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Adam Montana  says -- This is a no-brainer to me - the value of Iraq's currency will rise again. DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Adam Montana says -- This is a no-brainer to me - the value of Iraq's currency will rise again.

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Adam Montana  says -- This is a no-brainer to me - the value of Iraq's currency will rise again. Empty Adam Montana says -- This is a no-brainer to me - the value of Iraq's currency will rise again.

Post by Ponee Sun Jul 12, 2020 9:43 pm

Adam Montana  

 Shabs is a smart guy. He's said many times that the IQD could increase, but a $16 price tag is just silly. I'm still (mostly) on the ten cent train. I can see a flat dollar. I'll agree that even the RI rate of $3.26 is possible. But $16... I just can't see Shabs saying that. 

  There are so many things that I want to go over right now I barely know where to start!  ...There are changes coming in the tax codes (for multiple countries), there are political situations that are extremely relevant and telling, and so much more is happening all at once right now!  ...The "basics" are simple, and that's all anyone really needs to be able to sit back and wait. Iraq previously held one of the highest valued currencies in the world, and one day they will again. Although their country was knocked into the stone ages through a series of events that are now somewhat ancient history, Iraq still holds a majority of the black gold available on this planet. While the world runs on this stuff, and it will continue to do so, Iraq continues to hold an immensely powerful position. They suffered some extreme setbacks, but they did not lose their oil. This is a no-brainer to me - the value of Iraq's currency will rise again.

 ...The main holdup has been political. When Saddam was removed, the entire government basically collapsed, and the world lost faith in Iraq's ability to do... anything...The current situation is entirely different than the situation that dropped the value of the Dinar.  In fact, the current situation is entirely different than that of Iraq even 5 years ago!  We currently have a Prime Minister in place who is finally doing all the right things. I have affectionately named him "Kazzamie" because the progress he's made seems like a magic trick at times! ...The next crucial step to this journey, and this is a fundamental part of it, is the HCL.  "HCL", or "Hydro Carbon Law", is the agreement necessary to furthering Iraq's regaining of wealth. Without the HCL in place, there is no financial agreement within Iraq, and it is more beneficial to the politicians to keep the rate low. Once the HCL is in place, it will be more beneficial to have a higher rate... and we are seeing a LOT of promising news on HCL right now..

 The rate - let's address that, because it's important...One of the most frustrating things about this adventure is the math...  The value WILL go up. The question is, and always has been... How much, and when?... Unfortunately, there is no way to know for sure. That's why this is called "speculation" instead of "guaranteed", just like "fishing" isn't called "catching". (We all know how many fish you catch if you never throw a line out!) ...What we CAN do is make reasonable guesses. We can form informed opinions.  ...I think the Iraqi Dinar should have a higher value, and I think we are simply waiting on the HCL...to be finalized… then it will be “GO” time!   ...HCL is next.  The RV will be shortly after that, or it will happen simultaneously. Either way... we are closing in on the final day. ... Go HCL, Go Iraq, GO RRRRRVVVVVV!!!



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