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MarkZ: "Banking contacts are in this loop of “Any moment”" 7/30/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "Banking contacts are in this loop of “Any moment”" 7/30/20

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MarkZ: "Banking contacts are in this loop of “Any moment”" 7/30/20 Empty MarkZ: "Banking contacts are in this loop of “Any moment”" 7/30/20

Post by RamblerNash Thu Jul 30, 2020 10:06 pm

Member:   Still under the NDA .... Notification Didn't Arrive.... anyone else?

MZ:   For the most part it’s still Groundhog day. There are “gag orders” in effect in most banking centers. They are very, very quiet. I still have a contact in the redemption centers who fully expects to be working this weekend….I hope that is true.

Member:  Has anyone considered shooting that ground hog?

MZ:  With no package deliveries , no money moving we really are stuck in Punxatawney right now.

Q: Mark, When do you expect the RV?

MZ: I’m thinking “Any moment” as we watch the markets implode and watch everything come together.

MZ: Banking contacts are in this loop of “Any moment” and because of their jobs – they have to be in this mindset so they are ready when it happens.

Member:  News Flash 'Puxatawney Phil may have Covid-19. End of Groundhog Day in sight!"

Member:  good morning all my intel told me higher ups have been exchanging secretly are r working their way to us but idk how true that is sadly

Member:  Tony stated yesterday that folk had appointments to go liquid this week. So, if they go liquid, that means we go.

Member:  Tony also stated that the banks have been receiving the monies for the exchanges

Member: I think the DOW will keep dropping until the stimulus bill passes.

MZ: You may be right…..i was thinking we needed another stimulus to get the reset out the door….but now I’m thinking it would take a miracle…an act of God to get them in Congress to pass anything before they go on vacation.

Member:  Prez. Trump said stimulus check will be more than $1200

Member:  Trump wanted 5,000-10,000 per household. No Evictions - Reimbursements to Landlords and Mortgage holders.

MZ: We know this money will never be paid back….

Member: Congress should not be allowed to go on vacation until they pass a stimulus bill

MZ: I agree with that. It’s obvious they care nothing about the people they are supposed to represent.

Member:  on Tuesday DJT talked about Big Pharma and at 1:14:00 he mentions that DACA give him the Ability to pass Bills and not every1 knows

Member:  96% of congress is crooked

Member:  I'd like to see PERP WALKS

Member: we are supposed to see news of these unsealed documents from ghislaine maxwell today?

Member: if Congress is not in session can’t we arrest them?

MZ: Theoretically – yes.

Member:  Maybe the Congress and the Senate should just stay home it's not like there doing anything anyway and we still pay them to waste our time!

Member:  The money cow is going away. The Democrats and Hollywood are panicking!

Member:  Has anyone heard that the Iraq stock market is shut down?

Member:  yes closed down for Iraq holiday

Member: Iraw has declared a “holiday” for a week because it’s so hot out…..hmmmmmmmmmmm

Member: Markz. If you have time today, could you touch on taxes for rv? Hearing so many new things.

MZ: Because we expect the entire Tax structure to change- nobody really knows….we just can make our best guess. Having talked to someone in the stream who has a tremendous background in taxes for over 40 years……their belief is there will be no federal taxes but quite possibly there will be state taxes. I am planning on both….just in case…..but honestly  I think there won’t be any taxes on it.

Member:  Rumor is we won’t be taxed on RV but interest later yes

Member:  The currency exchanges are not catagorized as Income ... more like capital gains ... not sure how the revised tax code will handle that, yet

Member:  Fox news reporting Herman Cain has died of Covid.

Member:  Okay -- The news of Cain's death just appeared. He suffered from stage 4 colon cancer, which was apparently the aggravating condition.

Member:  Most likely Herman Cain died of cancer but there going to score his death as another CORVID-19 death for statistics.

Member:  Herman Cain was a chairman for the fed reserve!

Member:  Congressman John Lewis died.

Member:  watch how many people die in the next few months

Member:  Trump to sign EO order to make HQC over-the -counter!!

Member:  Trump is making Hydroxychloriquin over the counter!

Member:  Hydroxychloriquine is OTC in Canada. you can order it on line from Canada, no prescription, because of Trump's EO.

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