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CHARLIE WARD UPDATE: ¨WHO IS THE ALLIANCE¨, 31 AUGUST DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1


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Post by Ponee Mon Aug 31, 2020 8:32 pm

Who is Charlie Ward, Who is the Alliance? Kat: Who is Charlie Ward and Who are the Alliance? (Partially Transcribed by Kat)

1. The Alliance was Q, Q-Team, President Trump, Trump-Team, loyal Generals and other high ranking members of the U.S. Military who have been part of the Q-Team journey since the presidency of John F. Kennedy, the NSA, Global Militaries, Presidents Putin/Russia, Xi/China, Prime Minister Modi/India, Crown Prince al Salman/Saudi Arabia, 8,000+ utterly genius personnel who banded together and came up with this beatific plan and are implementing it flawlessly, with Military precision, and with what can only be described as Divine perfection.

2. There have been many members of Q-Team along the way, all of whom had to remain in hiding, like “The Dove” [code name] who was one of the authors of NESARA, which was written during Kennedy’s presidency. President Kennedy attempted to initiate NESARA by shutting down the Fed. Instead, the deep state/GH W Bush killed him.

3. Charlie Ward currently resides in Marbella, Spain. In his capacity as a Hotelier he fell into his current job, which is that of moving money around the planet for governments, billionaires and various VIP’s. He has known the Dragon family for more than 15 years. He has daily contact with the Alliance Q Team. Both Charlies Ward and Freak have said that Q-Team/The Alliance, have taken more than 50 years to figure out this plan and striven to implement it. They tried to implement NESARA on 9-11 but the deep state blew up the World Trade Towers.

4. Purpose of Alliance: Goodbye to 13 Demon Bloodline Families-Deep State-Illuminati-Cabal.

5. The Chinese Dragon family, who were never Communist Chinese but descended from the Himalayan line, were funding this entire Global transition. In an 8-18-20 video, Charlie said, “What most people are oblivious to is this whole financial transition from SWIFT to QFS has been funded by the Dragons… When the Dragon bonds were valued 6-weeks ago they were estimated in the multi-quadrillions.”

6. “This expertise has come in handy for the United States Government who have hired Charlie to be part of the team that are moving cash, gold and valuables around Earth to back the currencies that are part of the Revaluation and Global Currency Reset. In this capacity as a “money-mover” Charlie has met all sorts of higher-ups. It is from these well-placed contacts in the United States Government that Charlie first learned about what is happening right now on Earth, 6 years ago.”

7. Charlie also said that he moves money to various countries to make sure elections go the way the elite want them to go. He used to say, “If you think your vote counts you’re seriously mistaken.” In an 8-27-20 video with Tara, Charlie said, “12:07 They’ve had the Blueprints for the Blockchain Voting System attached to the Quantum Financial System… with this system you’ll vote from your mobile phone… you’ll have all your identity detailed in there… you’ll know exactly who is voting and where they’re voting from…So it puts an end to all the Poster voting, vote-rigging, etc. which has gone on since Time Began… and it’s been absolutely rife for the last 30 to 50 years…"Charlie Ward and Tara: There’s So Much Wealth for all of us" by Kat - 8.27.20

8. And that was the way the world was run by the Cabal / Deep State before Q, the Q-Plan and President Trump launched WWIII from the day POTUS was elected in 2016.

9. In an 8-18-20 video with Mark Attwood, Charlie said: 9:30 Trump is sending out Red Flags all over the place… but he’s TOTALLY IN CONTROL.

10. “The first place they went to after the Global Shutdown was ITALY…9:42 Trump made a point of mentioning they took out “the head of the beast first”… well the head of the beast was the Phoenicians… the 13-demon-Bloodline Families… he took those out right at the start… so that nobody [minions] had nowhere to hide… they were the people behind the scenes that controlled everything… that’s where every Birth Certificate in the world are… because Venice is technically “off-shore” and that’s why we’re under Maritime Law.”

11. “The reason I knew the Vatican was being emptied was because our own Security guys were looking after the Pope… and also there were guys that I use for moving currency around the world… all… all of them employed… it took 650 planes to move the contents of the Vatican to Fort Knox.”

12. There’s also ridiculous amounts of gold in the Philippines… Cambodia… Vietnam…
I’ve been over to Vietnam and I’ve inspected 178 underground warehouses full… personally… I’ve actually been there and visually seen it… I didn’t count it and I didn’t test it while I was there…You have to also understand that this is UNRECORDED GOLD… but there are people as we speak doing an inventory check on it all… that’s in process right now… because that will be used to back the currencies around the world…"Charlie Ward Talks QFS, Dragon Bonds, Gold, GESARA" by Kat - 8.18.20

13. In a video with Robert David Steele on 8-7-20, Charlie described the DUMBs because he had personally been inside two of them. “I’ve spent a few months transcribing the horrors that the courageous and very brave Global Militaries are uncovering in these DUMBs when they first go in to save the children and women who have been Trafficked. The Militaries first save the children, video record everything, take whatever documentation they can, remove all the cash, gold, valuables etc. and then blow them up so they’ll never be used again.”

14. Robert David Steele: You know I just saw a report yesterday that hundreds of Deep Underground Military Facilities are being destroyed. Charlie Ward: They are.

15. Robert David Steele: “What was fascinating to me about the seismic information that I looked at making it completely credible, was that it was so accurate that it was showing 4 X 4 in other words, you could tell the depths of the explosions in these Deep Underground Facilities. Do you have a view on that?” Charlie Ward: “I’ve learned an awful lot about these tunnels and I have actually been inside some of these tunnels in my work because they store a huge amount of gold and cash in these tunnels…The ones I’ve been in were 200 Meters below ground level… And when you say “tunnels,” just to give people an insight, the width of the tunnels would be 30/40 feet, the height would be 15/20 feet, there was electric golf buggies riding around down there like it was a main road; 40 km, 30 km of roads down there, shops down there, living quarters down there, storage facilities, safes, everything down there, and this was just 2 that I’ve visited…They are phenomenal. It’s not like little kids crawling through a tunnel. These are underground. I said in the one I visited this would make the perfect prison for people inside for life but the Humanitarians wouldn’t allow that…They are certain collapsing tunnels, and as I understand in the Lebanon [explosion,] underneath that specific building there was considerable amount of tunnels there…I think the process has been, from what I understand, that once they’ve removed the women and children that were stored down there, they are removing them so nothing can be ever done again. That’s how I understand it.”

Charlie Ward has stated:

Everything has been a smokescreen for the RV, GCR, NESARA, GESARA

The QFS was up and running on August 2.

The SWIFT system’s plug will be pulled on August 31.

That NESARA / GESARA are being fully implemented by the genius Q-Plan and Trump-Team.

That we will be able to vote from our phones—using the same blockchain system as the QFS

That we are moving into a far better world at the end of it and everything will have been worth it in this Great Awakening…


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