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 The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 7/23/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 7/23/20

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 The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 7/23/20 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 7/23/20

Post by RamblerNash Fri Jul 24, 2020 11:35 pm

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday July 23rd and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody - all over the globe

Now all we need is everything to go in the way of our blessing and then we can really move forward – Let’s figure out kinda where we are right now – Sue was talking in terms of practice and be ready with presentations over the next 4 days – What we had received last night was pointing toward something occurring in the next 4 days from last night – and it may still – it may still occur – 4 days from last night would be Saturday around 8:30

Now – does that still hold up where we could be notified in that period of time? I think we could – but we do have additional information that takes us a little further through the weekend – I am not going to call it or suggest it is going to happen this day or that day - because it really now is down to the point where the most important thing is for us to be prepared – and also to just be ready for any particular day when it might come – because #1 you don’t quit your day job – you don’t quit your plan A that got you here – if you do not have a plan A you should have one by now – and get one –

The Plan B which I call your “blessing” – is right around the corner – but we don’t have it yet and until we have it keep doing whatever you’re called to do in the meantime –

Now let’s talk in general terms a little bit about money movement – there has been a lot of talk and you probably read something about a lot of money has been in movement – a lot of money is moving around – to me that is all good – and it’s true – but how does it affect us?

How does it relate to us? Now we know that 3 super large tranches of funds were made yesterday - yes 3 separate tranches – and those were being paid out to hydrate and pay out to the global collateral accounts – among others and these are safe accounts throughout the globe and various countries to accumulate these funds that are going to be used to pay out certain groups – to pay out us – to pay out the bond – trading and so on that is going on – and I would say that is a good sign

Now – there was a meeting last night from 11 PM – 12:30 AM – Eastern time – and in that 90 min meeting they were to decide when to release the global collateral accounts – and we had sort of a step one step two step three simplification of the process –

Step one – was to have Judy Shelton installed as part of the Federal Reserve – she is actually going to head the Fed Reserve – that was acknowledged yesterday –

Step two – was to release the global collateral accounts – which we don’t know if they are released yet but that is next to do –

Step three – and this is a simplified process- to notify us in tier 4A and 4B so that we could begin to set appointments and do our exchanges – and Zim redemption -

So…. Step one is complete – Step two is in process – but I don’t know what time they determined – they were going to determine the time last night during that meeting on when to release the global collateral accounts – I assume they agreed on a time but I do not know what it is –

Alright – so that is where we are in that process – additionally there are other things that are happening – of course – behind the scenes – some of which we know – I remember there was information about the 24 different cities that needed to be assisted so that the looting / burning / whatever we want to call it that was taking place – in those cities – to come to a STOP – and that started early this morning –

So, how that’s going I can’t really say – but you remember we had the issue at the Chinese Embassy in Houston - and while that was happening – we also had something connected to it that was being prosecuted if you will with clean up over in the island of Awaho in a major way – that was related to what was going on with the CCP Embassy

So there are things that are happening that we are aware of like that – Beyond that – something like currencies / rates / all of that - Let me tell you where we are -- #! We are not talking about currencies and rates – but we do talk about the fact that globally the QFS is completely on line – and all countries are now hooked up and a part of it –

The Swift System is gone – so that cannot be used anymore by the Cabal to try to move funds and the Blockchain protocol is system for the Fencen digital and so on that involves Bitcoin and probably some other outfits like that is working and functioning fine –

So – we’ve had to wait for certain of these things to complete over the last few days – now – what else is required is hard to say – I’m sure there are some other things that need to happen – although I did hear that there is a possibility due to the pressure that’s being exerted on us to get this party started – to get it done by a certain time in the afternoon tomorrow –

That may end up being something of importance to us – However we do know the Military was being paid out for their exchanges that were previous on as early as last Saturday – so we have started I this country and the greatest smallest city out west is underway and things are happening there – flights are coming in – and money is moving there – what I don’t know is who its moving to – usually we do – but now things are so quiet it is hard to pin that down –

I can tell you this much – Money is moving in some major cities like Zurich – Hong Kong – Miami – London – and what’s happening there - in my opinion – is that these are cities where boxes of bonds are being made liquid – and being paid out – now today yesterday - 

Now those bonds being paid out could include Zim bonds – in large quantities – in so called table top meetings - it can be that funding that comes from those transactions are part of a greater move of funds into the system – so where do we stand? I believe what’s going to happen is that these intermediate groups that we’ve talked about for months now need to be paid – maybe ahead of us or about the same time we get started – it may be more of a shotgun start than we even realize

We know the tier 4A and 4B will probably go virtually simultaneously - like a shotgun but it may also be that these individual – sovereign groups that are part of the so called intermediate groups – they may go when we go as well so there is no distinct advantage o one group over another – that is yet to be seen –

So we are going to have to watch out for that – we know the Military is getting squared away – and that they still may be in something where they have the accounts they can see maybe they’re pending - they may not have full access in other words – they may have only partial access – so this is something that is hard to get the details on - but I know that everything is moving forward and we’re in a different place now than we were Tuesday - than we were last Thursday - etc

Obviously we all want it to happen right now!! But we know we have to wait for this to come through all the way – and you know that President Trump is doing the best he can to make sure this whole thing goes down exactly at the right time – when perfectly safe – for us to do our exchanges – and this has been a real problem in some of these cities having the burning / looting / destruction of buildings and so on – so be glad that the President is taking charge and is putting National troops in place – to help those cities where the governors and mayors are just watching it burn – not doing anything - 

Be happy that the President is doing that because we need every part of the country to be available for exchanges to begin – now certainly some places they’re going to do in different locations than they anticipated – we have over 16,000 redemption centers in the US alone – and so we’re going to be looking forward to getting our exchanges done as soon as it’s humanly possible –

I think we’re looking good between now and the weekend but there are also people I’m hearing from that are talking about early next week – so we could push to that point – I hope not - Every day now counts the same – there’s no advantage over a Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday - verses Friday / Saturday / Sunday – because under the QFS everything is different – and everyday can stand on its own as a possible day to start - that is the difference we have now that we did not have a while back –

Let’s talk about something else we want to get out and that is the concept of Hot words – H O T words – When you go in for the redemption of your Zim and your currency exchange - you will be given a Non Disclosure Agreement – and that NDA is something you will read over / ask questions if you have any - make sure you understand what it says – and then you will sign – give your signature to it –

Now that means that anything regarding the exchange appointment or the location – or the people that worked with you - ALL OF THAT – much less the concept of your currencies – the rate – all of that – is PRIVATE and IS NOT TO BE DISCUSSED - so much so that not only are you under that NDA for what we believe will be 3 months – 90-91 days – under that NDA - but there is also a period of time when NSA and probably CIA and god knows who else – will be listening to your phone calls they know who you are – they are going to be watching your social media – any kind of social media that you are on – they are looking to hear HOT words –

Ok what are HOT words? – Zim – rates – currency rates – any of the currencies – the redemption center – the address – the people that exchanged you – the rate you received on your structured pay out – your structured payout - your 25 yrs or ever how many you negotiated that to go - everything that happens after the exchange is forbidden – so that means that you need to keep your mouth shut – after this exchange / redemption / or both –

You literally cannot talk about it with anybody - you can’t talk about it on the phone - no texting / messaging / or anything – You have got to keep this on the down low!!

Otherwise – what could happen? You could get your funds called back – pulled back away from you – and your future projects – This is NOT a time to go to the corner bar and buy rounds of drinks and celebrate like that – You CAN’T DO THAT!! 

This is going to be the quietest celebration you’ve never heard!! Because you cannot say these HOT words - they are going to be picked up like key words – on a search – and I am sure they have all the algorithms and all of that noise put together to pick up that stuff – and I don’t want anyone on the Big Call to lose anything because of what you might say or put out on a social network platform or anything –

I am trying to press this in – This is a time for silence – after this thing goes the only thing you can do is go into a closet and close the door and maybe scream – or go down on your knees and say a prayer of thanks because we don’t want anyone to lose this - we’ve all worked too hard to get here – to be here –

I cannot promise you it’s going to be this week or even by the weekend – but I know that things are moving forward – the funds are moving forward – certain people are being paid – I know – but not us –

So let’s just stay with it – let’s watch this thing come to us – let’s be prepared for it – I think it is exciting what is going on – most of it behind the scenes – we cannot see – but a few things we can see – and what we’re hearing is that things are moving forward and we will get this thing done for us - let’s continue to believe for that

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 The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 7/23/20 Empty Re: The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 7/23/20

Post by Tanntec Sun Jul 26, 2020 6:33 am

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