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MarkZ: "Bond Redemption people are still looking for between the 12th-15th" 8/7/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "Bond Redemption people are still looking for between the 12th-15th" 8/7/20

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MarkZ: "Bond Redemption people are still looking for between the 12th-15th" 8/7/20 Empty MarkZ: "Bond Redemption people are still looking for between the 12th-15th" 8/7/20

Post by RamblerNash Fri Aug 07, 2020 9:35 pm

MZ:   It is good to have power and internet this morning. Greetings from a VERY water logged NC.........last night we had power shortages and internet going on and off…….

MZ: Bond Redemption people are still looking for between the 12th-15th. Financial markets still appear to be positioning…..

MZ: The last update from redemption centers is they expected to work this weekend but, with the bond holders not looking until at least the 12th…that may have changed…..hoping for an update this afternoon.

Q: Did the Iraqi PM beg the US for an RV rate?

MZ: I can’t prove that but we do have a key date to look for…..a bit farther out then we thought…but the PM has announced he will be in the US on Aug. 20th.

Member:  Frank26 thinks the PM visit will be After the RV….hope he’s right.

Q: whats up with Trump saying we wont see him for a while?

Member:  That means there will be a lot of Q bombs or arrests that will go down that may blow our minds so big that Trump has to insulate himself on a F1 Central

Member:  Maybe POTUS has to be out of the country for the RV to start!

Member:  POTUS took to the air for his safety!

Member:  Not gonna see Trump for a while ???? SHOWTIME !!!

Member:  Trump said what we have to do no other president would do

Member:  We might be entering the big roundup/cleanup period where Trump must stay protected.

Member:  POTUS said he had rich people mad at him.

Member:  yeahhhhhhhhh very interesting choice of words at the Whirlpool plant......talking about very rich people being upset at him and that "This may be the last time we see him for a while".........

MZ: Supposedly some youths with AK-47’s stormed into Key Miralago- Trumps home in Florida…..lopts happening….its crazy all the things going on

Member:  Three (15) year old kids jumped the fence at Mar A Lago, one with an AK in his back pack,,, DT not there

MZ:  https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/04/opinion/qanon-conspiracy-theory-arg.html

Member:  My sources told me to expect up to 2.5M arrests when all is said and done over the next few years.

Member:  A movie to watch regarding political antics: Wag The Dog with Dustin Hoffman. It’s older but an eye-opener.

Member:   Charlie ward confirmed many including himself under NDA

Member:  We are all under an NDA No Dollars Anywhere!

Member: They are still talking so maybe this NDA is just about certain topics or Intel they cannot talk about……but other topics are ok?

Q: I wonder what Charlies NDA is for?

MZ: We would all like to know that. I would someone to give me money and make me sign an NDA. I have had people ask me not to talk about certain things…..but no signed NDA…yet

Member:  Start of the fourth quarter, October 1. Anytime after that is RV time !

Member: The new fiscal year for the US also starts on October 1st….coincidence?

Member: Alleged" Fertilizer Bomb at Murrah Building Oklahoma City... (Clinton Whitewater Documents Location) & "Supposed" Fertilizer Bomb in Beirut...(Next to Rothchild's Bank) hhhmmmmmm...

Q: Anyone worried there might not be an election in Nov…or mail in ballots?

Member:  My thinking is that "if" the Dems somehow use the mail in ballots to steal the election, President Trump will then declare the corporate US government abolished. Then there will have to be a real election of the President of the United States of America. That election, I believe will have to be directed and controlled by the military. Just my guess.

1st Stimulus check missing $500? Some people who did not receive the extra money for eligible dependents can expect it soon. https://www.foxbusiness.com/personal-finance/irs-dependents-eligible-stimulus-check-recipients

Member:  https://www.facebook.com/ephrayim.odor/videos/10222081946653090/?t=0

MZ:  10:01:34 @cmhpg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aauRl... John Paul Rice Hollywood film producer speaking about the Human Trafficking Problem

MZ:this is about the myth that lock-downs stop pandemics..  https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2020/08/07/the_myth_that_lockdowns_stop_pandemics_143899.html

Michael Cottrell joins the stream at about minute 15:00…please listen to the replay for the entire Q&A….

MZ: Do you believe the Federal Reserve needs to be abolished and the Gold Standard has to be in place before the RV can occur?

MC: The Federal Reserve has already been wrapped into the Treasury. And the Gold Standard happens at the RV….same time.

MZ: That is my understanding as well.

MZ: Is the UN going to get involved in the RV?

MC: The UN is going to be stripped down a bit….The IMF and World Bank will basically be put out of business. They were based on Bretton Woods and Bretton Woods will be going by the wayside.

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