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Post by Dinares Sun Aug 23, 2020 11:40 am

Sat. 22 Aug. 8:29 pm EDT Fleming Military Intel Report:

1. After 3 ½ weeks of processing the Dragon and other Exotic Bonds and moving the money into higher level accounts, now the liquidity release phase was underway and 'in full process,” making everyone behind the scenes very happy.

2. We were at the end-stage of finality of the GCR / RV release process.

3. Today Sat. 22 Aug. the RV teams and upper level Paymasters have continued to move globally liquidity from the Dragon Bonds and other exotic bonds, down line from the highest level of accounts into lower level accounts.

4. There were eight levels of accounts comprising Tier 1-4A accounts into which money continues to be moved. Tier 4b was the ninth level that would trigger full access to all levels.

5. This was still a tedious process for Treasury and Paymasters involving moving money into 1,000s of accounts globally on eight levels, with account hydration being followed by verifying checking & rechecking, auditing, registering funds in each account on the QFS. It was still moving along.

6. As of about 6:30 pm EDT Sat. 22 Aug. they approached the half-way point in finishing up Tier levels 1-4 accounts of the eight levels above Tier 4b, with the remaining levels 5-8 involving many more accounts (shaped like a pyramid from top to bottom with more accounts at the bottom than at the top to get done).

7. The US Treasury was doing audits, reviews and verification of the high level accounts and working with Paymasters on doing the same for lower level accounts.

8. Some Paymasters did not do all the required QFS verification protocols--they did things "their own way," which required going back and having to do the accounts again, which created some delays.

9. This past week the US Treasury was a few days behind because this has never been done before in the history of humanity and everything was new with the QFS and USN transition underway in this liquidity release process.

10. As of 04:50 am Europe time Sat. morning 22 Aug. Paymasters [names withheld but it was clear they were European & Eastern European surnames] could see funds (money-of-account) in their Paymaster accounts – they were liquid – but they would not be able to move the money to pay out their beneficiaries (primarily Tier 3-4a groups and participants) until the Shotgun Release when Tier 4a&b were started with 800# notifications.

11. The current liquidity release phase getting funds into all eight levels of accounts, making the beneficiary accounts liquid through Tier 4a globally should be completed at the current pace by Tues. 25 Aug. to be ready for the shotgun release by then, or when the decision-makers green light it.

12. The Shotgun Release did not have to wait for the Republican National Convention (in Charlotte NC) to be over by next Thurs. 27 Aug. for the Shotgun Start, but it could be started at any time after the beneficiary accounts were finished being made liquid.

13. They were trying to move this payment-followed-by-verification process along as fast as possible given the requirements and protocols they had to follow.

14. The IMF was still planning to post the RV rates on Tues. 1 Sept. for the General Public Tier 5 to start by Tues. 8 Sept.

15. President Trump wanted the 800# out in time for Tier 4b to have several days before the public started.

16. Behind the scenes all announcements about the asset-backed, gold-backed USN to the financial industry players was still scheduled for Wed. 2 Sept. after the USN came fully online digitally.

17. Physical USN currency notes would be released to the public in October, which was the beginning of the Restored Republic fiscal year.

18. Behind the scenes everyone was still celebrating because we were almost there to the Shotgun Start after the lowest level beneficiaries’ accounts had money-of-account that was verified and ready at the starting line.

19. Iraq was done. On Fri. 21 Aug. final agreements were concluded between Kurds and Baghdad on rates, money and disputed territory in Iraq. Behind the scenes PM Kadhimi said that Iraq was open for international business!!

20. President Trump would do the Days of Disclosure, the General Public would start exchanges, plus Federal Debt Relief programs would all start in Sept. and be in full swing by Oct.

21. Everything would only get better, better and better from then on as the Restored Republic would be fully online as of 1 Oct. 2020.

22. He said to keep all this in prayer, give thanks that we were at the end and keep focused on chilling out just a little longer until we get to the Start/Finish Line for the Shotgun Release.

 Sat. 22 Aug. Fleming’s Military Intel Contact:

1. On Fri. 21 Aug. liquidity started being released from the Dragon Bond account funds downstream to lower level accounts.

2. It’s still a tedious process involving moving money into 1000s of accounts followed by verifying checking & rechecking.

3. Over the past 48 hours there has been rejoicing behind the scenes as Paymasters were told by the US Treasury that we were entering the global liquidity release phase, which would lead to Tier 4b notifications going out, triggering full access to account funds for all tiers.
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