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Bruce's BIG CALL , For July 1 2020

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Bruce's  BIG CALL , For July 1 2020 Empty Bruce's BIG CALL , For July 1 2020

Post by Ponee Thu Jul 02, 2020 9:37 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK  Intel Begins: 53:53


Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday June 30th the last day of the month and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody - all over the globe

There are people that are coming on the call that are new and may not have been on the ride for the last nine years like we have – I have been in this thing for 16 years and I’m looking at this and saying well “What have I not said?” But it’s not what I haven’t said but it’s what do I need to say again because there are some people that have been it a few weeks – a few months and haven’t really heard everything –

So - I am going to try to recap where we are and what the exchange experience is going to be like – especially if you are a Zim holder – so let’s start first of all with – usually I bring in information from either China or Iraq to bring us up to speed where we are then I will go into the exchange and redemption center appointments – and what those might feel like –

First of all – here we are on the last day of June – this was to be the start dates far as I knew in the last 3-4 days - we were looking to something popping today (Tues) and it came from 4-5 different sources – Now – are they wrong? Maybe not necessarily – because the latest information I had has us starting with groups – and I’ll go over the groups - with groups as early as 11 tonight Eastern – so an hour or so – not much longer after the Big Call ends – those groups could be paid out –

We know the paymasters and the top gun with the Admirals group have received their release codes – so called final release codes – and supposedly those groups are set and prepared to release when they get the green light –

Now – is the green light tonight at 11 Eastern? It could be – we’ll see - I’ve heard that – but here’s the thing – you’ve got the intermediate groups – have not been paid out – that would be including CMKX – Fines and Penalties – Adjudicated Settlements – which would also be the Indian Claims – Farm Claims – etc –

Those so called intermediate groups between tiers 3 and 4 are set to kick out and go tonight – now we’ve heard it before – we’ve heard it many times before – and I’ve had times before – I’ve probably put them out many times on the call before – so what makes this different? What really makes it different is the position that the whole system is in to begin to release

We are up against some kind of time line here – whereby we should get started – I’ve heard people say it starts right after midnight Eastern (12:01AM) and I’ve heard the 11 PM – Either way we win –

What about the rate changes? There have been some rates that have changed – we’ve heard about them from Forex people that they’re seeing Dinar and Dong in really good rates on the forex –

We also know from our Iraqi/American citizens that they were expecting a rate change yesterday but they found out today and got word today that at 11 am they were within 12 hours of a rate change for them –

So that’s 11 pm tonight - that agrees with the start time of the other – Will that be the start? It could be – it really could be – but when will the rates change again so they are reflected on bank screens and redemption center screens – Between 2:30 and 3:00 am Eastern tomorrow morning – is when we are looking for the rates to update again – and be available on the screens at bank and redemption centers –

Remember we have 13,810 redemption centers that are not tied to tier 1 and tier 2 banks physically – being a part of them or attached to them – 13,810 independent redemption centers that are Zim capable – Bonafide Zim capable redemption centers –

In addition to that we have 2220 redemption centers – in the US- that are connected to tier 1 and tier 2 banks in some form - either they are within the bank itself or attached next to the bank –

If you add all of that up you’ve got a little over 16,000 redemption centers – so they are ready for us to go – There have been conference calls after conference calls – telling them about everything – they just had one Saturday - about the biometrics of precious metals - that would mean having a little hand held device that can measure the validity of gold or silver coins or bars – and actually measure for the proper density – and viability of those metals – they got through a two hour training from noon - 2 on Saturday for that – and I’m sure they had another meeting since then to kinda give them a final go through on what’s going on

We know the redemption center staff is on call – they can’t quite set their schedules till we get started – but after we get started they will set their schedules to go from 9 ½ hrs – in some of the questionable areas – all the way up to 12 or 16 hrs max – per day - probably closer to 12

What my understanding is we’re going to go through - we’re going to get this party started – and go through July 15th - the other thing I’ve heard is – I take this to heart – let’s say we get started in the next day or so to go – we get the toll free number - the emails from Wells Fargo 527,000 of those have gone out – those that they have emails for – they get that email and the toll free number – if they don’t get an email they look to Big Call Universe.com and see it on our website – or it goes out in an email to our members – who have registered their email on our site –

When those go out you have 1 week from the time it comes out to set your appointment – If you set your appointment you could take a longer time to exchange ……I don’t know why you would do that – unless you are dying in the hospital – and you need recovery time – so unless you are not really paying attention you probably would just set your appointment and go as soon as you could –

I think they are going to get the vast majority of the Zim in 4-5 days – cause I don’t know of any Zim holder that going to hold back and not go – and not go fairly soon – there are people on vacation right now maybe for the 4th of July – maybe traveling locally – cause they can’t fly to Europe – so if you’re on vacation – you call set your appointment for whenever you come back –

Ok so we’ve got our appointments – what is happening with that 800 number? When it comes out and I put it out you’ll have it – or you’ll have it from the email – either way doesn’t bother me - you call a call center which is one of 12 regional call centers – throughout the country – obviously when you call you will get the right one – don’t worry about that – the call centers are set up under a special platform which is secure which is a safe link platform for making the phone call so you cannot get listened to or hacked while you are trying to communicate

When you call you tell them you have currency and let them know you have Zim if you have Zim – you let them know that first – any other currencies you can tell after they acknowledge you are a Zim holder – So then what you do is set your appointment and you could get handed off to another person at the redemption center which is close to your zip code –

You are going to give them the zip code for where you live or where you work or where you want to exchange – you give them that zip code when you call initially and that will transfer you to a redemption center that can take you (if you are a Zim holder)

If you are not a Zim holder and just have Dong or Dinar you let them know that and you will get routed to a tier 1 or tier 2 banks in your area –

Now let’s get into the redemption activity itself – you want to take something to identify yourself - in the first part of the meeting they are going to evaluate you as the KYC “know your customer” rules – they want you to have 2 forms of photo ID – if you can produce a passport great – driver license – Cosco card – whatever you’ve got – student ID – government ID – whatever you have you produce that – and 1 utility bill – could be cell phone bill – gas bill – to verify residential address –

So you are providing that first – they go through that – they generally know who the Zim holders are anyway – they’ve done the research – now here’s the thing – who they don’t know are the people who were “gifted” Zim – they do not have your email if you have been gifted Zim – that is where I come in – I have the toll free number and tell you what it is – or you rely on other people who have put it out online – I will have it on the front page of the website – you can get it there –

Now in your appointment you have done your KYC – you leave your phone in the car – leave your firearms in the car – and you proceed to go in – they will probably/possibly take you through a metal detector – not sure they will frisk you but check you out - to make sure you are not carrying and then just go in and sit down – you may or may not see 4-5 minutes of video presentation pending on which you have and whether they think you need it or not – the education – that is something with question marks still –

But you go through different stages in this redemption process – not to go into any detail but I’m going to tell you – you are going to have an opportunity to obviously say that you have currency – bring your currency out – they are going to count and verify your currency through a Delarue machine – and you will have your totals already typed out –

You know what your total in Dinar – Dong – Zim is or Rupiah – or Rial - or whatever it is - they run the currency through the machine and come up with a total – what I’m going to provide them a sheet that has what I say I have - this is what I say I have - Let’s see what you come up with and let’s hope it agrees with what I say I have – hopefully it will and I have counted correctly and the Delarue machine counts correctly – and validates and verifies the currency

Then we go from that point to talking about rate and our presentation for projects – we’re going tof make a presentation I n 5-8 minutes – you don’t have to go a half of an hour – just 5-8 minutes and you let them know what it is you’re going to do in terms of your project – you could have 2-4 people listening to your presentation – you do this at the first meeting

You have an idea what your rate is going to be – based on your project – the better your presentation and the longer longevity of your projects are the more you will get in terms of rate on the Zim – when you get that – when you present they are going to be giving you the option for you to negotiate for a certain rate up to “X” – and you know what “X” is

Then you’re going to have the opportunity for a structured pay out – and this means what the money actually sits in an account and creates interest that pays you – in my case I’m taking it every three months – or quarterly – that is an option you have to do – how long can your structured pay out go? Can it go 25? 50 years? – 100 yrs? 200 yrs? Yes yes yes and yes – Will you be here 100 or 200 yrs from now? I don’t know – let’s see what technology does – I don’t see why not with the technology we know is out there –and is going to be released in the next 2-3 yrs from now – So yeah I’m going out on a limb and saying we might be here that long –

So set your projects up – one generation is 80 years – 2 generations is 150 -180 yrs – you decide how long your projects should/could last – and how long you’re going to be funded – because if you fund a project for 80-90 yrs you can get an interest rate of up to 6.75 % per yr - and not to confuse currency rate with interest rate – interest rate is what your currency having been exchanged will pay you out – every 90 days –

If you can go 60-180 yrs with your projects – you can negotiate up to 9.45% interest per yr – (APR)

So here is why I’m saying this – when you do the exchange – my case – I’m using the Zim for humanitarian projects and calling it the God Fund – that money goes into a separate account where the interest that it earns spills over into another account that funds the projects –

So I take what I need for the first 90 days out of the exchange and then after the first 90 days when the interest is coming in I will use that money for the projects – for that 3 month period – and I can budget accordingly – and use as much of it as I can because I know I will have that same amount coming back in - What I don’t use I will leave in the account and yes there will be a compounding effect with anything that is left in that account –

Now let’s go beyond that – you are going to have to set up 1-2 accounts – 1 account for sure – as the mother lode account - which ever bank is represented at your redemption center – if Wells is there you can set it up with them - or Chase – BOA – or CITI – Those are the main tier 1 banks that will be there at the redemption center –

Wells Fargo will have an Abbott Downing – which is their high end high net worth individual management company - they will Abbott Downing reps there – 1 or 2 depending on the size of the redemption center and the demographics of the area – so you could meet a wealth management person from Wells Fargo – Chase – BOA / Merrill Lynch etc – so basically you’ve got 2-4 choices – In banking arrangements initially at the redemption center –

I am going to take 2 – I am going to have accounts with 2 of the banks – that’s it – initially – and then that way I can get everything started – You will also have a debit /credit card which they can put money on the debit side – if you want – it’s not my choice – I would take credit card and make sure I have a line of credit on the card – a daily limit is good – a line of credit that would allow you to do some major purchases with it – I am not going to buy a house on the credit card - but you could buy a car – furniture - toys – other stuff that you want to do –

Now that’s how that works – that’s how it is laid out – you will also get on a subsequent appointment – you should get your master access card to your mother lode account – which will be a titanium card – physically made of titanium – that will allow you to connect by a biometric fingerprint reader to it so you will get access to the mother lode account – and you will be the only one that can see it – you will be the only one unless you designate someone to look at it with you – Even your private banker does not need to know how much you have – it is going to be up to you on how private you are with that – you keep that to yourself –

Ok so you have that at your second / follow up appointment – as well as any meetings you have with attorneys - if you want bank to provide attorneys – or a CPA firm – or a family office- which is a concept where you have concierge services for your family – this could be travel – real-estate – vehicle purchase - so many things that a family office can do – it was originally created so families that were passing down businesses to their children or heirs – could be properly educated and represented in transactions –

Now for us it’s not so much passing down or selling businesses off as it is just dealing with transfer of wealth and the management of this wealth over multiple generations –

We are looking for this to be a multi-generational opportunity for us – our families – our heirs – whoever it is – and we work with those trustees and beneficiaries to take our projects if we check out – but the projects can go on – legacy is continued – the job creation is continued – everything that you want to do in your projects is taken all the way to fruition and then to a maintenance level beyond that –

So that is the vision of what is going to take place – Will there be some cash? There should be some cash – that you can take if you want to be a cash holder – you can take up to $14,000 – and it comes from your total – it is just deducted from your total – But you are going to have a debit/credit card –

Now – the other thing is about perks – these are benefits that you’re going to receive as being a customer of the bank – these could be annual perks – that you select from 2-4 pages depending on the bank you’re interested in working with – each bank has their own perk sheets – and you’ll get those – and they are not supposed to be taxable to you – You will let them know what perks you would like on your follow up appointment –

This is a tax free exchange – you should not be taxed on any part of this exchange – where you will be taxed is on the “income” – called “passive income” which is earned from the “interest” that is paid on your account – you will create an income stream from your mother lode account that in my case will spill over into a spillover account

Whatever that pays in I will have to pay quarterly taxes on – more than likely – I am not a CPA – I am not a tax accountant - you will be learning to do things a lot differently – your money is going to come to you quarterly – if you’re in a structured pay out – I think all Zim holders would want that – how long will you go? 50 yrs? I think I will go 100 yrs with my structured pay out – I am going to try to set it up – we’ll see –

Beyond that – you know about the titanium card which is an access card – and you will want to keep that in a very safe place because that is what you need to access and see in your mother lode account or master account – you will need that and your fingerprint – for the biometric reader – I am not sure about a passcode –

So what I’m saying is you’re going to be working with some wealth management people and especially if you really do not know what you are doing – they are going to want to help you – to assist you – that’s okay – none of us have been in this position before – some of us have dealt with money before most have not – but what’s cool about it is you are going to get an education along with this and learn as you go –

I am excited – could we get this thing cranked out by 11 or midnight tonight? It looks like it but we’ll see- Now if that happens you know – how soon I could be notified – how soon the emails could go out – I don’t know – I’ve been told a couple of things – but I think the smart thing to do is be patient and be available to receive – and that is what I am asking you to do – be available –

I have done everything but call it before – I’m trying not to call it now – because what good would it do – ok – the best thing we can do is be prepared -

That’s pretty much everything I wanted to bring tonight – You got a feel for what the exchange is going to feel like – what the redemption center is going to be like – it’s going to be a situation like you tell them if you are a big Zim holder or have a lot of currency - you let them know that – when you set your appointment that you might need 60 – 90 minutes for your appointment –

If you only have a few notes don’t sweat it – you will knock it out quickly and if you have 10 notes or less it’s not a big deal – you’ll be able to get your exchange / redemption done in 30-50 minutes including your accounts and all of that stuff

Everybody have a great night – have a wonderful 1st of July – and hopefully it will be the kind of day we can celebrate - I know we are looking for some announcements regarding – from the President somewhere in the Friday / Saturday range so be aware – these are supposed to be about NESARA / GESARA and going from constitutional law to common law and also information about our new restored republic and may involve 3-4 other countries going to a democratic or constitutional republic in their country so we’ll see what happens on that -


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