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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 8/4/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 8/4/20

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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 8/4/20 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 8/4/20

Post by RamblerNash Wed Aug 05, 2020 11:28 pm

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday August 4th and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody – Now I’m just going to tell you what’s going on from what I’m hearing in the way of Intel – and we’ll probably have this call wrapped up by the top of the hour –

What I’m getting – it’s like what Sue said in her segment – we were under the impression that we could go today or tomorrow - we had this over a week ago – because we knew that if it didn’t go last week – one of the sources that is extremely well connected was talking about today or tomorrow –

Now - To me that is still an ongoing possibility – meaning not today but tomorrow – we’re not there yet – I know some things that have happened – that are continuing to go on – and one thing that happened last night – all currencies came up live on the screens last night at 11:15 PM Eastern – the only currency that was not up was the Zimbabwe Zim Dollar

Now – the Zim was supposed to make it to the screen about the time we started the Big Call – around 9 PM Eastern - it was going to come up and be live – So – why couldn’t we go today? It’s hard to say exactly – maybe that was the reason – maybe it wasn’t - we know that the ………. (Pause) ……. Alright here’s the question for the Big Call audience -

Who was the last country to come off the SWIFT system – ad on to the QF System? Well if you are like me – you would guess Venezuela or North Korea and so on – you might have another guess – neither one would be right – the correct answer is China - How can that be? How could China be the last one to come to the party?

Cause we are dealing with the Chinese Communist Party and we are talking about a large influence that is not exactly the ummm …..let’s put it this way…… it could be considered Deep State – and so they finally came on to the QF System off the SWIFT on Sunday night – I actually believe it was about 10 or 11 PM Eastern time - when they actually came off -

So – I found that out yesterday – and then realize – ok – ok what’s going on with the groups? What’s happening there? We know that some of the Paymasters ushered to go in to Reno – made it in – did whatever they needed to do – which is usually vet themselves – by the group members KYC – something like that - they did that for the most part and returned back home last Friday –

Now it doesn’t mean there’s not continuing activity going on out there – because I believe there is - and we know some groups are continuing to vet their paymasters – send out new up to date KYC information for the group members – and so on – But overall – we believe that everything is complete that needs to be done - regarding the groups – as far as we can tell – as far as we know – things are generally very quiet out there – and a lot of sources have dried up – there are a few sources that are sort of still out there – but sometimes the information that you get is rare – It may not be forthcoming – as much as it was in the past –

Now – as far as us going – I know that we all are ready – somewhat anxious to go – been ready for quite a while now – most of us – You know I cannot say absolutely tomorrow is our day – You know I cannot call that – I’ve been told to be ready tomorrow - But I’ll tell you that we’re going to have a really wonderful time when this does go making a call using the 800 number – on we have 6 different regional call centers throughout the US – that will be setting your appointment with the redemption center that you have in your zip code – when you indicate your zip code to the person – either automatically on the phone – meaning through a computer or you communicated it to a person live and you let that person know you have Zim – if you do – if you do have Zim – you let them know and they will connect you directly to the redemption center and quite possibly to the person that might be not only setting your appointment but could also be working with you when you get to your appointment –

Now the bank system itself – under the QFS is a different animal from what it is we’ve all learned in the past – and we know it’s going to be different because the roll that the bank is going to take with us will be far different - #1 we are no longer going to be at the retail side of the bank – the bank branches that you go into normally go up to a teller window or work with a loan officer so on - you are going to be working with the private side of the bank – which is private banking – wealth management with Wells Fargo – Abbott Downing – and some of the other people that are in private banking from other banks –

And yes – your funds will be held initially by the bank – digitally – they are essentially held through the US Treasury and that is the only entity that can truly protect your money – as far as insurance you can forget the FDIC and all of that – there is no way any insurance agency could insure the amount of funds we will have – so the best way to look at it is the assets of themselves that are backing our currencies and even our own USN currency - the assets are the gold – the silver – the other intellectual properties – the other assets that we have that back up our currency and our dollar at the Treasury –

So – it’s going to be a different game – the banks will take a slightly different role with us being – you know –wealthy if you will – with the value not only of the Zim but the other currencies we are going to be exchanging - and so bottom line is the relationship that we have with our private banking team or wealth managers and not to mention the private office capabilities we will have –

If you are new to the call go to the Wells Fargo website and look up “Private Office” – see what they say – it’s been so long ago - 6-8 yrs since I looked that up – it should be there – and it will tell you what the opportunity it would be for you to have a private office – normally a private office is for generational wealth transfer – primarily – let’s say you have a business that’s worth 50 million dollars – and you go to sell the business – you take those proceeds and your wealth management team in your private office would help you to distribute those assets and create the proper trusts for you and so on so they can properly be handed down over generation or two – or more to the people you want to have those assets

That was the original theory behind private offices – when we come in we are not selling a business – we’re going in as brand new super wealthy people that are looking to do major things for the world – and do a lot – with philanthropy and humanitarian giving – and so on –

So some of the same principles that they have been using will apply to us – but they are going to be there as a major concierge service for us – not only with wealth but also travel - a new home – work with realtors - they can do a lot of things – they can do a lot of things that we might need – so be aware of they are going to be there to work with us –

The whole relationship of the bank is an institution for us changes – no longer are we subject to the bank – or begging for a loan – or this or that – but rather we are going to be able to dictate to some extent – I mean this in the lightest of terms - dictate to the bankers not the other way around –

When you have this type of wealth - you are the one who’s going to be in control of the situation – Now be very careful to read your Non-Disclosure Agreement – very carefully twice before you sign it – make sure you understand it – If you take an attorney with you – you are welcomed to do that to be on your side so to speak when it comes to any of the legal agreements that you are going to be signing – and this could be not only NDA but also could include signing off on the rate situation – you want to agree to – currencies & Zim - also you could be signing off on the interest rate you could earn and also the structured payout if you are a Zim holder – under normal currency transfer exchange there is no structured payout for that – but you do have some things that you will be interested in looking into and getting your signature put to –

So – we do understand there is a 2% exchange fee but the 2 % is handled with 1% being covered by Wells Fargo who is the lead bank for this – and the other 1% covered by China – so as far as I know that is still the case and has not changed

I think we are basically all ready to go - we know security has always been an issue – we know that some cities have had some issues with the rioting – looting – and tearing down statues / monuments and so on

I believe that mostly that is in check now – but I know that the DOD has to sign off with Homeland security give the green light to the Treasury to release the “go ahead” for Wells Fargo to release the 800 numbers to me and also the emails that are on the Wells Fargo servers still would be released – we heard that was going to take place and all 52,000+ emails – probably closer to 600,000 by now - but those will be released and I believe in 4 different transactions - and it could take a few hours to get those out –

My understanding is that when they send the first group of emails – the first batch – of those 4 batches – and I am supposed to get the call with the toll free number and I may even get a call ahead of time to give me a heads up that they are coming – but we’ll see how that goes – So I am going to suggest that everyone be prepared

So I am going to say at this point we are believing for this to come – fairly quickly – and maybe – just maybe it is as we have heard - the intel has been overall very supportive – very good – but we still have to realize that we can’t really move forward with this until we receive the 800 numbers or the email – or both So everyone stay in faith on it – believe in it – believe for it – Thank you for listening -

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