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Fleming Military Update 7/29/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Fleming Military Update 7/29/20

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Fleming Military Update 7/29/20 Empty Fleming Military Update 7/29/20

Post by RamblerNash Wed Jul 29, 2020 9:49 pm

1. Though the USA blew through the World Court deadline Tues. 28 July to get the Tier 4B notifications out.

2. Fleming’s Wealth Manager said he was "back on high alert now through the evening Tues. 28 July and Wed. 29 July. Don't look for anything until mid-day Wed. 29 July, but he was very excited, more than usual."

3. The US Department of Defense, Trump and Homeland Security made a decision that if any security issues prevent them from getting Tier 4B notifications out on Tues. that they would pay the interest penalty ordered by the World Court (a huge daily amount as it is a percentage of $3 trillion from Dubai 1).

4. Since there was a limited amount of penalty interest that the USA could pay, they were still pushing to get this RV release & Tier 4B out this week and not go into next week.

5. There were two security issues that were driving DoD, Trump and Homeland RV teams.

6. One was to get the remaining Antifa agitator leaders arrested in the last five cities still being rocked by violence, fires and rioting (federal law enforcement officers and local police arrested perps and quelled riots in 21 cities since the end of last week) so that Tier 4B redemptions could start. 

7. The second was to finish the inner and outer core groups under the 250 Paymasters who were turning in to Homeland updated info about group participants to make sure no Deep State operatives get funds for nefarious purposes when the shotgun release happens any day in the next several days.

8. Like it or not, the DoD and Trump were putting these anti-cabal priorities first in timing the release and Tier 4B start over the next days.

9. He said he himself is praying and appreciates prayers, that Wed. 29 July would be the start for Tier 4B.

10. His info was that the ZIM would be included in Tier 4B exchanges / redemptions as it was being negotiated. Regular reports on US progress of those negotiations were being given by the to the World Court.

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