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Post by Ponee on Tue Jun 30, 2020 9:46 pm

The top Chinese Elders were still agreeing to the RV teams schedule this week.

The Elders understand that security challenges by Deep State operatives were real. The Elders also know that the US RV teams completely paid out Tier 1 government (Level 1) payments to China last week, plus paid out to 209 countries last Mon. 22 June. The Elders believed that the US would follow through with releasing Tiers 2-4 including Tier 4b exchanges / redemptions this week.

Over this weekend groups were scrambling to update information on their members as there were numerous reports of Historic Bonds being positioned for payout. Banks no longer were selling Dong and Dinar, while restricting circulation of Federal Reserve US dollars and coins. Mexican and Canadian borders were tightly sealed.

On Sat. 27 June MarkZ said that he was called by Tier 4a groups that he was in, who updated his contact info to be ready for exchanges and full payouts for this week.

Fleming's contact's Group Paymaster said he "signed a new NDA (on Sat. 27 June), he could not give me any more information and said that I should consider this positive news that the start was coming now.”

Over the weekend Deep State operatives arrests included not just politicians and DC agency bureaucrats, but some well-known Hollywood stars, Main Stream Media journalists and news anchors who have been active in crimes against children, treasonous crimes, trying to either stop the RV, to redeem ZIM for the Cabal, or keep the economy crushed so that Trump could not be re-elected Tues. Nov 3 2020.

Over this weekend Fri, Sat, Sun. 26, 27, 28 June Zimbabwe closed it’s banks, and were set to reopen them on Mon. 29 June according to Pentagon sources – who also confirmed that Kuwait did the same thing in 1992 before they re-evaluated. Last week the value of Zim floated up because Zimbabwe was now on the Gold Standard. https://dapucases.com/zimbabwe-going-gold-standard-with-advanced-financial-technology-fintech/

Over the past weekend there has been essentially round-the-clock working and processing to get ready for a shotgun release this week, while they have been arresting Deep State riot ringleaders (and other Deep State criminals).

Fleming's Wells Fargo banker source who trained exchange staff in several states, was excited over the weekend that the Tier 4b start was coming this week: "The WF banker who has been away from his home and family since January 2020 was still waiting for this exchange to occur, but even he seemed to be excited [over this last weekend]."

On Mon. 29 June there were two huge conference calls – the first of which started at 8 am PDT with bankers or exchange personnel in the Redemption Centers to brief them on final procedures and the timing for starting us this week.

On Mon. 29 June Paymasters, Tiers 3-4a group leaders and bank-related attorneys were getting in position for the shotgun start this week.

The banker source said that bond payouts in Zurich, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Miami, etc, have been actively processing from last Fri. 26 June and would go through Tues. 30 June for down-line liquidity to start our exchanges: "Zurich is apparently very active in the bond transactions which will be the basis of our gifts [exchange /redemption payouts]."

An Exchange banker source said that Tues. 30 June would most likely be the earliest any exchanging could take place, but because of arrests and security wrap-up for Redemption Centers to guard against attacks, Wed. 1 July was the new start date.

Security risk assessments & measures have to be completed on Redemption Centers targeted for attack by these Deep State riot ring leaders when we in Tier 4b were to start. This would take the security teams through Tues. 30 June to complete.

Wed. 1 July has been set by Trump, Judy Shelton and UST for the official RV / GCR start and liquidity day.

Rates would be locked in after Forex updates early Wed. morning 1 July for the start.

Thurs. July 2 through Thurs. July 9 were the dates on confidentiality forms that financial agents in Canada were asked to sign in order to prepare for a “financial blackout.”

Sat. 4 July President Trump was expected to make announcements that perhaps involved a return to the Gold Standard and a debt-forgiveness NESARA. This would be exactly 122 days before the Tues. 3 Nov. Presidential Election. By GESARA rules, GESARA and the RV/GCR had to be out at least 120 days before the election.

The Chinese Elders have been angry at waiting on Security Team arrests for the release, though the top five Chinese Elders have agreed to keep the ZIM in the redemptions through mid-July.

There was much happening. Keep prayers going up that the Deep State opposition to the RV release was completely defeated and that the shotgun release happened as scheduled.


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