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A strategic plan

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A strategic plan Empty A strategic plan

Post by claud39 Sun Aug 02, 2020 1:40 pm

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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

A strategic plan 980-Alsabbaq

Haider Kazem Al-Baghdadi 
Everyone in the fields of economics is aware of the need to adopt a course of action that promotes the national economy, and is based on a systematic comprehensive strategic plan that takes into account the transition from one region to another after its full completion and implementation periods

Iraq is in urgent need to prepare for a broad stage of work based on the solidarity of the efforts of all public and private institutions, for everyone to contribute to an important stage in the history of the country, and we are preparing for a transition phase from regression and economic slack to the work stage
 The real serious.

We have a large work volume in all regions of the country that can accommodate local, regional and international efforts. Thus, the volume of work cannot be carried out randomly. Rather, it is necessary to organize the capabilities, classify sectors and their joints, and start from the important and gradually we reach the train of construction to all

The comprehensive strategic plan has become an important matter and we seek to develop the economy and achieve a multiplicity of resources by activating all sectors that can generate significant revenue, especially as Iraq has sectors that can be described as permanent and inexhaustible oil and feeds the general federal budget with the necessary funds, as we can create an economy Achieving development

There is no harm in being close to international planning mechanisms and benefiting from successful global experiences in the world, and here it is necessary to establish advanced planning centers that can be an international initiative by involving international planning experts in managing these centers, to achieve the results that we aspire to achieve in the coming years It can address chronic economic problems
The country suffers.

Planning is one of the most important stages in building an effective economy at the level of the region and the world, especially in a country like Iraq that possesses a set of elements that are represented by natural and human resources that can be used to serve the economy, especially since global partnerships realize the importance of the Iraqi economy on the global workplace, and can be a partner Strategically achieved
sustainable development.

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