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Fleming Military Update 8/2/20 "The RV teams were making sure everything was ready this weekend for the Shotgun Release" DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Fleming Military Update 8/2/20 "The RV teams were making sure everything was ready this weekend for the Shotgun Release"

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Fleming Military Update 8/2/20 "The RV teams were making sure everything was ready this weekend for the Shotgun Release" Empty Fleming Military Update 8/2/20 "The RV teams were making sure everything was ready this weekend for the Shotgun Release"

Post by RamblerNash Sun Aug 02, 2020 10:42 pm

A. Sat. Aug. 1 2020 Fleming’s Military Intel Contact Report:

1. Everything was done and all RV teams were pushing everything hard behind the scenes to get the final shotgun release started now.

2. UST was done disbursing Dubai 1 into Tiers 1,2,3,4a upper level accounts ready for payouts to Tier 3,4a downline accounts and for accessibility when Tier 4b (us, the Internet Group) started.

3. The audits were done, etc, ready for the Shotgun Release when 530,000+ Tier 4b notifications went out and an estimated 9 million Tier 4b currency holders started redemptions / exchanges globally.

4. As of Thurs. night 30 July the US Treasury team was 24 hours ahead of schedule set by the Department of Defense and Trump.

5. The RV teams were making sure everything was ready this weekend for the Shotgun Release. Since all main payouts start next week and because they're ahead of schedule, they checked everything again on Fri. 31 July. The audits and registrations were done and accounts were verified and validated according to what the QFS showed in those accounts. There was then a release to move forward at about 1 pm EDT Fri. 31 July.

6. By Mon. 3 Aug. if there were no issues (and the teams are not expecting any insurmountable issues by then), the Tier 4b notifications were scheduled come out Mon. night 3 Aug. into Tues. 4 Aug. to set appointments starting Tues. 4 Aug.

7. The 800# notifications will be released after the banks closed on Mon. 3 Aug. for a Tues. 4 Aug. start and have ten days of redemption appointments from Tues. 4 Aug. to Fri. 14 Aug. as Trump and the Department of Defense have mandated.

8. The General Public Tier 5 would be started on Sat. 15 Aug. based on when the IMF posted the international rates.

9. The RV teams were trying to stay ahead of Trump's mandates so if any issues arise they could troubleshoot and work on them and keep everything moving.

10. ZIM swaps were being used by Trump and his team to negotiate payment of ICC fines & interest payments taken out of disbursements to the USA accounts so this would not be an issue in order to move on as soon as possible next week.

11. Tier 4b would be able redeem ZIM.

12. Liquidity from the Global Collateral Accounts released by Dragon Bonds and ZIM TTMs were funding ZIM redemptions next week.

13. Yellow, Red and Black Dragon Bonds have had the priority amongst processing and payouts of Exotic Bonds. ZIM TTMs will be very busy through the weekend with these large files!

14. All these bonds must be finished by Sat. 15 Aug. The Tier 4b redemption appointments must be finished a day earlier by Fri. 14 Aug. according to the IMF setting the start time for the public on Sat. 15 Aug. forward.

15. Upper level paymasters and sub-paymasters have finished receiving liquidity for distribution. Sub-paymasters will be paying out funds down line into beneficiary accounts over the weekend that would be accessible when Tier 4b started. 

16. The UST got all funds disbursed into the upper level accounts, and they and the RV teams were celebrating. The next major move after the weekend preparation and cleanup was to release Tier 4B notifications and start 4B redemptions and payouts for next Tues. 4 Aug. forward.

17. Redemption Center staff went through final updated procedures and training on Fri. 31 July. Through the weekend they would be getting ready for exchanges / redemptions starting next week.

18. August was the month and no matter what issues arose, Trump, the RV teams and all involved in the release were planning to start the Shotgun Release next week.

19.The only major problem that arose in the last 24-36 hours was that some higher level people were concerned about their notifications being hacked, so the security teams took care of digital security involved to their satisfaction.

20. Everyone behind the scenes understood that this week was the week for payouts, accessing liquidity, as Tier 4b exchanges / redemptions began next week.

21. It was advised to rest this weekend, prepare to go into your appointment next week and present your project outline for higher rates if you so chose to pursue those higher rates.

22. The UST and all the RV teams were in full push mode from the previous slow roll out mode with verification & audits after each event of moving funds into a full scale roll out mode from Sat. 1 Aug. onward into next week.

23. At the appointment we would be signing a 3-4 page NDA and a document verifying that we were not involved in terrorism or criminal activity.

24. Security teams and Redemption Center security people would already know who the bad guys were before they reached the appointment. The DoD Security teams, Homeland Security and NSA have done background checks on all currency holders.

25. We each need to be as transparent and honest as possible at the appointment and not try to hide anything or fake them out about any information they ask for.

26. Tier 4b individuals needed to get their ZIM into appointments to redeem them within the first four days if possible, but all Tier 4b currency holders would have the 10 days between Tues. Aug. 4 to Fri. 15 Aug. for setting and going into redemption appointments.

27. He asked for prayers over all, advised to rest this weekend and prepare for this to finally manifest in August.

B. Fri. 31 Aug. morning Fleming Report: https://fccdl.in/lPzXSSoTp8

1. The World Court ordered Tier 4b Email notifications by Wed. 29 July. 7-29.

2. It didn’t happen. The US said their first priority was to take care of Antifa.

3. There was a meeting a week or so ago that pointed out that China owned the QFS System and for the last three years it has been running alongside the old Central Bank system. As a result over 20,000 bankers have been arrested for illegal activities.

4. General Li was over the RV in China and has been trying to figure out why the US has continually blocked China from releasing the RV.

5. As a result of the RV not going last Wed. 29 July the US has had to pay $200 million a day in fines. The World Court has already taken away any US profits they could have for doing the RV.

6. On Fri. 31 July the Chinese began moving Zim by allowing some Tier 4b to redeem, but the US has kept blocking others in Tier 4b from redeeming.

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