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 "Hello, RV/GCR Hotline... Please Press..." - Dr. Dinar Update 8/14/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Hello, RV/GCR Hotline... Please Press..." - Dr. Dinar Update 8/14/20

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 "Hello, RV/GCR Hotline... Please Press..." - Dr. Dinar Update 8/14/20 Empty "Hello, RV/GCR Hotline... Please Press..." - Dr. Dinar Update 8/14/20

Post by RamblerNash Fri Aug 14, 2020 10:45 pm

"Thank you for calling the RV/GCR Hotline."

"Please press #1 for the date of the public release of the RV/GCR."

"Please press #2 for the new and improved, continually changing Contract rates."

"Please press #3 if you hold ZIM and think it's a Bond."

"Please press #4 if you hold ZIM and think it's currency."

"Please press #5 if you are in need of your daily rumor fix."

"Please press #6 if you'd like to hear the latest articles out of Iraq on Audio-articles."

"Please press #7 if you want a copy of the Iraq Gazette sent to your email."

"Please press #8 if you would like to set an appointment with one of our Certified Therapists." 

"Please press #9 if you believe your Brother in Law is correct and that this whole RV/GCR thing IS a scam."

And so on and so forth, until all the various buttons have all been exhausted.

Not to mention all of your buttons as well.

Even to the point of hitting 0#0#*0#0#**0#* a few hundred times in rapid succession, hoping to crack the code, while screaming SPEAK TO AGENT into your phone!

Don't we all wish it were just that easy.

 "Hello, RV/GCR Hotline... Please Press..." - Dr. Dinar Update 8/14/20 .+a+friday+Dr.+D

After all, in today's world of instant auto-gratification, shouldn't it be?

I mean, is that simply too much to ask?

Well, as a matter fact, now that you ask, yes.

That is too much to ask.

At least when it comes to this here RV/GCR thing anyway.

You see, nobody really knows what's going to happen and they surely don't know when.

How could they be expected to know the unknown when even those that are working feverishly behind the scenes (at least we've been told they are anyway) haven't a clue as to when this thing is officially going to pop.

Sure, they have windows.

Small sections of time when they hope to have everything lined up, all pings re-pinged, algorithms ready to roll.

And once having accomplished that relatively simple (in the eyes of many people) set of steps, they can then push the Easy Button, thereby installing the codes and the dominoes begin to fall from there.

Eventually populating all the gray/green/blue/black/purple front & back bank screens across the globe with the new & improved rates, instantly rendering all of Dinarland with an abundance of 800 numbers.

Then, after hearing the wonderful news of the release of the RV/GCR, folks can finally begin to board numerous buses (in an orderly fashion mind you) and make a beeline for the Banks.

Unfortunately, it's more than likely not going to happen that way, despite how much many of us wish it would.

The best we can hope for is just a nugget or two of possibilities here and there along the way that could very well be signs of global progress right before our very eyes.

Whether we are smart enough to see them or not.

Enter the quote-unquote "Guru's" of Dinarland.

The outspoken few that have taken it upon themselves to step up on their soapboxes and post their opinions, pointing out these possibilities, despite the huge amount of flack that comes along with the territory.

Why do they do this?

Why continually put themselves in harms way?

Nobody really knows their motives, what drives them to want to share their opinions at great peril.

Mainly to themselves.

But despite knowing all the pitfalls, they continue to do so.

Well, most of them anyway.

I recently became aware of one of Dinarland's faves that has chosen to bow out, to say goodbye, quickly exiting Stage Left, due to the ungrateful negativity that can become all too consuming in the RV/GCR game.

After all, skin is only so thick and after a while the negativity can become all too overwhelming.

Which I myself find to be truly a shame.

Especially at this stage of the game.

As I mentioned earlier, I don't believe anyone, Guru or not, can state that beyond a shadow of a doubt THIS is the day the RV/GCR will be released and THESE are the guaranteed new rates of the popular currencies you hold.


But what they can (and do) offer is hope.

Yes, hope. A reason to remain in the game, despite all odds.

And at this point in time, hope is a precious and extremely rare commodity.

Difficult to put a price on it, that's for certain.

And I believe hope is different from hopium.

Hopium, to me anyway, connotes a feeling of falseness.

An intention to mislead.

But hope gets people through another day of disappointment.

Which, at this point, I believe is priceless.

After being on this journey for over a decade, the one thing I find most difficult is to keep hope afloat.

And no, it's not because I ride the so called Dinarland roller coaster.

I choose to take the global way around this thing and even then, every time you begin to think there's no way this country or that country's economy can survive a disaster of that proportion, they do.

And they do it time and time again.

Can you spell endless manipulation?

As someone well known in Dinarland used to say, "There are no guarantees in life. None."

Truer words were never spoken.

My point in all of this is that there comes a point where you have to ask yourself, am I in it to win it or not.

If not, there are plenty of ways to sell your currency and simply walk away, stress be gone.

It truly is that easy.

Unfortunately I had to do that very thing a short time ago, selling back a good bit of my currency.

Not as a bail-out, but as a matter of survival.

After all, if I'm not there at the finish line, then all this struggle was for naught.

But you better believe I'm going to be there at the finish line with whatever currency I still hold in my possession.

And I hope all of you will as well.

Forget about how many days/weeks/months/years you've spent grinding, hanging on by your last cuticle, to get where you are now.

Instead choose to focus on the strength it took to get here and celebrate that huge accomplishment.

Remaining grateful that you've made it this far.

Many haven't been as fortunate.

We can only go forward from here.

We do that with hope.

Hope for a better future for us, our family and our friends.

Hope for a better planet for all people of the world to enjoy.

Please continue to hang in there and whatever it takes, find your hope, from wherever it may come.

And continue to hold onto it, no matter what it takes.

We've never been closer than we are right now.

All my best,

Dr. Dinar

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 "Hello, RV/GCR Hotline... Please Press..." - Dr. Dinar Update 8/14/20 Empty Re: "Hello, RV/GCR Hotline... Please Press..." - Dr. Dinar Update 8/14/20

Post by Ethel Biscuit Sat Aug 15, 2020 3:11 am

As delusional as the best of them.

picking  "Scum" - Sue Winters
Ethel Biscuit
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 "Hello, RV/GCR Hotline... Please Press..." - Dr. Dinar Update 8/14/20 Empty Re: "Hello, RV/GCR Hotline... Please Press..." - Dr. Dinar Update 8/14/20

Post by Tinef Sat Aug 15, 2020 10:14 am

Hmmm .. 

I'd press #9 , and then I might call .. crime stoppers USA 1-800-222-TIPS. 

Dear #DOJ.gov , By definition Iraq is a failed state. 

Yet the public is told by a group of unlicensed currency pumpers, or paid content providers that are called "GURU's" that they have secret insider information from various fake intel sources that tell them otherwise. And that  this country along with other failed states are on the verged of an overnight economic shift so major that their currency will revalue 1000% higher in a matter of minutes. 

For years this shameless group of parasites have squeezed thousands from an extremely gullible fan base called fuctards, and have turned this fraud for profit scam into an internet cottage industry..  

Q: What are the tel-extensions for #FinCEN.gov  #FTC.gov ##IRS.gov ? 

Yes, time will tell , and yes, we've never been closer .. to a group of the most outrageous grifters or petty criminals. #FBI.gov   
[url=https://www.crimestoppersusa.org/contact/submit-a-tip/#:~:text=Submit A Tip %E2%80%93 Crime Stoppers,1%2D800%2D222%2DTIPS][/url]

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