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Post by Ponee Thu Jul 09, 2020 9:29 pm

1. We have been waiting for the final shotgun release over several days for reasons including clean up and arrests behind the scenes of Antifa rioters from July 4th weekend riots and shootings that killed many including six children, plus violence and rioting in NYC, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta and Portland. The Department of Defense Spec Ops and FBI Joint Terrorism Task Forces were doing the clean up under Department of Justice direction. DoD and DoJ arrest operations started after Trump fired SDNY US Attorney in Manhattan, Geoffrey Berman, a Deep State blocker. From last Thurs. 2 July Ghislaine Maxwell (Epstein's pimp) was arrested, along with arrests of many Freemason Deep State pedophile network leaders (like those in Lexington KY on Mon. 6 July) both domestically and globally. Those military operations were indicated by QAnon [google "qmap.pub [#4564] July 2 Last of the Mohicans is One of the Top Pre-Mission Songs For Combat Operations" arresting those that have been fighting the RV/GCR and abusing children]. This last wave was to protect the nation, us and our children post-RV.

2. The new QFS financial system components were being implemented and tested in Canada and USA from last Thurs. 2 July to Thurs. 9 July.

3. A 72 hour hold on the Dinar comes off at 9 pm EDT tonight Wed 8 July and the [financial system] blackout in Canada also ends at 9 pm EDT tonight Wed. 8 July.

4. Release sequence launch activity starts tonight Wed. 8 July and overnight to liquidity release tomorrow Thurs. 9 July.

5. This included the Admiral's contribution at some point in that window.

6. There were more test exchanges going on like this one reported by one of Mr. Fleming's sources, "people were called in by their Wealth Manager to exchange. They signed an NDA, exchanged took less than an hour. They could not tell us how much they got for the Dinar but did agree that it was above $6 [though Bluwolf and others reported $28 per Dinar currently]."

7. There were actually two Come to Jesus meetings today Wed. 8 July. One was from 8am-11am and another 11 am-7 pm PDT.

8. Judy Shelton left the meeting to schedule the final launch and told banks to call VIP clients and begin scheduling for tomorrow Thurs. 9 July.

9. Tier 4b was at the tail end of the release process to either start Fri-Sat. 10, 11 July or Mon-Tues. 13, 14 July according to the schedule [which could be changed as conditions required, see below.

10. Paymasters and attorneys domestically and globally were being told liquidity release could happen as early as Thurs.-Fri. 9, 10 July (full access when Tier 4b started exchanges).

11. Mr. Fleming's contact's son was part of the armored cars delivering the new USTN currency notes to many banks right now: "My son is delivering new currency...the regular employees at the banks are flipping out as they have not been told about it."

12. Geopolitical GESARA related issues were being settled, including US-China talks regarding Hong Kong status.

13. The Whitehouse and Trump were monitoring every issue affecting the final release process. China-US geopolitical issues were resolved enough to move forward.

14. The main part of the final release process would move forward again today Wed. 8 July.

15. Tier 4b was at the tail end of that process. A Tier 4b start timing decision would be made Fri. 10 July as to whether to start Tier 4b on Fri. 10 July, or Mon.-Tues. 13, 14 July, given roll out progress, the status of the nine states with Deep State governors with shut downs still in place, and security status.

16. Though the Dragon Bonds have been processed and settled, liquidity from the settlements has not been released, but would be released as the roll out kicks off over the next several days.

17. Prayers would be appreciated that all goes smoothly with the launch tonight into tomorrow so that Tier 4b could start earlier than later.

 July 8 2020 7:44 am EDT Fleming’s Military Intel Contact:

1. Late last night Tues. 7 July our Military Intel Contact confirmed that in the Judy Shelton RV Teams meeting at 11 pm EDT Mon 6 July and at 11 am EDT Tues. 7 July, they decided on a new schedule to start Tier 4b exchanges, PP & adjudicated settlement package deliveries, and a shotgun liquidity release this week.

2. The twelve Call Centers and (thousands of ) Redemption Centers were successfully tested in the appointment making process, and banks trained Exchange Personnel in updated procedures.

3. He could not say more for security purposes, but all this suggested that the start here was imminent.

4. He said to practice presenting your project idea outlines.

5. It was asked we pray that POTUS and the RV teams could push it all the way through without being stalled, and give thanks to God the start was near.

6. He said he would update about progress as he was able.

7. In last night's update he said he DID NOT mean to suggest that all the threats were still in place against us going in to Redemption Centers. He only wanted to emphasize that it has been critically important that the Department of Defense has been taking down the Deep State networks, leaders and their ability to carry out terrorist threats.

8. The threats had to be disabled before Tier 4b could be safely started. DoD Security Teams arresting obstructionists over the past weeks and months has been vital to releasing us—that was his point.

9. Many arrests of Deep State obstructionist criminals were going on in over twelve metro areas domestically and in many places globally. Friday night 3 July at least ten 33rd Degree Masons and over 120 Masons were arrested in a Chase Bank networking group who were hunting children on a horse farm east of Lexington. (What are Child Hunting Parties?


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