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MarkZ: "My military contacts are squarely looking at the 22nd and 23rd" 7/21/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "My military contacts are squarely looking at the 22nd and 23rd" 7/21/20

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MarkZ: "My military contacts are squarely looking at the 22nd and 23rd" 7/21/20 Empty MarkZ: "My military contacts are squarely looking at the 22nd and 23rd" 7/21/20

Post by RamblerNash Tue Jul 21, 2020 10:38 pm

MZ: Reno and Zurich are awfully quiet as they are in a “hurry up and wait” mode. Aisia and Hong Kong contacts said no money moved and no dollars…..Same thing in the middle east. There has been a lot of positioning…everyone is ready…..just have not seen any money movement.

MZ: My military contacts are squarely looking at the 22nd and 23rd. Banks are looking for it every day. We are stuck in a holding pattern for “something” . Lots of positive chatter out there though.

Q: Any update from issaac?

MZ: I don’t have one but my guess he is being told anytime between Tues and Thurs like my other Zurich contacts were being told there. .

MZ: In the UK they approved another healthy bailout for the people….which means a lot of pressure on US lawmakers to do the same especially since we are 105 days from elections. A lot of politicians really need to get something passed quickly. They need to get back to their home districts to do some campaigning. Start looking for a bailout package here to be passed quickly.

MZ: Article:  Mnuchin pushes for PPP loans under $150 grand to be forgiven without paperwork……so we are starting t see it……..Do they know that this money is on the fiat system and it is pegged onto the old system …then we move to the new system????

Member:  Don’t they need reset to do another stimulus? Bring it on!

MZ: 8.2 percent of US mortgages are in forebearance…….30 million Americans could not pay their mortgages in July. WF is heavily invested in morgages….do the math……Frank-Dodd act allows bail-ins when the banks have no money……..so I expect this reset sooner rather than later…..if they don’t get it out the door there will be a massive collapse and 2008 will be mild in comparison. This is a perfect storm for the reset to come together………

Member: The QFS is supposed to stop them from being able to steal all of our money in the banks…..

Member:  TRUMP said the next 8 weeks are going to be fantastic!!!!

Member:  Drake said the GCR is set to go

Member:  TTMs in Zurich Tuesday confirmed direct to bond holders.

MZ: I hear a lot of chatter about that – waiting for confirmation.

MZ: Gold is up $50 in the last few days…..Its coming unpegged (from US dollar?) ….this tells us we are moving in the right direction. .

Member:  Silver almost $22 today...debt clock says it’s close to $4k

Member:  "Gold is the standard but Silver Linings are pretty great too!" Trump Vegas Hotel (tweet) Judy Shelton's Fed Chair Senate Confirmation Today? Hello Gold QFS! Silver just surged over $21

Member:  I hear Quantum Financial System is being announced today

MZ: I expect that overnight….hope we get confirmation from the banking community.

Member:  Key signatories to Quantum System to start RV are leaving on private plane to RENO to release the funding.

Member:  During the next 8 weeks expect great things to happen BOOM President Trump

Member:  BANKING system change from SWIFT TO QFS TODAY?

Q: i wonder if President Trump return us to the "gold standard" or does he need Congress?

Member:  Judy Shelton -- the former gold-standard advocate turned policy dove – possibly gets confirmed at 2pm

Q: Is Judy already inside the Fed?

MZ: I have a very good contact at the US Treasury who says that Judy Shelton is already inside the Fed.and the Fed is already part of the US Treasury and she is very much a key piece of all this.

Member: I heard Shelton is cabal and was arrested for stopping the RV..

MZ: There are lots of crazy rumors out there being released on purpose to make us all sound like kooks.   Rumors like Shelton arrested and Pence being a pedaphile and already locked up…..we are watching a clone in public…….don’t believe all this stuff you read……..

MZ: We may not know everything…..what’s real and what was not until this is all over and history reveals it all. 

Member:  Press Conference at 11 est with POTUS. Vowing return of CV briefings. Could be a kickoff.

Member:  President Trump is going to be at the CV-19 Task Force at 5pm EDT!

Member:  According to all the news we've gotten the last 2 wks, today is supposed to be very special with payouts, ect...

Member:  Flynn gag order ends today me thinks

Member:  We are winning though we can’t see it. Trump has to play it out. White House announcements on Cov19 needs to be decoded. The “virus” is the Cabal , DS. and It is being taken out

Member:  This revaluation needs to happen soon or I am afraid Trump will not win the election.

Q: Any news on the Queen being arrested.

MZ: Nothing that I can find…..But there is an interesting item surfacing that the island next to Epstein island is actually owned by the Bidens…….and both of the islands had submarine bases on them…….very interesting.

Q: So is there still a deadline of August 1st to have redeemed Zim?

MZ: I have spoken with lawyers and paymasters, and bankers…..not one of them believe there is any kind of deadline on the Zim….that is all misinformation imo.  

Member: Some gurus are still saying no 800 numbers.

MZ: I have had conversations with someone at a major bank who is planning on being part of this exchange where a group was p together….(not mentioning the name) but they are planning on 800 numbers for exchanges. My contacts believe there is 800 numbers and I firmly believe there will be 800 numbers so I will leave it at that.

Member:  I was told to go to Redemption Centers not top designated banks. There are 13000 Redemption Centers and 600 Community Banks. You can go to any zip code location to exchange but take a utility bill.

The next scheduled stream is Wednesday at 10AM est……be sure to listen to the replay for entire Q&A

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