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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Highlights 7/30/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Highlights 7/30/20

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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Highlights 7/30/20 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Highlights 7/30/20

Post by RamblerNash Fri Jul 31, 2020 10:09 pm

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday July 30th and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody – this beautiful night

Let’s talk a little bit about the intel that we have for tonight – We did a call 2 nights ago on Tuesday and you got close to 30 mins of information from me – tonight we’ll just try to ameliorate that with a few things that are maybe new –

So first of all – guess what happened on Wednesday morning – yesterday morning we had the re-evaluation of the Iraqi dinar as international – in other words – their rate was posted internationally but NOT available yet here in the US – we are not going to see the rate evidently for maybe a few more days - we’re thinking Monday at this point –

Now it could come in if something happens overnight tonight to usher that new Dinar rate in – we could have it tomorrow – on some great sites - and on the bank screens – but so far today it has been blanked out - so I think it may end up – it is my opinion that the Iraqi Dinar rate in the US will be visible either on the day of our tier 4B exchanges or the day before –

For example – if we start Tuesday it might show up on Monday – it’s hard to say –

Now – for the Iraqi Dinar to be international – which it is – the USN – our new designated 3 letters for our new money – which is USTN – United States Treasury Note – for that to occur – we would have to have our USN in play internationally which it also is –

There was a soft announcement made – Tuesday – for that to occur – but was not an announcement that was made publicly – and you know what? It may not be made for quite some time – until the new money – the USN’s which are being printed now – will come out – and we are not sure exactly when that will be – so we’ll see

Now I think at our redemption centers – I believe we will get the new $100’s and $50’s – that are being printed now in 2 locations – by our Treasury – not by the Fed but by the Treasury – and remember the new Federal Reserve has been rolled in and under the auspice of the US Treasury – along with the IRS is also rolled in and under the Treasury Dept – and those are changes that are taking place that are good for us -

So – the other thing about Iraq is that – I’m not positive – but I believe the holiday EID – started yesterday – Wednesday – and my understanding is that many Iraqi citizens – living in Iraq – were compensated with 75,000 dinar – that is an in country situation for Iraqi citizens up to a certain economic level – don’t know it is affecting everybody but it affects certain people up to a certain level – receive that – and you know gifts are given in the country as part of EID and my understanding is that would allow them to certainly buy a lot of nice gifts for each other as part of that holiday –

So – we are looking for that to show but it may not show until Monday or possibly Tuesday – we will have to keep an eye on it -  it could show the day before we get started – or on Tuesday if in fact that is the day we start – and right now that is what it looks like – right now –

I heard some things today – I’ve heard some talk about tonight – tomorrow – I heard a suggestion of the 800 number coming out Monday – I’m not sure they are going to come out Monday – they wait and just come out Tuesday – but overall – I am tired of saying that money is moving – but it is – Money is moving in great quantities – and yes some exchanges are taking place globally – now – already – but this is not due to a massive email campaign  or 800 number release –

It’s due to the individual banks that have called their own customers who might have left a business card with their name on it – saying hey when this goes call me – I’ve got Dinar – call me - some are getting called and setting up appointments and they are going yes today – tomorrow – probably Saturday – and so on – into the banks –

Far as we know not the redemption centers yet – because we believe that the 800 numbers or the system that is obviously going to be used with 6 call centers throughout the united states to book appointments in the redemption centers – we call them redemption centers because that’s where the Zimbabwe bonds that we have will be redeemed – they can also be redeemed at any tier 1 or tier 2 bank – but the preference is to get in to the redemption center where we will have representatives from several banks as well as Abbott Downing and depending on who the main banks are that are there they will have people there with Wealth Management  to assist us –

So that is going on – right now we Know that travel monies – and itineraries – are being sent out to group leaders who are being called to come in – to go out west – and to travel to be there and some may have already hit the road and already been over there whether driving or flying – and others are coming soon - because I think a lot of that activity with the groups may be starting tomorrow and go through the weekend –

So there is activity happening – there are people who are receiving funds – we know that the military was paid out – and had liquidity on Dong & Afghani but only 25% on dinar – at least initially – ok – and so that is happening – those funds are available –

In the case of the prosperity packages – I mentioned that we had information that suggested that they have all been delivered but will not have liquidity in those checks or whatever set up to go to the bank to get the accounts set up  for the prosperity packages would not start until the first week of August –

There are several things that are going to start in the first week of August – let’s talk about them - #1 we’re approaching seeing some things come through from NESARA and what I’m suggesting is that we have seen some evidence people have been compensated for their debt forgiveness –

Now when we say debt forgiveness is part of NESARA – part of the debt jubilee – I’m referring to – it’s like they are getting refunded the interest that they paid in on a loan – not the principal – just the interest – that was charged - this goes way back into – I think all the way back to the 1930’s – and so we will get that back in some form or fashion probably by direct deposit – because I know in some cases where it’s taken place already  it was IRS that sent those funds to a person’s account – and those funds are pending – until the first week in August – that is just next week – coming up –

So – what my understanding is the interest that was paid on home mortgages – credit cards – auto loans – boat loans – etc - those types of loans and possibly – not sure what the story is on student loans – whether the whole loan would be forgiven or just the interest on the loan – I don’t know that - we’ll have to wait and see how that shapes out –

But all of this is part of our debt jubilee / NESARA – a new tax system is going to come whereby personal income tax / federal personal income tax is supposed to go away – Federal and State under NESARA – we’ll see when that happens and then a consumption tax is supposed to come instead of that which would be on new items purchased – not used – cars or previously owned homes - not food nor medicine but on NEW items – that you buy would have between a 14% and 17% tax - whatever is settled on – added to – like a valued added tax in Europe – this would be something we would have here – that would be collected by the state and shared between State and Federal Gov – a certain % would go to the state and a certain % would go to the Fed Gov – to the Treasury –

So we will have to see when that comes through – here we are halfway through 2020 – and we don’t know when it would start – if it would start in a new tax year – next year – possibly – I don’t know -  we’ll see what happens –

Now there’s another thing – that is coming – that’s not really related to our blessing but could be a blessing in of itself – President Trump spoke a couple days ago and mentioned it again today – not in exactly these words – I am going to paraphrase – remember the stimulus checks either by check or direct deposit or debit card – those $1200 for an individual and $500 per child up to age 18 if I remember correctly – those stimulus checks I believe are going to go also again in the first week of August and my understanding is – I don’t have this written down – but my understanding is those stimulus checks would go out every month through the end of the year – that would theoretically  - if I’m right  - remember this is what I’m hearing -  if I am right that is Aug – Sept – Oct – Nov - Dec -  5 months of those stimulus checks – so let’s see if that happens – that is going to be a nice boost to our economy and I also think they are going to try to figure a way to continue some form of additional unemployment for those that are still unemployed in the country

The other thing about  - debt forgiveness – will be only for bonafide US citizens hard to say exactly how many that is – but will be substantial percentage of the population that will receive the debt forgiveness – so that is going to take some time to get all of that put out -

My understanding is we are looking at a start in the first week or so of August and going for 31 days – and I am referring to the people that will be receiving these sums of money as part of the NESARA – but it’s hard to say – I don’t know if they are going to be -  how it’s going to be announced – or if we will receive some sort of individual notification about it – I just don’t have that –

As far as anything else that is relevant - to us right now – we know that the redemption centers staffare still on call to go in – we know that the call centers have all be tested and we’re looking to receive notifications for tier 4A and 4B – supposedly as a shotgun start hoping for Monday notifications or Tuesday for both – so we will see how that shakes out – I think if we stay patient through the weekend and look forward to this we should be in pretty good shape – there is still some clean up that is ongoing in certain cities – but I think DOD and Homeland Security will give the green light for this to go relatively shortly – so let’s see what happens with it – it sounds like it’s going to be a great week next week -

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