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Post by Ponee Wed Jul 08, 2020 9:28 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK   Intel Begins - 56:00 min mark


Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday July 7th and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody - all over the globe

Let’s try to get our intel segment in – I had a couple questions that Bob talked to me about today – One was talking about prosperity packages – now I don’t have a great background in prosperity packages – When you ask people that have or that are in those – nobody that we know of has been paid on those yet – but we keep hearing time and time again that those are supposed to go out as part of the intermediate groups – in other words – they should go out before fines and penalties – adjudicated settlements - and so on –

It’s hard to say what the order is – now – it’s hard to say whether that’s going to hold true – is what I’m saying - so that one is a question mark for a lot of us –

We also had another question that was dealing with taxes – here’s the deal – these exchanges that we’re doing are tax free -  they are not taxable – however – when you make money with your newly exchanged funds – let’s say you 100 million from your exchange – and you have that in an account – Zim holders will use a structured pay out

 if you’re holding dinar or dong or rupiah – rial - etc – my understanding is that you will have immediate access to those funds – that is something you would not wait for – so what I’m saying is let’s say you have this 100 million dollar account and that account is earning an interest rate of 9.25% - that interest rate is going to create what we know as “passive income” – meaning your money is earning money –

We all learned in high school and college – well maybe we didn’t learn it then – but we have learned it since to try to let your money make money – so if your money earns money that means it working for you – you don’t have to work if your money can make money for you –

Let’s say you have $100 million dollars and your 9.25% per year – that means you’re going to make 9.25 million dollars per year – on that $100 million – that money you would earn is called passive income – and you would actually pay taxes – as it is now – on that “earned” income –

if you have a business you have the opportunity to expense against the income – even this interest income – you have businesses set up properly – you can expense – take your expenses - and those are applied when you file your taxes against your gross income – which in our case we’re saying is 9.25 million in that one year –

So in other words will you pay taxes? Not on the exchange – but on the money that the exchange income produces – that the exchange amount produces for you in income you would pay taxes on that –

This is all subject to change with a new tax plan – that the President is talking about and it may be something to change with NESARA – which is supposed to be coming in and taking place –

We did not get the announcement that I thought we would hopefully get on the 4th of July – or on the 3rd of July out of Mt Rushmore – we did get a couple references though to the idea of the American Republic – I took that to refer to the Restored Republic – but we did not get the big announcements that we thought we might get –

Never know – I’m not holding my breath for any announcements – anymore – we’ll get them when we get them -  so I hope that answers the questions Bob had received by email –

Now- here’s the thing – we are in a position where things are getting quieter and quieter – usually from the banks – we have heard some things over the last 4 days or so – and actually we had heard that we would be able to get started today - but that did not happen – and this was from a very very good couple of sources –

But – listen – that information is good at the time but as you know things have changed so dramatically in this event that it’s hard to predict and hard to know whether yesterday’s intel or 2 days ago intel is still good for today – and so what we really realize is that the things that we get we have to verify – and what we try to do is verify and get at least verifications before we say anything specifically has happened –

Now – let’s talk a little bit about what has happened – and I feel good about this because of the sources that we’re getting this from – last night at 11 pm eastern – till 2 am eastern – there was a meeting – we are going to translate this over to pacific time – because it was held in Reno –

This meeting had Judy Shelton – some key figures out west – you know who I’m talking about – and it appears that – lets translate to pacific – 8pm last night – till 11pm last night Reno time – or pacific time – but after that time – the meeting was trying to get this thing pushed through – this was the 6th attempt that she has been in Reno – to try to get this done –

The word we had was that between 2 and 2:45 eastern time this morning – that it was released to go and what happened – what exactly happened?? That’s what we don’t know – we don’t know what that release involved – but I’ll say this – there was supposedly another decision making meeting today around 11 am – and at 12:30 – on the east coast – eastern time we had a schedule that was given for our tier 4B group –

No – what is the schedule?  I don’t know – I don’t know where it puts us – but it has to be closer – closer to the point where – maybe since we have the schedule something is going to happen tomorrow or Thursday  for us –

Now let’s go to what certain people are saying about Canada – our friends to the north – Did they get a head start on us? I have some confirmations that said yes they did some exchanges up there – and we heard some of the rates up there and that’s fine – and we also heard from sources that have people in Canada and they have not heard of any one starting yet in Canada – so that sort of off sets the confirmations  that we had that they had in fact started –

It’s hard to know exactly which it is – I’m calling it a toss up because we’ve got some saying yes and some saying no -  and I’m thinking if they did get started – our neighbor to the north that means they have a 2 day head start on us – in the lower 48 – ha ha ha ha –

How much longer can it be that we don’t go if that is true and they have already started? Here’s the situation – could Canada have started already – Monday & Tuesday – so that a certain population of Canada would not try to come down across the border to exchange here in the united states – I think that might be the case – it’s actually reasonable – that they might have started before so they could get exchanges done there and there would be no reason for anybody to come down south - it’s just an idea - could be true –

Now we do have the new schedule - we don’t know what it is – or when we start – but I think it’s encouraging that we did get that – it coming out of the meeting and was available – and came out at 12:30pm eastern –

So that’s a big question mark in general – Have 208 of our 209 countries already started? I find that very hard to believe  - I doubt that – very much – but we did hear that the exchanges have started in the Far East -  we did get that which – China could be over in a number of Far Eastern countries – maybe they did get started – can’t quite say – that’s what we’re hearing – doesn’t necessarily make it true –

I’m going to suggest that we on the Big Call kinda just take a chill pill- take a breath and let this thing manifest and come to us – it’s interesting that there’s word out there that things have happened – I know certain people already done exchanges -  they are getting access to some funds but not the bigger number  yet – might be a couple more days before they get access to funds – these so called private exchanges – maybe … I don’t even call the VIP exchanges but we’ve had a lot of that stuff happen in the united states already -  we’ve had certain people and most of the time they are SKR’s –

Let’s face it – they might get a little walking around money – we understand that some of these people have received travel funds - or emergency funds and that may have been true – especially in some of the groups that are based out west – but have they gotten to the BIG money?  No – Have they made liquid SKR’s yet? I don’t believe so –

Things could change with this – do you really think that 208 countries are going to get started with these exchanges and leave the United States high and dry?  I don’t see it - I just don’t see it – our President is far too sharp and too good of a negotiator to let something like that happen

We know that we need infusion of monies in purchases because we have 70% of our GDP in purchases – is buying things – and guess what  - when this comes to us – this blessing - we’ll have money to buy things – in a big way – and that’s why we think this roll of the blessing – the GCR has been slow so we do not over heat the economy - well we need to get started before we heat it up at all – then we can take our time and do what it is we need to do with our projects – purchase the things we wanted to purchase – help others –

That is over all where we find ourselves – right now – sort of questioning what really is happening globally – what really has or has not happened in Canada – and whether or not it puts us next to go – it’s a very good question and I’m hoping I find out more about it between now and Thursday - I should find out a lot more

Until that time all we can do is continue to pray and believe for this coming in and press in until this comes  - we really do – this is a time for us to really not only be leaders in terms of what we plan to do for ourselves – our families and communities – but this is an opportunity for us to be overcomers – to overcome the obstacles coming our way – to overcome the resistance that we have had to make this come through – and I think if everyone of us stays positive – in prayer – stays in faith -  then we can take that term overcomer and be very proud of it – that we have overcome stress – the weight – we have learned patience – perseverance – longsuffering  - and we’ve been better for it as a result

So--- that is the stage where we find ourselves in right now and I don’t know if there is a whole lot else that’s relevant – I will say this – remember we’ve talked about interest rates – that you can negotiate for – the latest thing I got – which was yesterday – was that they will be offering you 9.25% interest on the money that you keep in your structured pay out – I don’t know how many years you have to have to get that – I am thinking not necessarily 80 -90 – 100 -150 yrs or more – but here’s the reason – why would the bank give the incentive with a pretty high interest rate of 9.25% -

Well #1 a lot of people I’m talking to are planning to do what I’m doing – and that is leave the mother lode account intact – and let it grow the interest – so whatever  you take your Zim exchange for – whatever it comes out in total value  - if you had an interest rate of 9.25%  - and that amount was spilled into a secondary account – a spillover account – that allows you to get that interest paid every 3 months which is what most people want – and that continues to come in 4 times a year – so that allows the bank to continue to keep the mother lode account intact in its fullness without it being even touched –

My intention was to not even touch it – I would just use the interest that the mother lode account earned and spilled into the spillover account – that’s my plan – I’m going with that –

Any money that the currency in exchange for dinar dong and rial – I might would put that in a totally separate account all together – that money you have immediate access to – no waiting  90 days for an interest payment on that money – that money will be available for you to use – spend – do whatever you want – from day one – first day of your exchange – that’s what my understanding is –

Then the other thing that was of interest – people are always curious about whether there was a second Zim appointment – the answer is No - Unless you are part of a group – if you are and they know when you go in - 2-25 people or so – they will require you to go to a second Zim appointment – because they are going to vet you again -  to make sure your little group is not doing something that is not good – not funding something like terrorism – etc – so if you’re part of a group and they know you are you would get that second Zim appointment –

If you are an individual – like I am – you go in - done and done – do your Zim you have up to 90 minutes if you need it – you negotiate your rate – do your project presentation – and  you are done - do you go back and talk to a wealth management team – or Abbott Downing rep on a second follow up meeting? Yes – That’s if you need help with additional accounts – move money - etc maybe you need an attorney – or finish up your trust work – or help creating a family office – this is what some of these top tier 1 banks will do – you need to look that up and research that – so you can be aware of that before you go in –

When you go back for a second appointment that is not for Zim – but to go and see what perks on  your perk sheet are – some of these perks will be renewable yearly if you keep your money there – All tier 1 banks will have similar  perks – if  you have accounts at two separate banks you should have 2 separate perk sheets -

So where do we stand? We know things are moving forward – we know with the meetings that are going on – we know that the training that took place yesterday with the banks – they tested by computer all of the 800 numbers into all twelve call centers and then from the call centers to the redemption centers to complete appointments settings – that was done as a practice yesterday – from 10 am to 7pm – that is a long time – tested and satisfied with the 800 numbers

So what does that tell you? That tells us we are ready from what we can tell – security is always a concern and they are doing a wonderful job between DOD and Homeland Security – I am not going to sweat the security - I don’t care what you are reading – but I really think they are on top of it – and when we do get the toll free number we are going to be good to go –

When? That is the question  - the ultimate question – are we ready since the schedule has been put out to someone – we just don’t know what it is – maybe it has been given over to Wells Fargo already – so they can send out the emails and release the 800# - let‘s hope so -.


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Post by Tinef Sat Jul 11, 2020 10:04 am

Dear #DOJ.gov #FTC.gov #FBI.gov ..

When this fool says, " we had confirmation that exchanges were being done...in Canada "  Q: did we miss something here? .. he used the word confirmation, as in a verification of fact. Are you kidding us with your blatant disregard for law breakers & non-licensed currency pumpers?  

Of course we understand how idiotic this must sound since he's a pathological liar & yes, anything this fuctard says can be debunked in a matter of seconds .. but Bruce & his merry band of criminals have managed to stay in business for years w/ this sort of  crap , bilking $1000's from his idiotic followers because of your ignorance or is it incompetence... really!?  

#IRS.gov maybe you give two shits how he's reporting his income from donations, pay-pal & revenue from ad clicks? 

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