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MarkZ: "I am very confident we will see it this month" 7/15/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "I am very confident we will see it this month" 7/15/20

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MarkZ: "I am very confident we will see it this month" 7/15/20 Empty MarkZ: "I am very confident we will see it this month" 7/15/20

Post by RamblerNash Wed Jul 15, 2020 10:09 pm

MZ:  There has not been a change in value yet anywhere… I cannot find anyone who has received money as of yet and no money movement as of yesterday. .   They are still on call …they are still sitting at the edge of their seats waiting. Guess we are still in a holding pattern.

MZ: More stories are breaking from military sources about the expansions in Gitmo and the preparations for “new guests” at hotel Gitmo.

MZ: That along with the Q blackout…lots happening….just no money moving yet.

Q: So what tier is CMKX?

MZ: Settlements are actually at the end of tier 3 and the beginning of tier 4. Maybe consider them Tier 4a because they will go at the same time as SKR’s and previously settled stuff.

Q: if I only have currency to exchange- what tier am I?

MZ: That would be considered 4b

Q: Do we have to exchange or redeem at the district we live in?

MZ: I have been told many times that No we do not…..we can exchange other places. Personally I think it may be a good idea to exchange a bit farther way just for the anonymity.

Q:  Will we see the new dinar rate this week?

MZ: Iraq is not sovereign just yet.  I do think they are definently close though. Perhaps days…I am very confident we will see it this month.

Member:  my friend has been going to Boston exchange last 3 weeks to buy Dinar, yesterday bought last, said they dont think they will be getting anymore in ever.

Member: I hear Announcement this week will be HUGE it will start with IRAQI first the Zimbabwe bond notes backing the RESET not the Orient. The first 4 days Zim holders are going to the front on REDEMPTION

Member:  so been getting lots of info from a few sources and they are all buzzing about GITMO prepping for high level american prisoners.....hmmmmmmm

Member:  Alice down the rabbit hole. Says there have been many arrests and executions….. she also gave a list of companies that were selling children online: Wayfair, eBay, Amazon, overstock walmart, etsy, ikea

Member:  I knew Wayfair was the tip of the iceberg

Member:  Watch Deception Bytes video. Wayfair bigwigs all worked for Bain company which Mitt Romney is a part of.


Member:  I do not see a civil war coming from this. Trump is doing what he was recruited by the military alliance to do. China and Russia is taking out DS just like we are. But if you look at how much of the DS protection has been exposed and removed, they DS is losing in a big way. What we are seeing is DS actors trying to save their lives. Gitmo capacity has been tripled for a reason.

Member:  Tribunals will not be made public until the time is right. The fact is Hellywood is going down we have to face the facts....

Member: in muggzy they says many in hollywod have been arrested and executed already

MZ: Well, they sure have been quiet lately. We used to see them out in the public, on tic toc all the time trying to keep their brand going……but lately there has been nothing.

Member:  JFK JR tweeted July 22 will be a revealing....paraphrasing here.


Member:  rumor is on the 22nd Q will reveal who is Q

Member:  Q Clearance was the Highest Clearance in the Department of Energy! President Kennedy was looking at not ONLY changing the Money System, but also our Energy!

MZ: It is interesting that the QMap is down and lots of people in the Q community are watching for July 22nd…..

Member:  Tomorrow is anniversary of JFK Jr plane crash

Member:  if we go gold backed... Government have to work within a balanced budget?

Member:  Judy Shelton confirmation hearing is on the 21st

Member:  Debt clock live - Personal Debt & Credit Card Debt. both are going backwards = Nesara

MZ: I assume that is the beginning of Nesara/Gesara…..but I havn’t found anyone who could tell me for sure. But that is my belief. It looks like they are getting rid of fractional debt.

MZ: The Free market is going to fix this if the governments don’t. We will see the system crash and a reset and have sound money again…….I’m positive of this.

MZ: Check out the legal currency that came out in Utah. There is actual gold in the new paper bills…….very cool…and yes they are legal tender.

Member: There is real silver in our paper currency in the Cayman islands also

Member: From Sam Oliver Excerpt:   “ A Currency backed by gold is not here yet- but it’s knocking on the door.  Recently you are seeing more and more articles come out about a Gold backed economy. It’s out in the open now. It will shift how we value money, and even the values around the world. When you begin to see the markets shift to this recent data coming in daily, everything will level off to a new norm. This mandate is any moment now and just around the corner. Sam Oliver”

MZ: We will implode without the reset…..that’s why I am looking for it sooner and not later.

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