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Judy's Notes: "everything was still on track" 7/6/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Judy's Notes: "everything was still on track" 7/6/20

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Judy's Notes: "everything was still on track" 7/6/20 Empty Judy's Notes: "everything was still on track" 7/6/20

Post by RamblerNash Mon Jul 06, 2020 10:03 pm

Judy Note: According to Fleming’s Intel Military Contact, as of Sun 5 July everything was still on track and there were no unanticipated obstructions in the way in order for Liquidity Day for all Tiers to happen on Tues. 7 July.

On Wed. 1 July China started the Global Currency Reset release internationally. The GCR was to begin in the US that same day, but 75 Deep State Operatives who had been kicked out of Reno, were arrested in Zurich when they tried through use of the Rothschild Bank, to steal post-RV accounts in lower level Tier 4 banks globally.

Over the next several days there has been more arrested around the globe. By Fri. night midnight 3 July in the US alone, there were 168 high profile arrests. The US Military has recently made over 16,000 arrests according to official reporter for the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force, Timothy Charles Holmseth.

The July 4 Independence Day Celebrations did not see anticipated announcements on the US Dollar returning to a Gold Standard, nor was there implementation of the NESARA debt forgiveness law as expected. New Presidential elections had to be held within 120 days after announcement of NESARA, so Trump had until Mon. 6 July, unless a new Election Day would be presented – which was suspected to likely be the case.

On Sat. 4 July through Mon. 6 July Group Leaders and Paymasters had appointments to exchange/ redeem.

Mon. 6 July: Buyers, Paymasters and others were told that Tier 2 should be liquid and rumor was Canada was going to start exchanges.

Tues. 7 July: Expected Liquidity Release Day for all tiers including us in Tier 4b.

From now to Tues. 7 July: The release of Secured Websites with instructions on how to obtain your personal 800#s to obtain your appointment to exchange currency and redeem Zim at Contract Rates could happen at any moment.

If you wanted the Contract Rates on your currency exchange you must make your appointment within the first seven days after the Secured Websites came out. Zim redeemers should try to set appointments within the next four days. We would have 30 days to exchange at the Contract Rates. It was believed the general public would begin exchanges at the new international rates around mid-July.

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