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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 8/6/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 8/6/20

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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 8/6/20 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 8/6/20

Post by RamblerNash Fri Aug 07, 2020 9:41 pm

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday August 6th and here we are all tuned in ready to go for the Big Call  - This is getting down to the wire – we’ve got a little bit of intel – but not a whole lot to give tonight – it’s been very very quiet today – I know a few things that are happening since Tuesday night’s call – you’ll see because the intel segment is going to be short -  there’s just not that much new to report – and I gave a pretty good segment on Tuesday night –

What I can tell you and Sue can bear witness to this – she lives in the North East – the storm that came through (Isias) has really done a number on New Jersey – New York – parts of Connecticut and so on – in the North East - so much so that the banks in that area especially the NY area –192 servers were down – they did come back up to an extent – one hour before the Big Call tonight there were still 141 servers yet to come on line so that means we had 51 that came back on today – but we still have 141 to go –

Does that mean they will be ready overnight or some time tomorrow - it’s hard to say – wouldn’t think it would take that long but sometimes it does – electricity has been out in a lot of those areas – certainly NJ had 1 million without power – total in that area a little over 3 million – they are getting people back on now  - it just seems that this could be an excuse - but it really is “real” in the sense that these servers are down  and they are being worked on to get them back in service –

On the other hand – the other things that are happening – what we heard yesterday – was that when the dragon bonds – and there are 4 different colored sets of these bonds – these are historical dragon bonds – yellow – red – blue – and black – we knew yesterday morning – they had completed all of the yellow – which was a pretty big segment of those bonds – but they had the other 3 to do –

They were going to try to do all 4 colors of those bonds at the same time – but when they got into it – the numbers got to be too big and they stopped the concept of doing all of them at the same time -  they did the yellow first and are trying to get the rest completed –

Now – where does that stand?  I don’t have a certification on when those are or will be complete – we know that certain bonds were completed in the Miami area but realize – these could be propagated all over the globe – in the normal cities – like Zurich – London – quite possibly in Hong Kong – or Beijing – Usually these are done in NY – Miami – possibly in San Francisco -

These are still – I think something that needs to complete – let me say this - let’s say – that the servers get put back into service tomorrow (Friday) sometime – I doubt they get 141 done overnight - but it is possible - and let’s say that all of these bonds that are in some process of completion – they get completed –

What we understood from somebody very close to the situation – was that once those bonds were completed then we could start – meaning we would get the notifications – we would get the email notifications from Wells Fargo servers and we would get the 800 # coming to me to disseminate – next step after all of those bonds were handled  we had the impression that was not going to take too much longer yesterday for those to happen –

So what I’m saying is – here it is Thursday night we transitioned into what is known as the weekend – starting tomorrow in a way – and I’m going to say – don’t write off this weekend - - we heard last week it could be a weekend event  - I think it’s possible but not absolute that we get something moving for us over this weekend –

As long as everyone is connected to QFS now and is no longer part of the Western Banking System – which included the SWIFT wiring system – if everybody including China by that I mean the CCP China – is off of the SWIFT as of Sunday night are we not ready to move forward with our exchanges –

I have also understood that there is much much lower resistance from the Cabal – in fact I have heard that there is that negative influence on us – has been quelled to the point where we can move forward – We obviously need a green light from the DoD and Homeland – to move forward – My understanding is the treasury has already given the go ahead -  to begin –

We know that paymasters have been made liquid – and are ready with the funds to disseminate to their participants accounts – and yet at the same time - we believe that those paymasters are waiting for the “go” signal – the green light to be able to do that – some of them need coding or codes to be entered so that once they have the money in those accounts and once those codes are given “BOOM”  it’s like flipping the switch – they can go ahead and activate those payouts – to the groups –

So we’re in some state of completion in that – of course money is moving – it’s been moving for six months – it’s moving in great numbers – everywhere but to our accounts – yet – but I believe possibly once those servers come back on line we are golden – once we have confirmation – that all of those bonds – the Chinese Dragon Historical Bonds have been handled – then we should be good to go –

That’s really about everything that maybe in the way of this coming through – I know what you are thinking – “there’s always something” always something – I know – I think the same thing – I think there is always something it seems to come up to hold this up – so what I’m going to ask you to do is to keep in mind what Sue told  us to do – to pray continually - with the prayer of letting the light the energy of our prayer affect the outcome and reveal with the light of Christ reveal the darkness and dispel  the darkness-

That is what we all need to do – everybody within the sound of my voice live or on the replay – use your prayer – and if you know how to use your heavenly prayer language – if you have that gift – pray this thing into existence so that beautiful marvelous light of God will just dispel the darkness of the dark side of the enemy and we can get this party started

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