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MarkZ: "My currency people are now looking at the long Labor Day weekend" (LOL!) 8/24/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "My currency people are now looking at the long Labor Day weekend" (LOL!) 8/24/20

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MarkZ: "My currency people are now looking at the long Labor Day weekend" (LOL!) 8/24/20 Empty MarkZ: "My currency people are now looking at the long Labor Day weekend" (LOL!) 8/24/20

Post by RamblerNash Mon Aug 24, 2020 11:02 pm

MZ:  Mighty Monday....

MZ:  It was quiet this weekend at banking centers in Zurich, Hong Kong, London, Reno. I did speak with a contact out of Zurich who is still expecting bonds to go this week.

MZ: My currency people are now looking at the long Labor Day weekend………..So my fingers are crossed for then

Member:  Charlie Ward said RV by Sept 1st time will tell!

Member:  MR. Ward said "QFS" on September 1 NOT RV !

Member:  QFS fully operational Sept 1st, this is big!’n. Go to Federal Reserve. Gov and you will see the announcement.

Member:  Tony stated that he knows folk that exchanged Dinar,Dong and Zim but not liquid yet

Member:  Charlie Ward JUST said that Sept 15th is the magic day. I'm thinking that's the date for the public...

MZ: that makes sense based on the chatter I am hearing.

Member:  Charlie says the date (sept 15th) is on the government website

Member:  Fed fiscal year is also Oct 1

MZ: Yes it is……..

MZ: I did speak to “metals” investors and they still think the entire world will be up and running (gold standard?) on Oct. 1st. If true then Charlie Ward may be right. They have to let us exchange and be done with us before its rolled out for the entire world.

MZ: We are about 5 weeks from that Oct. 1st date……on this date financial experts from all over the world are looking for a new monetary system. A whole lot has to happen by then……

Member:  It is time for the RV and stop kicking it down the road.

MZ: Mr. C still thinks Nov…I think the latest is Oct. 1st but looking for it sooner than that. My opinion is they need us to go in and exchange before Oct. 1st.

Q: Can anyone confirm that any tiers have been completed?

MZ: I spoke to contacts in the indian Nations this weekend and I can tell you that Tier 3 is not complete. If tier 3 was complete they would have received their funds. Some of the elders from the indian Nations watch our stream.

WhiteWolf: I have not been paid.

Member:  Trump said he was going to improve the PEDIGREE of the US Dollar

Member:  Hi Mark, I saw in the news debt forgiveness in Middle east

Member:  The central bank in Egypt drops the accumulated debt of 10B on 940 thousand bank customers

Member:  I heard for Iraq to be sovereign they have to have a rate on their dinar...

Q: do you believe we can have our exchanges all done before the GCR?

MZ: I do….We were always told that they wanted everything done within a one month period …including getting new dollars out so that they can remove all the old dollars that should no longer be in the market….so yes…I think it can be done within a month.   So imo do not drag your feet but get in quickly to your exchange.

Q: Why do they keep pushing “Humanity projects “ on us? 

MZ: One it’s the right thing to do….but also my guess is so that we don’t push hyper-inflation on them. If we were to put a chunk of our funds into long-term humanitarian projects …we will help our economy long term instead of a quick flash where liquidity runs rampant for a bit and then nothing…….So I believe its for long term liquidity and not just short term. Also humanitarian projects will implove infrastructure all around the world. Water, Jobs, Housing, and more………

Q: Do you think the Zim rate will be 1 to 1?

MZ: I do not hink that……that makes no sense to me……but I do believe the Zim is real and we will get a good rate

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