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Post by Ponee Wed Jul 22, 2020 9:53 pm

MarkZ Wednesday Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ: We are living in Punxitawney…..everybody is still sitting on “go”. 

MZ: I spoke with contacts out in “Treasury West” and they still have great expectations for this week and expect this to be the week for the release. 

MZ: I spoke with Iraqi sources and Asian sources and they are also waiting for a release and expect this to be our week. 

MZ: Matt at CBD Guru says he is fighting to get Vietnamese dong….In vietnam they have been getting the currency off the street …I understand they are no longer going to sell physical currency as they are positioning to go purely digital. So of course we are watching the price go up.

MZ: We are watching gold and silver go crazy…I think it’s getting exciting as we wrap up towards the end of the fiat system. . 

Q: Christmas in July?

MZ: It very well could be…..

Member:  Silver 23.34 high today.....

Member:  according to the debt Clock silver is clocking in around 3000 plus an ounce

Member: Real Price Of Gold. 32,000 Silver 3800- if it hadn’t been suppressed. 

Member:  Zimbabwe shut down its stock market too to stabelize the currency and closed its border. 

MZ: That is one thing I got from my Iraqi contacts is they are getting ready to shut their border down this weekend possibly. 

Q: Do we need an asset backed currency to replace dollar before GCR?

Member:  Judy is in so good standard to follow soon

MZ: I agree- I think this is a very important piece. She is one of the biggest gold bugs we have…..

Q: So is Judy Shelton confirmed now? 

MZ: As I understand it she passed the next to last hurdle.

Mod:  https://goldback.com

MZ: This video is about a gold backed digital currency. 

Member:  judy shelton is confirmed for seat on the board as Waller for st louis fed, for economic research head. Jerome powell remains head until 2022.

Q:  how will we know when the QFS is actually online and replacing the SWIFT system?

Member: QFS is in play and announced in the news…$75 million for Quantum computing centers was in the news yesterday. 

Q: Has anyone heard when the QFS will be up and running 100% or is it up and running now?

Member:  just like in 1971 the petrodollar ran underneath the gold back dollar from 1970 to 1971 and then when Nixon took us off the gold standard damn the petrodollar was ready to go

MZ: That’s what I believe is happening now….we are running underneath just waiting for the release. 

Member:  well, after 1913 The Fed started printing the Fiat Dollar along with the US Certificates, then, on June 5, 1933 the Certificates were outlawed and we went straight to Fiat until Nixon got rid of the Silver Coin in 1971...

Q: When they talk about leveling the playing field – are they talking about a 1 to 1 value?

MZ: At some point –yes….as part of this reset they will move to parity. This will stop trade imbalances. 

Q: Any idea on redemption center hours when we go?

MZ: I am hearing hours will be based on the city. Some centers will be open as late as 11pm in the evening…some will close at 7 pm . This will depend on how large the area is and how many people expected. 

Member:  Something BIG is going to happen today!

Member: Maybe it’s arrests starting!!!

Member: Popcorn time!!! 

Member:  Trump's "Next 8 Weeks" announcement started with yesterday and ends Labor Day week, RV?, Durham indictments?, GITMO?

Member:  So much has happened behind the scenes. It’s all about timing, so they say.  Now let’s see them made public!!!!!

Member:  Arrests and tribunals are going on behind the scenes. POTUS supposedly to announce before end of year.

Member:  Yesterday: QFS kicked in. Gen. Flynn gag order ended. DOJ starting to bear down hard in cyber criminals.Twitter, Google, FB next. US orders TO CLOSE CHINA embassy Houston. They BURN THEIR DOCUMENTS!

Member:  Twitter has removed thousands of accounts linked to QAnon...whats up with that?

Member:  In a sweeping move across the platform, Twitter has banned 7,000 accounts related to the "QAnon" movement and limited another 150,000. https://t.co/Bv8iUMqjxj

Member….Bad move twitter

Member:  I thought Trump did an executive order banning twitter from doing this.

Member:  Q is made up of Civilians and military personnel. I have heard 3 civilians + military I ve heard 13 people + POTUS

Member:  Hi Markz with this overnight issue with Trump & China regarding closing down the location in Houston have any negative impact on the manifestation of the RV?

MZ:  I do not think so.

Member:  China had 83 Tonnes of Gold Bars as Collateral against $20 Billion in Loans! The Gold is Gold foil over Tungsten, which has the same weight as Gold!

Member:  Issac said yesterday in his room that" he just finished 2 cc and Zurich talking about liquidity but need tomorrow for some confirmations"


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