all my real connected people have been really quiet. They just said the plan is set- its moving forward. Just hang on ….There really is a lot of misinformation right now…..

Member:  "Difficult roads often lead to Beautiful Destinations! DON’T QUIT!!"

BOB LOCK DEBT LAWYER AND TRUSTS https://t.me/joinchat/JrH1jkseabV4JwXm0OwgMw debtlawyer@gmail.com

NEW IMPORTANT CA voters- If you registered as Independent you will NOT be able to vote Republican. Must go online and change to Republican. CA changed rules hoping you do not figure out in time!

MZ:  JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ObvK4NR_LI&has_verified=1&bpctr=1579044401 an excellent video

There will not be a “Whiskey and Wisdom” stream tonight


Member: Maybe  MR C WILL NOT BE HERE FRIDAY...He will be pushing the button or whatever for us.(sorry for the mild hopeful joke-lol) 

The next scheduled stream is Friday 10AM est.
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