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 COFFEE WITH MARKZ Full Transcript and VIDEO , 20 JULY DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

COFFEE WITH MARKZ Full Transcript and VIDEO , 20 JULY

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 COFFEE WITH MARKZ Full Transcript and VIDEO , 20 JULY Empty COFFEE WITH MARKZ Full Transcript and VIDEO , 20 JULY

Post by Ponee Mon Jul 20, 2020 9:43 pm

MZ: Was very quiet this weekend…..I’ve gone back and forth with a number of banking contacts. They are hearing there will be a release and funding tomorrow. 

MZ: Many of the redemption centers have been told they will see us this week. That is the chatter and I am hearing it from all over the place. 

MZ: Paymasters are positioned but have still not received the funds …in fact I cannot find anyone in possession of “liquid funds” anywhere……yet

MZ: Don’t get to excited. I think we still need more disclosure. 

Q: What kind of disclosure are you waiting on?

MZ: I believe we need disclosure on a large portion of our leadership and everything they have done to us in the banking world. We have seen some…We found out that in 2016 the military has over 2 Trillion dollars unaccounted for….We have learned ove 6 Trillion of Black Funds have been run through our government in the last few years. This is unaccounted for- does nt show up on the books at all. We are getting some disclosure…..everybody is waiting on that “wow’ and “boom”  and I hope we see it…..It may not all happen at one time. 

MZ: Stories out of Europe about the corruption in the Iraq government……the new government is still cleaning it up.

Member:  Delta said Iraq is now on forex international

Member:  Some have exchanged but not liquid yet, according to TNT SUPERFANTASTIC CALL...Tony

Member:  Just know the funds are there. Just are waiting. Don’t think of lack. Stay positive. You get what focus on

MZ: Overall the news is great!!

Q: How can your bankers be wrong every day of the week?

MZ: Because that is what they are being told. They need to be ready and in place for when it does happen….

Q: Could it still happen in July?

MZ: I think July is still very much in play for us to see the reset…..

Q: Any news on CMKZ?

MZ I am hearing from reputable sources that many have received packages and cards but have no access to any funds yet. I believe they are waiting for the reset so they let it all go at once. Settlements , PP’s CMKX and more are supposed to start us all off so the banks have liquidity for currency exchanges is how I understand it. 

Member:   Real action starts tomorrow and will last 8 weeks

Member:  POTUS said in a speech the next 8 weeks are going to be incredible with incredible things happening....

Member:  Trump said he has an announcement tomorrow

Member:  see Santa surfing YT video on Friday is shows the 2 ACTS & decoded Trump speech at WH on Friday

Member:  Maybe they’re waiting for Judi Sheldon to get approved this could happen tomorrow

Member: Judy Shelton confirmation hearings tomorrow…..hoping  Judy gets approved 

Member:  . https://twitter.com/DigitalVestor/status/1284672007934816256 


Member:  209 countries on QFS system!

MZ: I have heard so much chatter about the 21st, the 22nd and the 23rd.  From government sources, from press sources and others all over the place that we are about to see some land-breaking huge stuff over that 2-3 day period. 

Q: What’s up with debt forgiveness?

MZ: I still look at it as debt cancellations because they never had the dollars to loan us through fractional banking….. and I am getting more and more emails from folks in this stream who have had debts erased with no explanations….just erased. IMO the banking system is cleaning itself up in preparation. 

Member:  Wikileaks just dumped all of their files online. Everything from Hillary Clinton's emails, McCains being guilty, Vegas shooting done by an FBI sniper, Steve Jobs HIV letter,

Member:  It’s a great Awakening. Pray for the President and his family to be safe

Member: Also prayers for Okie and Frank26……may they find healing and a full recovery 


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