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Petra says -- We are at the goal line waiting to cross  DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Petra says -- We are at the goal line waiting to cross

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Petra says -- We are at the goal line waiting to cross  Empty Petra says -- We are at the goal line waiting to cross

Post by Ponee Thu Jul 09, 2020 9:08 pm


  So where are we? ...Clearly there is a rush to get things done in order for the white paper to be engaged so a date and rate can be revealed.  Remember, nothing in the entire white paper can be accomplished as to the future of the growth of the Iraqi state with out a change in rate.  None!  All the efforts of the committees, the ministries, agriculture, mining, defense, infrastructure, nothing can happen until this move is made.  

..So, we have these polymer notes that have been in circulation for apparently some time.  Why all the hubbub "now" when they have been around for a while?  Could it be part of the education process?  Could it be a preemptory move by the CBI to make citizens aware and understand the coming change I think so.  Everything they have been doing has been strategic but now the strategy is being played out as we await the execution of that strategy.  Nothing is going to stop it or we will truly have a failed state and that is "not" going to happen with the wealth in that country.   ...IMO, we are at the goal line waiting to cross for lack of a better metaphor. 

 ...IMO, everything is at stake for this country known as Iraq.  They need to change and get into the international world as MM [Guru MilitiaMan] has shared many times the need to access those secondary markets, loans, SDR, all those things he has hammered are spot on IMO.  There is no turning back.  What options are there....N O N E!!  Did I emphasize that enough?  ...Stay strong family...it's coming!!!  All IMO...



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