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MarkZ: "We are very close to seeing the end of it" 7/16/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "We are very close to seeing the end of it" 7/16/20

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MarkZ: "We are very close to seeing the end of it" 7/16/20 Empty MarkZ: "We are very close to seeing the end of it" 7/16/20

Post by RamblerNash Thu Jul 16, 2020 10:40 pm

MZ: No movement or exchanging overnight…..no package deliveries or settlements yet…..

MZ: On the banking side they believe that yesterday was a very close call. And we will see things start today.

MZ: The chatter out west is packages will be rolling out today…..we shall see.

MZ: We are very close to seeing the end of it….all you have to do is watch the financial markets. I also wonder why we are seeing a coin shortage?

Member:  When so many places are refusing cash due to coin shortage it suggests that we are close.

Member:  I think they are trying to harvest the metals from the coins

Member:  We must be close to the RV if they are controlling coin circulation

Member:  Neighbor’s an asset bank mgr, received newly minted coins, unannounced. PA limited minting in March due to COVID. UST gathering old ones and new ones released soon when transition to QFs is announced

MZ: The coin shortage is real.   Banks and people who work at big box stores are verifying this….we need to ask ourselves “Why is there a coin shortage?”

MZ: At this point the central bank has no dollars……expecting an update from Sam Oliver today…maybe he will shed some light on this.

Q: Any news from Isaac?

MZ: He is expecting some kind of news today on “timing”  That was the last update I received.

Q: Have Canadians exchanged?

MZ:  No…I have spoken to banking execs in 2 large Canadian banks…..they assured me that nobody in Canada has received yet…….some may have received dollars on platform trading where they grouped their currencies……maybe a bank jumped the gun ad let out some dollars…..but no one really exchanged because there is no new value and no reset as of yet.

Member:  Tony stated that testing runs ran last week and definitely some exchanged but not liquid yet.

Q: Will Mr. C be with us tomorrow?

MZ: Hopefully the banks and paymasters will be right and we have an RV so Mr. C can not be with us tomorrow…..

Member:  I heard Reno had some action and were next!

Member:   Trump to speak at 4pm est… rolling back regulations!

Member:  I don’t know about anyone one else but I feel we are within days of the RV. So much happening!!! Victory to the light

Member:  Mark good morning, I watched Trump last night on TV at the UPS facility in Atlanta and he did mention the Gold standard in his speech.

MZ: Guys, they are telegraphing the play. They are letting us know that we will see a gold standard. All over the world.  Take comfort in that they are not hiding it anymore. They are hiding timing…but not hiding the event anymore.

Member:  Read yesterday Trump needs an Infrastructure Bill passed before RV.

Member:  #GESARA TRANSITION TO GREATNESS!! https://twitter.com/1wokeindividual/status/1283466296609382401?s=21

Member:  With Trump infrastructure talk yesterday. And announcement of MS13 top arrest. Is a good key

Member:  TRUMP 🇺🇸 Needs this RV started very very Soon !!!!!

Q: Where would the government get the money for the RV?

MZ: It would be fiat digital dollars that they won’t have any intention of paying back ..It would be a way to make it comfortable during the transition ….

MZ: Watch the bigger indicators around the world. Especially funding corridors and bond markets. That’s where we will see the implosion when the derivatives hit the fan and they actually do the reset. Fiat is definently crashing. We have seen the US dollar slide 7 or 8% in less than 2 weeks…As it picks up steam and momentum it will become a more pressing matter.

Member: Zero Hedge...."They Made A Lot Of Money" - UBS's Billionaire Clients Dump Stocks As Top Could Be Nearing

Q: Is it true the Federal Registrar is showing the swift federal banking system will end on july 21st?

MZ: I have gotten a lot on this in my inbox.  There appears to be solid documentation on this……then we heard from Q to expect big things on the 22nd…..I think we are in a window where we will see massive changes happening.

Member:  Gold is the Standard, but Silver Linings are pretty Great too!  Trump Vegas Hotel (tweet)

Member:  Today is the anniversary of jfk jr death

Member:  today is the 21st anniversary of JFK JRS plane crash. John was not on the plane confirmed by RFK JR

Member: I hear the next stimulus package will be $4.000 a person

MZ: Around DC they are still saying it will be $2 grand a person….i did have one person who works for a Congressman say they may have just one big payout and then no more….so I guess it’s possible.


Sam Oliver Joins the stream today….please listen to the replay for all the news and Q&A…….

SO: Getting more and more excited because I can see what’s coming…..

MZ: We can see it unfolding right in front of our eyes.

SO: Watching the changing of the entire system with over 200 countries has been happening ever since Trump took office. He has been laying the groundwork /foundation for the last 3 years…..everyone will change over at the same time.

SO: I hear we have the Quantum financial System now coming into play .

MZ: Are you hearing the same thing on the death of the swift system around the 21st or 22nd?

SO: Yes- that’s what I am hearing too. The beginning of this process has taken months….you cannot just flip a switch.  New data must be entered to create the changes that we are about to see. We basically started this change over process in March. We are just now starting to see real values reflected in the markets and not the inflated fiat system in the overall global system .

MZ: I think we are going to see $100 an ounce for silver

SO: I think that is very conservative. We will hit that quickly especially with the technological world taking off.

MZ: Silver is not only a store of value but it’s a consumable and used in lots of technology. We really hope to see med beds……and much more…..silver will be a necessary component. I think it will start catching up to gold.

SO: Regarding to the current coin shortage……if you look at the side of many coins you will notice there is copper in it if it isn’t a new coin...... Copper is needed in the industrial world which is really about to take off. I honestly believe they are trying to collect as many coins as they can from people. It’s a way of collecting old money before its replaced with new ones……during a transitional period like this.

SO: They are using the excuse that they couldn’t work at mining coins during this pandemic…..That’s an excuse. They want the copper from those old coins. They will be releasing newer coins across the board now .

SO: We are clearly transitioning into a Gold-Backed System.

Member:Trump and the treasury is still going to "coin money" per the Constitution. They know Americans want to continue to make anonymous transaction. Server and bar tips, .

MZ: it’s great to watch this historical transition all around the world.

SO: When this finally happens it will happen overnight….We may just wake up to a different set of figures in our bank accounts. The value of gold and silver will continue to climb.

SO: Many people will be caught by surprise.

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