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MarkZ: "All my banking contacts say we are at “High Alert”" 7/29/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "All my banking contacts say we are at “High Alert”" 7/29/20

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MarkZ: "All my banking contacts say we are at “High Alert”" 7/29/20 Empty MarkZ: "All my banking contacts say we are at “High Alert”" 7/29/20

Post by RamblerNash Wed Jul 29, 2020 9:53 pm

Member: The closer we get the crazier the world becomes. Hurry up RV so we can change it back.

MZ:  Well last night was an exceptionally quiet night for a night that had so much expectation …..There are a lot of bankers and people sitting around twiddling their thumbs.

MZ: There was a lot of people expecting movement last night. Expecting settlements, PP’s , CMKX….even Indian Nations on alert…. It was a nothing-burger.  I could find zero movement last night in the banking world …I have chased news from Asia, to Europe to out west, Miami and Richmond……and I can find no movement ……

MZ: The banking side and a redemption center contact firmly beleives though that we are still looking at this week. They were being prepped for it last weekend.

Member:  Mark, I am going to start making nothing burgers out of Groundhog meat!

Member: Nothing burger with cheese and onions…yum

MZ: if I am going to have a nothing burger you need to add bacon!

Member:  This is the CALM before the RV storm.

Member: Beny Wilson says we are at “High Alert” right now

MZ: All my banking contacts say we are at “High Alert” so I will agree with that.

MZ: There is a lot of chatter out there…disinformation, made up stuff…..Someone is out there churning it out to “Intel People”

Member:  good morning all anyone else see the tweet trump sent a couple days ago about the golden age...really gets u thinking what's going on behind the scenes

MZ: We are watching one of the biggest chess wars in human history.

Member:  The Fed and the big 4 on the hill ……going to be a huge day today

Member:  today is the day the big five tech companies report in for their court hearings, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, etc., let’s all pray for justice!

Member:  Dollar is getting hammered as metals surge. We are on the precipice. Not to mention unsealing of Ghislaine Maxwell's dirty laundry!

Member:  With AG Bars's despicable treatment by Nadler & the Dem's he should pull out all the stops on the deep state and let the productions begin!!

Member:  Every Congress Person that grilled AG Barr had criminal codes assigned to them. Ironic?

Member: AG Barr:  I thought that this was a Hearing. Why am I not being Heard??

Member:  Jim Jordan gave Nadler a heart attack yesterday when he played the video of riots across the nation. Same reaction as MSM in the press briefing last week. Disclosures apace. WWG1WGA!!

Member:  As gold goes up the fiat dollar goes DOWN!

Member:  "Gold is the money of kings; silver is the money of gentlemen; barter is the money of peasants; but debt is the money of slaves." ~Norm Franz

MZ: Voltaire- Fiat money always returns to its intrinsic value-ZERO

Member:  Frank says there’s only one thing left to do. It’s like putting the dust pan down to sweep the crumbs into the pan. That close. Pray it gets done.

Member:  listen to Frank26 about the electric bill due to Iran. Saudi Arabia said they would pick up the bill. That’s all that needs to be done

Member:  We will go on the gold standard. Babylon will fall. She already has. The dust pan is only a breath away

Member:  MHO, I think they will wait until after trump announces we are on the gold standard, and after next stimulus before RV is released.

Member:  Nixon did no announcement...he, himself took us off gold standard.

Member: Nixon took us off gold standard Aug 15, 1971...wouldn't it be something if Trump returned us to gold standard Aug 15 2020?

MZ: I think they will move to the gold Standard and then announce it….If not it may cause panic.

Member: Charlie Ward has a good video out today about the QFS- its running now

Member:  In the past Charlie Ward talks about a hundred and seventy eight caves crammed full of gold then he talks about 650 flying planes that were used to empty the Vatican that's a lot of gold and silver

Member: im worried that what Mr. C said about no RV until Nov may be true

MZ: We don’t know ……Mark Moss who is an economist was talking about the Federal Reserve and how it will go until it blows……..We don’t know when that “blow” point is….in other words, at what point does critical mass hit , everything implodes and they don’t have a choice. I don’t think we have until November with everything we are seeing in the gold markets, the precious metals markets. The Federal Reserve is terrified..i guarantee you they are losing sleep watching the metals markets. They know that when metals start moving up their fiat is dead.

MZ: We are seeing sheer panic in the central banking world…..they are on the razors edge of pulling the trigger.

Q: How about news from WashingtonDC?

MZ: Lots of chatter from inside the beltway that there is a fight going on in the Senate side on approval of more bailout/stimulus funds.  The president already said he will sign it.

MZ: I still think we need the second stimulus….but let’s watch the rest of the week pan out.

Member:  POTUS said stimulus by the end of JULY will be  bigger than Anyone Imagined!

Member:  I do not believe there has to be another bailout for the release of the gcr. I do not comprehend your logic behind having a bailout before resetting the money system. The reset would provide a bailout for everyone already. People will have the same salaries that will be worth many time more than what it was before. Once retailers figure out the money they have a more valuable currency they will start competing by dropping their prices. People will get more for their money.

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