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Post by Ponee Wed Jul 08, 2020 9:31 pm

1.As of Mon. 6 July everything was on schedule from a security perspective. Many arrests of Deep State obstructionist criminals were going on Mon. night 6 July in over 12 metro areas domestically and in many places globally.

2. Many Freemasons were good people, but at the higher levels, especially at the 31st-33rd and higher degrees, Freemasons globally were Luciferian full-on Satanists and included many murderous Satanic pedophiles.

3. The Department of Defense security team reported recent arrests as part of cleaning up and removing Deep State leaders (who have been fighting the RV/GCR release domestically and globally and have been abusing children as well). The arrests took place in over 12 metro areas through use of military spec ops and federal law enforcement agents in Lexington KY from Thurs. 2 July through Mon. 6 July:

Raids were happening right now Mon. 6 July 7 pm EDT. Lexington Kentucky was getting hit hard with military – Chinooks, Apaches, Black Hawks, Helios, bullet proof SUVs and undercover vehicles explosions in tunnels.

Shriners and Masons were getting hit hard, too. One place they were taking the arrested was to 1900 Richmond Road Lexington Kentucky – the old Shriners Hospital for children.

Last Friday night 3 July at least ten 33rd Degree Masons and over 120 Masons were arrested in a Chase Bank networking group who were hunting children on a horse farm east of Lexington. (For info on Child Hunting Parties see: http://beforeitsnews.com/celebrities/2014/06/european-royals-killing-naked-children-for-fun-at-human-hunting-parties-2465154.html ).

4. Paymasters (including MarkZ's paymaster), attorneys, and bankers (including Snake's banker over multiple Exchange Centers) were told to expect exchanges starting Tues. 7 July. Many were being moved into different positions on Mon. to get ready for the start.

5. There would be Homeland Security representatives, Secret Service (financial, payment, & currency crime division) rep's and federal law enforcement rep's at the Redemption Centers.

6. If you were fearful about going from your exchange you should address your concerns to those representatives, as well as to your assigned Wealth Manager who will advocate for you in the first appointment and all follow up appointments.

7. NESARA / GESARA was being implemented behind the scenes and given 120 days from now to the 3 Nov. Presidential Election.

8. Question: If the QFS is secure and safe and all QFS Funds were 100% track & traceable then why was the release continually stalled due to threats? It doesn't make any logical sense.

Answer: What makes you think that the "Threats" are not real?

What makes anyone think that QFS and 100% track and traceability would stop Deep State Antifa rioters from shooting currency holders as we entered or exited Redemption Centers?

What makes anyone think that QFS and 100% track and traceability would stop Deep State operatives from executing more bio-weapons attacks using another virus like Covid-19 to shut down cities, regions, or the whole country again?

The evidence is clear that Covid-19 is a 100% human created bio-weaponized virus deployed by Deep State assets against 209 countries, Dr. Joseph Mercola MD sets forth the evidence (Google "mercola.com SARS-CoV-2 Origin — Deadliest Cover-Up in Human History).

What makes anyone think that QFS and 100% track and traceability would stop a Deep State EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack knocking out power grids and shutting down our ability to redeem or to spend money post-RV?

What makes anyone think that QFS and 100% track and traceability would stop your children or grandchildren or relatives from being kidnapped by criminal Deep State people for ransom?

What makes anyone think that QFS and 100% track and traceability would stop attempts to poison your food and/or water supply?

These were methods that Deep State criminals have used for centuries and why the Department of Defense security teams have had to take down Deep State networks and leaders before starting exchanges – to keep all of us and this country and many other countries safe enough for the RV/GCR release of funds.

*QAnon (Google "qmap.pub [#4564] Last of the Mohicans is One of the Top Pre-Mission Songs For Combat Operations").

*The Grand Architect is identified to initiates at the highest degrees as Lucifer/Satan by the written admission of their own leaders like Albert Pike, Manly Hall, Albert Churchward, etc etc. (See Jüri Lina, Architects of Deception: the Concealed History of Freemasonry, Stockholm, 2004 and Google archive.org for Lina Architects of Deception).

*As demonstrated by research assembled by clinical psychologist J. Hagopian, Google and read paragraph 3-4 of phibetaiota.net “Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State Whistleblowing Kids Expose Satanic Cult's MK Ritual Abuse-Child Porn Operation.”


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