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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 8/27/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 8/27/20

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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 8/27/20 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 8/27/20

Post by RamblerNash Sat Aug 29, 2020 7:06 pm

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday August 27th and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody – Glad everybody could make it in again

Let’s take a look at where we are because we finally got some conclusive intel today that seems to make an agreement consensus with all intel sources that I am using - that I have – all different directions coming together on the same page

Now before I give you that particular area I want to say something about the redemption process and about the first 90 days – Sue referred to the first 90 days in her segment tonight and I am going to continue with that first 90 days and give you the reason why –

When we go in and especially - I am going to talk to the Zim holder first and then I’m going to talk to the non zim holder – The Zim holder will be redeeming their Zim and setting up accounts – Now – in my case – I will tell you what I am going to do and you can do what you want - I am going to use a mother lode account – which is the big account that all the currencies are going to end up going into probably -

Let’s just say the Zim for now will go into a mother lode account with one bank – and then we’ve talked about secondary account which I’m using “spill over account” which is where the interest that the mother lode account earns - which spills over and pays into a secondary account with the same bank -

That is how I am going to try to do it – with that same bank – at least initially - and then I might have the currencies that I have even though the bank tends to look at everything when you’re redeeming as all going into one at least on paper I’ll have the total funds from the other currencies – dinar – dong etc - I’ll have that value whatever that is – I’ll probably put that into another bank and use that as sort of a personal account –

The other 2 accounts primarily actually the spill over account will be the one that will be used for the projects – You know how we use to talk in the terms of 80% / 20% and 70% / 30% you know breaking down the total – that is really gone - there is no template for what percentage of this to use for project or personal – it is totally up to you - It is your choice

I am looking at the Zim as going into the so called God Account - because my intention is to use the vast majority of the Zim redemption proceeds to go to humanitarian projects - that might include ministry as well - But certainly that aspect – that particular bond if you will is going to be designated – the proceeds designated for humanitarian projects – so in my particular case the dong and dinar and rial for example would probably be into a separate bank in another account and that would go toward what it is I want to do with personally –

So far I am talking about setting up 3 brand new accounts – now here’s the point of bringing all of this up - If you are a Zim holder and you have projects you will be able to set up for y our first days and put up to 500 million dollars – which is half a billion in each of your accounts that you set up - you obviously have well more than that in your mother lode account but you could see your spill over account for example with 500 million – in your spill over account – that is the one that is going to receive the interest from the mother lode account –

For that first 90 days you want to have some access to funds you could literally put 500 million in the first account – let’s say 500 million in the second account and 500 million in the 3rd or 4th account – or 5th account – do you see what I’m saying? You may not want to set up too many accounts but certainly 2-4 is within reason - That is what you can do – for y our first 90 days –

Now for non Zim holders / currency holders – you can set up to $250 million in each account for your first 90 days – These may be needed to go into separate banks to get that – but you’re going to have access to funds in your first 90 days to take care of you till the interest that you earn is beginning to be paid out – we are saying 91 days because the first day of your exchange and then 90 days from that day –

So 500 million for Zim holders with projects and 250 million with non project – non Zim holders – that is generally how it’s going to go –

I don’t know if there is a whole lot more I need to talk about as far as redemption – you know you are going to be prepared for 5-8 minutes to do your presentation

Now let’s go back to where the intel is taking us - It’s interesting because we do have a consensus from all of my sources – these are my sources that I talk to – or that I glean from my major source – Now – here’s the thing – we talked Tuesday night about the possibility of a Wed/Thurs/Friday timeframe – that is what I had at the time on Tuesday and we told you – and we said this for years I guess - that this is a moving target and things do change – sometimes I hate to say minute by minute but certainly hour by hour some things change -

Now we had the impression that this could go any day almost any minute – and to an extent somewhat true but not as true as it was Tuesday – Tonight – Thursday night – this is what it is – this is why I want you to watch President Trump give his acceptance speech for the nomination of President because my understanding is – and I don’t know if he’s speaking yet or when he is going to speak – it might be a little bit later as soon as we get off the call - but what he should be saying is – when he accepts the nomination it is for nomination for President of the Republic of America – He is going to use the term “The Republic” - I don’t think he will say new republic – but I think he will say for the Republic of America

This is different from the government we have been under which has been United States of America Cooperation - we are getting away from and out of – and obviously we have a new banking system with the Quantum Financial System in place and we are looking for the very last remnant of the Swift system to go away and we are looking for things to start moving in a whole new direction for us

Now – to complete the thought of President Trumps acceptance of the nomination – for President of The Republic – after he finishes his speech tonight – tier 1 will go and be made liquid – that takes us into and through tomorrow - - On Saturday tier 2 and 3 become liquid – remember most of these people we are thinking are SKR’s – that is when they will see their liquidity – Tiers 2 and 3 – are to start on Saturday – that leave tier 4A and 4B – we are supposed to be notified and start setting our appointments either Monday or Tuesday - this coming –

So we would start exchanges if we got started with numbers either Monday afternoon or Tuesday – If we start Tuesday that is the first of September – we should actually have a new USN currency in place by then because we understand the rates are going to come off the screen on Sunday and show back up for trading purposes and they may not be there on Monday until we are able to set our appointments and go – So Monday is a ?? question mark –

I don’t know that we would but I do believe we would start on the first day of September – that is Tuesday - Now how long would we get to go? Remember we talked about the John Q Public – Tier 5 – starting around the 8th or 9th but I think that has been moved – I heard the 15th – and that would afford us a 2 week period – not that we need 2 weeks for tier 4B to necessarily go in and do our exchanges and zim redemptions but if we do our first appointment in the first 5-6 days it would give us a chance to go back to the redemption center or our wealth managers – you see – and have a second appointment with them before the public would start on the 15th - That is what it would give us - it would afford us the ability to meet – to get redemption done – do our exchange and then come back within a week or so and meet with our wealth management and create our family office -

All of that is going to be something that you as tier 4B will get to do – tier 4A will do something similar – ok – but the public 0 tier 5 - would not have that same opportunity – Remember the rates that we’re going to get and the back screen rates are only available for tier 4A and tier 4B - I’m going to say Tier 4B – I don’t know if they are even available for the groups – but I’ll say this – what we see in that period is for us - and then the other thing that is possible is on the 15th of the month is when you get the update on the rates when it comes to the IMF and the other rate charts – that change on the 15th – so that on the 15th should reflect the new rates that the public will be able to see –

What about the Dinar? I’m not sure about Iraq – whether they are going to show that rate as early as Sunday – this coming Sunday - I’ve got information that says they may show the new international rate on Sunday – doesn’t really matter to us – we know it’s there - we know that the rates have already changed in country – least we have been told they have – and now we just wait and see what Iraq does in terms of the international rate –

They may have a rate that is already known within certain countries of the Middle East – that they are trading with – so it is nothing we have to worry about –

The main thing that we need to do is to keep an eye on what the President is doing – watch for what announcements might be made – and keep an eye out for the 800 numbers and the emails that would be delivered through the Wells Fargo Servers – should also come out Monday or Tuesday - and so we’re looking – they don’t want us to know obviously which it is – so we’ll just keep an eye on both and just chill out till we get both

So that is really what I wanted to bring to you - the nice thing is they all agree – very different sources from the highest banking sources – in corporate offices and all the other sources we talk to – seems to be absolutely what it is – Thanks everybody for listening – and be sure to listen to Trumps speech -

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