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Post by Ponee Wed Aug 26, 2020 7:33 pm

MZ: The news is painfully quiet out of banking centers right now. Banking folks in Europe are still hopeful they will see bond redemptions this week.
MZ: Quiet on the currency side of things but they are confident a schedule has been setand we are waiting for that to play out.  We do not know what that schedule is.
Member:  Just a thought — are they being quiet so nobody and exploit the system?
MA: I am told they have a set schedule now and its rolling out quickly. They are really leaning on banking folks to stay quiet.

Member:  I just got off the phone with one of my mil guys things are really moving behind the curtain… be prepared THIS WEEK over the next 24-48 hours forward to be started
Member: Last night my paymaster said he was getting paid today.
MZ: When paymasters get paid- that means bonds have gone and 4a is getting ready to go and we all get to be happy.
MZ: I believe tier 2 is wrapped up and we are in the middle of tier 3. I am watching the bond markets and Indian Nations for when they get paid…..we are right behind them.

Member:   I think they want the groups done, and everything up and running before Oct 1
Member:  they have do this before October 1st cuz every government in the world that’s the start of the new fiscal year October 1st
Member:  Yesterday from Isaac N: Hello hope all good …My private operations I will know If the money was transfer to my paymaster tomorrow and the rv related hsbc told me to check Thursday….So keep the faith.
Member:  federal reserve huge announcement tomorrow says Lynette Zang

Member:  She had a great show on financial regime change yesterday
Member: I heard EMERGENCY broadcasts will start Sunday or Monday & zll. internet & phones etc will be control by. military & Trump globally! military tribunal videos begin! Neseara Gezeara begins!
MZ: I am definently looking for arrests to start happening …it’s a key part to everything.
Monday:  Trump signed a EO for taking wealth of bankers

Member:  Charlie Ward said on last video he thinks there will be another worldwide lock down in Sept as the financial systems change over and new QFS starts on Sept 1st
MZ: I have been looking for a second lockdown to happen as well.
Member: Brent Johnson thinks it will happen in September.
MZ:  That is probably pretty accurate based on what I am hearing

Member:  Charlie Ward says September will be TUMULTOUS
Member:  China is claiming the 2nd wave of covid now
Member:  BREAKING: Idaho’s House of Representatives Votes to End Coronavirus Emergency EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY
Member:  Hawaii just did a 2 week stay at home lockdown. Its effective at mid night tonight.

Member:  Mark, did you see Idaho supreme court overturned mask/lockdown orders effective immediately!
Member:  i just read a Q post! on Sunday or Monday there will be a GLOBAL national emergency called by Trump & martial law. the Tribunals will start being aired.
Member:  there most likely wont be a 2nd  stimulus bc military Tribunals begin Sunday or Monday via Emergency broadcast system
Member:  remember what you’re watching happened in real time is a movie and certain actors have been replaced with body doubles or robotoid to keep the movie going as they redpill America

Q: Whats up with Queen Elizabeth giving up the keys to Buckingham palace?
MZ: I don’t know but will all the protests happening there….the royal family may be running scared.
Member:  The queen is no longer at Buckingham palace,,, she is now living at Windsor Castle,,,,
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Member:  RIP all shareholders who passed
Member: Please keep Okie and Frank26 in your prayers for healing
Member:  Please pray for the gulf states as Hurricane Laura is about to hit…possible flooding and power outages.


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