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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Transcript and REPLAY LINKTuesday Night 7-21-20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Bruce’s Big Call Intel Transcript and REPLAY LINKTuesday Night 7-21-20

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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Transcript and REPLAY LINKTuesday Night 7-21-20 Empty Bruce’s Big Call Intel Transcript and REPLAY LINKTuesday Night 7-21-20

Post by Ponee Wed Jul 22, 2020 9:29 pm

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday July 21st and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody - all over the globe

Well before you guys think its ground hog day again – and it’s sometimes felt like that – from week to week as we go with information that lends itself to a start – either the next few days – the next day – or whenever it is – we did get some pretty good information – actually last night –

We were expecting this thing to go today – we had several sources that were pointing for this to start – sometime mid to late morning – then we got clarification on “why” it wasn’t going to go today –

It is always important when we say – well it didn’t go – well why didn’t it go? – what happened? What took us off that course that was so strong? Well – that information came in and with good reason –

Remember we talked about the Swift Financial System – the banking system that has been used for years – to send money from bank to bank – country to country etc etc – well that Swift System – countries and banks have been getting off of that system and going to the new QFS – Quantum Financial System - everything is much much faster and much more secure –

Well we had 3 hold outs – it turned out that we had 4 countries that were hold outs - slow to make the transition to the QFS – and those countries were – Iran – although we thought that Iran was already off last Thursday – they really weren’t - they’ve been doing some transactions with Venezuela that needed to be called back – let me put it that way –

So they went after that – they froze those accounts and they got Iran to comply and go to the QFS also Venezuela – also Lebanon and also North Korea – and those countries have all come on board – the Quantum Financial system - the Swift System was essential done away with – if you will at 3:30 am Eastern Daylight time – this morning

Then we were told it was going to take approximately 25 ½ hours from that time this morning – to bring everybody completely up on the QFS and for us to be able to be notified to begin as tier 4A and 4B – for our exchanges and redemption of our Zim

So if you do the easy math - that puts us to a time frame of about 5am in the morning – Now we’ve heard 3 additional confirmations n that that take us from anywhere from 5am to 8 am - it could be that the emails go out and then the numbers come out – to yours truly – I’m not certain as to how they are going to bring it – but my understanding from someone who does precious metals – that works directly with the Finance Minister of China – this person was being told it comes tomorrow “come hell or high water”

Now I’m just saying this is what I’m getting – this is what I’m receiving – we’re believing that this is coming to a close – it’s coming to fruition – and manifestation is at hand - so we’re feeling very good about this fairly limited but strong information that’s coming in that points toward a conclusion for us here shortly –

Now the other thing is – we did get word that Judy Shelton – who many people have reported as being arrested or let go – or whatever from the treasury – I knew all along she was not part of that group and I think I told you that was the case - however – she’s still in the mix – in fact she’s been appointed to the head of the new Federal Reserve which is contained inside the auspices of the US Treasury –

Prior the Federal Reserve was owned by approximately 300 European bankers – and that is no longer what we have – what we have now is a new Fed that is inside the US Treasury – and Judy Shelton will be the new head of the Federal Reserve – I got that this afternoon –

So – what’s happened as a result of the Swift System going away at 3:30 am this morning - was we also had the coming in of the USN currency - our new currency - when the Swift went away our USN came on board in the Quantum financial System –

We also heard we had a number which is an amazing number – 75 million quantum computers are to come on and be activated today – as a result – as a part of the QFS – so that’s really good and our funds should be completely secure – our transactions will be secure –

We will basically have access to our funds – when we do our exchanges – the difference is when we take our currencies in - the Dinar – Dong - Rupiah – Rial – the proceed from our exchanges will be available to us at the time of our exchange appointment – whereas the Zim is such a large amount that only a percentage of that would be available right away – the remaining would go into a structured payout – we think the banks want to go up to 25 years but I think it is negotiable – I think if you could go in and possibly negotiate a longer period of time – I intend to do that – we’ll see how that goes –

I don’t want to have to worry about the investment side of this at all – I’m going to be concerned about the spending side of it - the investment that I care to make is peoples lives through our projects – through everything that we’re going to do – here in the US and also internationally after this goes – so realistically - we are right there on the verge of life changes for all of us

I know there has been some chatter about additional stimulus - additional tax changes – which I’m not sure we’re going to get the tax payroll cut – or the elimination of that the President wants - seems like there’s not a real great majority of people that want to see that through – they don’t think it’s quite a big enough thing –

But whatever happens we are very close to hearing what will amount to is 8 days of disclosure - that was supposed to start today and it may have but if it was disclosed it wasn’t disclosed publicly – and that may be the case on some of this stuff for a while – I am looking for all of it to be disclosed publicly – it may not come out that way – we’ll see what that looks like –

The main thing I can say is –if this does come in early – we could have a start early first thing tomorrow morning – they may realize – and like I said - they may come out with the emails first and then the numbers to certain people – like me – and we’ll see how that goes

I’ve got some friends who are under NDA’s now that are not able to really talk to us – I know we’ve got limited intel but the intel we’re getting is from very strong sources that could be at the top of the heap on this – so I’m excited – I am very excited about where we are - and even though we didn’t get it today - things are looking very good quite possibly for tomorrow – I’m trying not to call it – I’m just telling you the information I’m getting is very positive – so let’s stay in faith for it – let’s believe for it -

I’m going to say there’s not a whole lot more I can bring tonight that I meant to – I think we’re really at that point – for now we just need it to manifest -

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK Intel Begins: 57:37


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