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FLEMING´S MILITARY INTEL CONTACT UPDATE, 1 JULY -- There was a video from Canada that said Zim had revalued. DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

FLEMING´S MILITARY INTEL CONTACT UPDATE, 1 JULY -- There was a video from Canada that said Zim had revalued.

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FLEMING´S MILITARY INTEL CONTACT UPDATE, 1 JULY -- There was a video from Canada that said Zim had revalued. Empty FLEMING´S MILITARY INTEL CONTACT UPDATE, 1 JULY -- There was a video from Canada that said Zim had revalued.

Post by Ponee Wed Jul 01, 2020 9:29 pm

1. There was a video from Canada that said Zim had revalued. It did a week ago: 1 USD = 57 Zim. They were talking about the Zim dollar, not the bond. You cannot revalue a bond. They also said you should be able to walk into a bank and exchange. That isn’t going to happen. Banks in the US do not have Zim dollars and I don’t think Canadian bans do either and right now banks were not selling Dinar or Dong. She said to go to a 800 number, but she didn’t go to the Royal Bank of Canada. They were to start on July 6, but that could change.

2. We won’t know the value of the Zim until our appointments.

3. We are going to get our own personal 800# through a Safe Website. Those Safe Websites have to be out by tomorrow Wed. 1 July, but we don’t know for sure if that would happen.

4. By using the Safe Websites to get our 800#s it prevents 800# fraud. Like, in the US 800#s are readily available to anyone who wants or needs one. That was why they decided to use safe websites.

5. HSBC, Wells Fargo, Chase and Bank of America will notify you through your email of what to do to get your 800# to call for your appointment.

6. That 800# will be specific to you and no one else. Someone else could get on your computer and they would be able to go to the Safe Website and get a different number. There is a number generator there and it is the safest way to do this.

7. You will be going to a Redemption Center for your appointment, not a bank.

8. If you went to a bank to exchange or redeem you would get $.43 for the Dong, but at a Redemption Center you would get the Contract Rate for the Dong, which was expected to be around $2.00.

9. You will be required to exchange all your currency and all your bonds at the same time.

10. We may only have 4-5 days to call for your appointment, but you can make your appt for the following week, or up to 30 days. That has not changed.

11. Zim used to be “inflation money.” It had no value and they stopped selling it as a currency or bond. Then China negotiated with Zimbabwe for their in-ground assets. The Buyer now sets the value of the Zim. We are the seller and we are selling our Zim to the banks. The banks set a value on it. Then the banks send it to the US Treasury and China buys it from the Treasury. Then China takes it to Zimbabwe, where it will be destroyed.

12. Through this process there are several transactions where the Buyer sets the value.
There are other transactions where the Buyer sets the value. Many seem to forget – it is only worth what the buyer is willing to pay for it.

13. There was an agreement with the US Treasury where no zeros would be taken off the Zim. That made it worth 100 Trillion, but it does not mean you were getting that amount. If everyone turned them in there would not be enough money.

14. No one knows what you would get for your Zim. The Zim negotiated rate can be anywhere from $.01 to $1.00 depending on what you need for your project. Another scale said anywhere from $11 million to $33 million per each 100 Trillion Zim note. Then it changed to between $150 million to $200 million. You would have to play it by ear.

15. You would need to figure out how much you needed between now and your first quarterly long term payout.

16. Set your appointment within the first 3-4 days. That was when the rate will be locked in.

17. The general public will start either July 6 or July 15.

18. The Safe Link Websites should be here by morning Wed. 1 July.

19. Our military Intel contact confirmed Fleming's multiple sources that said bankers, paymasters, group leaders and attorneys were expecting movement late this afternoon Tues. 30 June and overnight. All were anticipating a shotgun release over the next 24 hours, PP pkg deliveries, payouts & liquidity access and 800# notifications.

20. Any rumors of the release being delayed until Nov. if this was not started by Mon. 6 July were complete disinformation. POTUS knew he would not be re-elected if it didn’t go now in order to flood funds into the economy in the third quarter. Those funds would come from RV/GCR funds flooding the economy now, not in Nov.

21. The Chinese would absolutely not allow a four month delay as all 209 countries would implode into an unthinkable greater Depression without the release happening now – this week.


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