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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 8/13/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 8/13/20

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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 8/13/20 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 8/13/20

Post by RamblerNash Fri Aug 14, 2020 10:31 pm

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday August 13th and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody –

Alright let’s talk abou t some intel now – On Tuesdays call  I gave you a little more than you realize because we talked about Iraq – the in country rate of the Dinar – we mentioned that Al-Kazemi and Iraq and we believe Shabibi  and others will be coming to meet with the President to announce their sovereignty – should be on the 20th  - so we kinda need to get going – between now and then –

It’s fairly obvious – now – the other thing is – we did talk about interest rates when you start your payouts would be offered -  the offer I mentioned to you as an APR of 12% - it appears it could go as high as 15% - I had a call today from someone that we know that knows someone who is in a very good situation having had a bond transaction complete – and their account as a hold on it – could be off by anytime tomorrow through Monday noon but in the meantime he was offered a 15% APR on his money –

It just goes to show you what is going to be available and remember he did not ask for anything – he was “offered” to him – don’t be surprised if you get offered – and this is IF you are a Zim holder – not if you are just a regular currency holder – so if you are a Zim holder with a structured payout you can actually be offered between 12% and 15% APR – I found that out today

So – the other thing about it is – the structured payout itself – it looks like the banks want to limit that to 25 years -  and that would be great – 25 yrs of a structured payout with guaranteed interest every quarter for 25 yrs – is hard to beat –

Could that be negotiated longer? We’ll see – I don’t have the answer to that – I’m hoping it can be – but it might be on an individual basis – you are going to have a lot of power when it comes to negotiating – because of you being the account holder – just keep that in mind – you may be able to negotiate the structured payout  beyond 25 yrs

That is what to me is attractive – that it would come in routinely every quarter without me having to worry about investments -  I don’t want to even consider investments – I am considering humanitarian projects – and seeding this money into peoples’ lives – not only in the US but around the globe – so I do not want to be burdened by trying to create income with investments – I love the fact that the banks are going to do that part for us –

So – what else did we learn on Tuesday night? That is still good for today? We learned that all of the bonds – the various colored bonds were transacted and completed and we heard that the boxes of bonds – and this is new -  the boxes of bonds – meaning boxes of the Zim bonds were completed yesterday – Wednesday

So – that means we are moving forward to what should be our ultimate goal and that is getting the toll free numbers and the emails to go out with the toll free numbers in them –

Now – you’ve got that happening but you also have paymasters that have been made liquid and all they’re waiting for from what I understand in group settings is they’re waiting for the GO signal so they can enter the codes and release payouts -  to their group members – individual participants –

What we don’t have is liquidity becoming available - in other words – we’ve got the liquidity in the accounts – a lot are seeing their accounts – like the example I gave you today – but they have a “hold” on them – until that “hold” comes off no one sees the actual liquidity – they can see it but can’t spend it – they cannot get access to it

I think this is just – what this is - is probably affecting a lot of tier 3’s as well maybe had 1% accessibility to their accounts – tier 3”s tier 4A’s and 4B’s – probably when we get notified that is when the liquidity is going to be available to the other Whales – VIP’s - tier 3’s and so on -  to that extent I think we’re looking at a shotgun start –

Now – the timing for this – let’s talk first about today – what President Trump announced in a press conference this morning I believe at 11 am – or around noon – President Trump talked about peace agreement – a peace treaty between Israel and the UAE – United Arab Emirates  - and they were supposed to be the last hold up for peace – in the Middle East – one of the toughest nuts to crack – and it ended up they had been working on this for quite a while – they bought it – brokered it – the deal has been reached – which gives us the hope for a complete peace accord throughout the Middle East –

I believe that cornerstone of peace is so important because I believe it represents a part of just GESARA – which if you read GESARA you know that world peace is part of it – reaching that I believe today is a milestone whereby world peace is truly the achievable and may essentially like the kingdom of God be at hand – so we will see how this comes about in the next several days – Pres Trump is going to have a delegation from both countries – Israel and the UAE at the White House for an official signing of the agreement over the next 2-3 weeks –

So obviously we will see what happens there – but I really think that this is what we need – I heard today the expression – and this could be valuable for us - Once we have world peace – the GCR can release – and I hope that what we’re saying is that we have in affect the first fruits –of world peace – and maybe it’s more than that –

Maybe it actually demonstrates and represents world peace which would be part of GESARA and therefore we should have the GCR release – we have one more presidential order that is supposed to be made tomorrow and I think we have a couple coming yet over the weekend and it looks like – we cannot write the weekend off -  we can’t say nothing is going to happen until -

Now listen – nothing may happen – until Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday of next week but we have heard that the availability of funds and the liquidity access for a lot of these accounts could start as early as tomorrow morning

Let’s talk about the redemption centers – I told you that the girls and everyone at the redemption centers ok – everybody – not just the girls – were doing tests – exchanges of bank wires – monetary transfers – and that they were doing it in trust state – within the states – within an individual state – and they tested that up until 2 pm  Tuesday afternoon  and then at 3 pm they switched over and tested interstate transfers – meaning across state lines – they did that until 7:30 pm Tuesday – so we had 4 ½ hours of that testing –

So what they have shown is that the QFS was checked for glitches – I think everything went just fine – nothing that I heard was an issue – and these were large transfers of money – they were practice but they were large transfers – of up to a billion dollars

Remember anything transferred domestically should really occur within 25-30 seconds – and that’s any time it’s done 24 x 7 x 365 – so the point is that testing program appears to be complete

The redemption centers were dark yesterday – everybody is on call – and the same thing was true after a couple hours in the redemption centers today – once they spent a little time there they were released to go home –

Now – we will see whether anything different happens between now and the weekend – the beauty of the QFS is that it could get launched for us at any time – I would not look for it on a Sunday though – but I think that it puts Friday and Saturday still in play -

And to be completely candid – nothing may happen for us over the weekend maybe not – I think they are planning to get this thing done and they’re doing everything behind the scenes that we can barely see to get it done – so that is the gist of what’s happening – it’s a very positive movement – of funds – into the right account – and pretty soon those funds will be coming into our accounts

So – we’re not quite there – but I’m encouraged by what I heard today and what I’ve gotten over the last couple of days and realistically we may get some very positive information over the next couple of days -  let’s see – don’t worry though -  I wouldn’t preoccupy yourself with it – I would say stay with whatever you’re doing and plan A and be prepared for this to release at any moment

I was told yesterday that at 3 am this morning we go from an everyday possibility to an every minute possibility – we can watch for it any minute – so that puts us in a perspective of a little closer time frame

The public is supposed to get started on September 8th  some said Sept 1st and I might have said that in the past – I think I did – but the correction is the latest we got and that was yesterday – was the public which I call tier 5 will start on Sept 8th – so we will have time – probably a full  2 weeks or so at least for our tier 4B exchanges

So I wanted to tell you all that and get this information out maybe clarify a few things – thank you all for listening.

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