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Post by Ponee Tue Jul 07, 2020 6:13 pm

The rates were locked in overnight Sun. 5 July to start liquidity moving Mon. 6 July for Tier 4b notification and appointments starting on Tues. 7 July.

POTUS was pushing for our Tier 4b release for us to be the stimulus funds source to cause the 3rd Quarter (July, Aug, Sept) economic boom.

There were always problems and issues that could arise (like last week's global lower level bank related server failures and 75 arrested on Wed. 1 July).

The Chinese released the GCR/RV globally last Wed. 1 July and there were two million exchanges in Asia on international rates as of Sun. 5 July. The final liquidity movement would continue to completion in the next several days this week.

The US has to move forward to get all their Tiers out and liquidity released or would be in a losing economic position globally and would lose billions to China post-RV.

The RV/GCR was moving forward like a machine so the Deep State obstructionist groups' interference and attacks on the release process would be in vain.

China needed these funds now, the US needed these funds now and every sovereign country needed these funds now.

Trump has wanted the RV/GCR release to start with Tier 4b many times in past days and weeks, though the Department of Defense and six Generals who were the final decision-makers behind Trump, advised POTUS to allow more arrests as possible to be made to take down as much of the Deep State leaders, networks, criminal hackers and Antifa agitator puppet masters domestically and globally before releasing Tier 4b.

White Hat modeling has only predicted that 10-20% (1-to-2 out of every 10 currency holders) of Tier 4b may endure long term funding job creation and humanitarian projects 90-180 years post-RV, while up to 80% will be bankrupt in 2-4 years by not planning and thereby planning to fail) or will have funds stolen in part or in whole by Deep State entities (which will still be out there albeit largely weakened post-RV but not entirely gone).

DoD has wanted to get as much as possible Deep State leadership and networks dismantled, arrested, prosecuted, and put away in GITMO to give us Tier 4b and our funds a fighting chance to make it through the next two generations unhindered to do the good that we and the funds need to do to help those in need, to create jobs, to heal this nation and the planet.

The DoD was realizing that Tier 4b has to be released this week so as not to fall behind China’s release of RV funds and the already two million exchanges globally.

This was good news--it's time to cut bait and let the chips fall where they will post-RV and DoD and White Hats seem to realize this.

The forty people on the USA RV team were working very hard to get the RV/GCR released with as many safe-guards in place to safe guard our rights and not to allow our Constitutional rights to be taken away from us now and after the RV exchanges.

SOCOM (Southern Command in Miami FL), DoD, Treasury, White House and State Department security teams team were working on the RV release. They were coordinated by Judy Shelton and meeting at 11 am and 11 pm daily about getting this out.

Tier 4b was mentioned all the time in the twice daily meetings. The White Hats, POTUS and DoD have been overprotective (arresting as many Deep State operatives as possible pre-RV). They were fighting for our Constitutional rights, especially 1st Amendment rights to Free Speech and 2nd Amendment rights to Bear Arms as a part of GESARA / NESARA requirements going forward.

There were Deep State criminal teams and professional groups that have been doing everything they could to obstruct and delay the final release to the US and all nations.

Last week these Deep State criminals tried to skim funds from lower level banks post-RV and crashed the servers Wed. 1 July.

These Deep State teams’ efforts were in vain as DoD security teams and six other agencies have put in place counter measures and redundancies to overcome every Deep State contingency.

There was no way to anticipate and stop every Cabal attempt to delay this, but there was enough in place for this final sequence of liquidity release and disbursements to finally go through this time according to release algorithm predictions.

Chairman Xi has faced and persevered against opposition internally to the GCR release but has pressed hard for completion. Only Americans interfering in Hong Kong national security would experience a Visa ban and not be able to travel in China or Honk Kong.

The RV/GCR was an engine that could not be stopped, perhaps slowed down, but never stopped until it reached the US in Tier 4b.

ZIM holders should get in to redeem as soon as possible after the 800# notification emails came out.

Canada has put in place a financial system black out (on news and leaks) from Thurs. 2 July to Thurs. 9 July as they were installing a new financial system based on RV/GCR and NESARA / GESARA protocols (google "twitter Santa Surfing Canada Financial blackout 7/2-7/9".

Prayers were appreciated that we win this week for the RV teams working hard and anticipating victory over ALL obstructionist schemes!


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