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Post by Ponee Fri Jul 03, 2020 9:50 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK  Intel Begins: 56:50


Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday July 2nd and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody - all over the globe

Let’s go into a little intel and see if we can tighten this thing up and bring it home - Tuesday was just two nights ago – but in a way the way intel goes sometimes it is as if nothing changed and sometimes it’s as if everything changed – and in this case – we know that things have started- do we see them? Our perspective – not necessarily – yet –

Let’s talk about the reason we are and the reason that we’re not – First of all the indication that we’ve had from our sources and we have a variety of different banking sources and financial sources and other types of sources are telling us that everything did start –

Remember Tuesday night I was talking about it happening around 11 pm – it ends up at 12:01 am – internationally China released the GCR and started being able to do exchanges in the Far East – the last tally we had earlier this morning showed a start and showed exchanges exceeding 500,000 exchanges – in the Far East –

Now that’s great for them – but it doesn’t show much for us here yet – We had our start in the United States at 2:15 pm Eastern Wednesday – and what happened at that time was – again – groups – Admiral’s group - the Core - all of that was to be started –

I don’t have a good perspective now exactly on what happened but we know that travel funds and emergency funds were paid out – but not the big money – that I think we are all looking for – although they could have called it emergency funds and it could have been more like the Real McCoy –

So – what is happening is there are about 2-3 reasons why we have not been notified yet – Remember we had a time frame and they were talking about us getting notified either today or tomorrow - and starting whenever - We don’t exactly have our notifications happening over the weekend – now we’re looking at this thing changing and we have a moving target – now we’re looking closer at the possibility of being notified with toll free numbers and with the emails - from Wells Fargo – Monday – Monday afternoon – or possibly Tuesday –

So we have been in a way – I think in a very real way – pushed to the other side of the 4th of July – even though we understand that we could see some announcements (don’t everyone roll your eyes) we could see or hear some announcements from President Trump regarding NESARA / GESARA - the return to the Restored Republic – and common law – and the very possibility of a mention of the Gold Standard – returning to the Gold Standard – and to QSN as part of that announcement –

That could take place tomorrow when the President is doing his speech at Mt Rushmore – and fireworks to follow - but he’s also coming back to DC for the fireworks display over the Washington Monument – and we also think that could be an opportunity for a speech –

There was some discussion to whether Sec of Treasury – Steven Mnuchin – would make the announcement about the USN but he said no I want …this is you know… a president took us off the gold standard – and off the silver standard as well – later – but it would be proper for the President to announce the return to the gold standard - so Mnuchin was referring to the President to do that – which I think was great – I think it will be a wonderful thing for President Trump to announce – would it occur at Mt Rushmore? Tomorrow? Possibly – my personal feeling would be it occurring in Washington if it’s going today - happen – on the 4th - great opportunity for us to essentially see our freedom regained on Independence Day

Now - what else has been happening is really something else – now – you know I’ve mentioned groups out west – we know the biggest little city in the west is located and we also know that last night/ overnight – we had 65 individuals picked up and dropped off – and you know that refers to clean up on aisle 3 –

We had this morning another additional 168 high value arrests to take place – these would be people affiliated with people that you know – people whose names you know – and these were to take place and complete by midnight tomorrow (Friday night) - could they complete sooner? Maybe – but it may take all the way till midnight tomorrow night –

There’s one other piece that seems to have influenced our release timing even though these banks these tier 4 these mom and pop banks – remember you have tier 1 the big four – we know plus HSBC – then you’ve got your 2 banks tier 3 and tier 4 - well the tier 4 banks are the ones we call mom and pop – smaller banks – they are about 2200 banks – they are not connected to the QFS – and as such – they have become a target for some bad individuals who wanted to try siphon funds from transactions that are going to and would be going to these smaller tier 4 banks –

They know who these individuals were who perpetrated this - siphoning scheme – and they’ve gone after them and I believe they wrapped those up – at 12:05 am this morning –

So why is it a big deal? About tier 4 banks that are not even going to be doing exchanges? Not doing Zim – not doing currency exchanges – at least not with the 800 numbers right – it’s because the funds that we would have after our appointments some people have relationships with these smaller banks and they want to continue to use a small tier 4 bank - and they would send money – wire money to those banks for those banks to be secure they need to have new server – and some of the server discussion that’s going on – let me clarify that – these banks are getting new higher speed servers so that they can connect to the QFS and that is supposed to complete in about 6 days – for the tier 4 mini banks –

All of that is great and dandy but it doesn’t really affect our start – so that is not a delay for us – we’ve been delayed more by the pick ups and drop offs that I was referring to the remaining 168 – that did slow us down and keep us from going yesterday – and today –because here it was July 1st yesterday – that’s when China started – that’s when it went internationally - the GCR was in play –

And Zimbabwe also has their new Zimbabwe Dollar valued on par with the US dollar – as of yesterday morning – so we’ve got another country’s currency on par with our dollar –

Now.. beyond that we have indication that we are supposed to get our 800 number either Monday afternoon or Tuesday to start our exchanges possibly – this is only a possibility – of Monday afternoon – but the more likely start would be on Tuesday –

So that kinda tells us roughly what has been happening – what’s been going on internationally – and I know for example Iraq is ready – there was a question as to whether Iraq would make payroll yesterday – my understanding is that they did everything they needed to do on the 1st so – we have – there is more that I am not remembering about other countries – but I know that we are positioned now we believe to go forward –

Now – this holiday weekend – would it have been possible to start as early as tomorrow or Saturday - I think it would have been – but I think they will probably defer to starting Monday and Tuesday

BUT – I am very interested in what the President would say tomorrow at Mt Rushmore – we may glean something from that – we’ll see - but even if he does make a gold backed announcement about our new USN currency – that would be a major deal - whether it happens on Friday or Saturday - that would be very big for us –

Now – let’s talk about the coin shortage that’s been going on – I even experienced at a restaurant yesterday – they did not have change and they’re asking a lot of retails establishments - if you have any loose change at home bring it in and buy something with it – so they will have some change because the change – the reason it’s happened is because the treasury is collecting silver dollars / half dollars / quarters and dimes to melt down – to pull whatever silver is in those coins out – because the reason they haven’t received any change is because the mints are busy making new coinage – with the proper degree of silver - in the silver dollars and half dollars – and quarter and dime –

They will have the amount of silver that they are supposed to – and those new coins – should be coming out this weekend – could be tomorrow but it probably will be Saturday or Sunday – so that is the story about the change shortage –

Now here’s another interesting thing – remember we have both gold and silver – gold is right under $1800 an ounce – I think silver is higher than it’s been in a while and should do really well as well as gold going up – here fairly soon –

Now here’s the thing – we are going to get new gold coins in high denominations – gold coins – and I’m hearing this – I don’t have this yet – but what I’ve been told that we will see a $5000 gold coin - $10,000 gold coin - $15,000 gold coin and a $20,000 gold coin – that would be really cool – made of pure gold –

These would be US gold coins – US Treasury gold coins – these are supposed to be minted between after the election in November and before Thanksgiving – so that’s a nice 3 ½ week window there where we could see and actually experience and purchase if we wanted to these gold coins –

They are not commemorative coins but used for high dollar transactions and a lot of states are starting to take gold coins and bars and also silver coins and bars – as form of payment – they have been probably about half the country – maybe more maybe 30 states – obviously if it’s legal tender of the united states – then all states would take those –

I think it’s interesting that last Saturday the redemption center staff had a 2 hour meeting on the biometrics for precious metals – and they had a hand held device that they could measure the actual content of gold or silver in coins and bars – so they are gearing up for it

So that’s really where we’re going – moving forward – will we see anything pop before Monday or Tuesday here? That we don’t know – we should but we don’t know yet – that’s what we’re looking for because if in fact everything did cut loose and start yesterday in the Far East and it’s working its way across theoretically speaking this should be releasing for us very soon -

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend and be on watch for the President’s speech .


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