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Post by Dinares Tue Sep 01, 2020 1:43 pm

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: Is today “Whack a Troll Day?”

Member: ♫♫The trolls come in the trolls go out.. the trolls are whining and starting to pout. The trolls are broke the trolls are sad.. the trolls need to leave because trolls are bad. ♫♫

MZ: I am still hearing things will start end of this week and we will all have an awesome Labor Day Weekend. I’m just worried that to many people are in agreement. I always expected this to go like a thief in the night…..

MZ: My sources still expect tier 3 to start on Thursday. And for this to be a busy weekend with tier 3. They expect our shotgun start to happen post Labor Day at the start of the banking week. 

MZ: Still waiting for updates from Iraq and Dubai today. Hopefuly they are hearing the same things. 

MZ: it’s almost spooky that I am hearing the same story out of Asia, Europe and all around the globe right now on timing…..This has me a little nervous that to many people agree on the timing…and things appear to be positioning this way as well…... 

Member: I think it really would surprise all of us if they actually did it for once.

MZ: You bring up a good point..lol.  They have got us prepared for so many weekends that they no longer have to be in stealth mode. 

Member:  Kuwait said not going to do it for four months and literally did it FOUR HOURS later...

Member: 100% of past resets happened in April or September. This may be the September we are waiting for.

MZ: It’s sure looking like it. 

MZ: We have always been expecting it to happen between 11 pm and 2 am based on US Eastern time. That has always been the plan we were told. 

Member:  I think the 800#s will just show up unannounced and catch us all with surprise. Get ready with your humanitarian hearts and start looking over your action plans. POTUS needs us to bless the country

Member:  : New fiscal year starts Oct 1. Hope we can get it done now

Member:  A new fiscal year. a new Restored Republic on October 1!!!!

Q: is the swift system gone?

MZ: I think it is running parallel to the new system…we are seeing so many news articles now….they are calling it lots of things ….Fed Now where transactions are instant….I shared the article in August. I believe the QFS in in place and we will see it when we get the actual reset.  IMO it’s not fully done though 

Member: Charlie Ward said  this morning that the swift system is offline and the QFS is running. There will be no big announcement

Member:  The end of the cabal SWIFT financial system midnight last night August 31, Hallelujah!!!

Member:  The Global Transition is over the Global Monetary RESET is moving forward.

Member:  The government will not make an announcement regarding the change over to QFS

Member:  I heard 95% Zimbabwe uses crypto for salaries and stimulus already

Member:  POTUS is letting the Fed implode... will soon usher in new sound monetary system backed by Gold...

Member:  QFS Gold Standard will peg Gold @ $10,000 (minimum) & Silver @ $1,000

Q: Why is it always supposed to happen on a Tuesday  thru Thursday? 

MZ: in the old banking system Mondays were a settlement day…..then of course nobody (the bankers)  wants to do a lot of banking on Fridays going into the weekend….but with the new banking system I don’t think that will matter anymore….it could be anyday. IMO

Member:  When are the mass arrests of the corrupt elite set to start?

Charlie Ward said there will be a 2nd shut down end of Sept…..and it  is for arrests of higher ups and completion of QFS ! 

MZ: I agree about shutdown number 2…..even though the CDC has announced that only 6 percent of recorded deaths were actually from Covid 19

Member:  Q said Symbols will be their Down Fall!!! the fall of the Banks on 9:11 ….11:11 am 9:11:2020

Member:  I understand there was a space x delay last week for one of the very needed satellites and that launch was to take place this week, maybe that has something to do with tapping that first domino??

MZ: I have seen articles about this..I am not convinced that this is the backbone of the QFS system….

Member:  Heard 10 days of darkness today through the 10th? I wonder?

Member:  usually 10 days of dark means Q don't post for 10 days......means things are happening behind the scene

Member:  an unprecedented 1,640 CEOs departed in 2019. now execs are dumping stock at highest pace since 2006

Member: Contracts that were signed with Iraq and President Trump on the 20th for 6-9 Billion dollars. Every contract usually has a 30 day grace period so I am looking at Sept 20th. 

MZ: it could take that long for things to filter through…but that does not mean that all of us have not already hit the banks and have dollars by that time. This will be a process…maybe a couple of weeks from beginning to end. 
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