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Post by Ponee Fri Jun 26, 2020 9:56 pm

 Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK  Intel Begins 48:40 min mark


Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday June 25th and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody - all over the globe

What I was getting today – it had been relatively quiet – over the first – let’s say lunch time today or after lunch time today - and then I find some things that we thought would be happening today – actually started happening today – and we got word on that –

We know – if you back up a little bit the St Germain Trust is one that is a Global Trust – it is being used to fund the individual countries Central Banks - around the globe and the Rodriguez Trust which we’ve called the bottomless trust in past times – it is primarily given to fund North America -

So we are the beneficiaries of that – and my understanding was for the next 2 years we would be receiving Tranches from that trust about every week – about once a week on average – and that would be filling in the gaps to go forward with who knows how many things = projects and everything –

The funds that we need to move forward with our Tier 4B has been in place for at least 2 ½ months - in the banks ready to go - However we always hear the term the money is moving – that’s another one of those terms that’s going to be Xed out on the T-Shirt - money is moving – forget that –

Money is in place – and we need it to be in place – where it’s supposed to be – in paymasters accounts ready to give to the individual recipient and that’s what’s happening now –

My understanding is that is continuing to happen since approximately 1:15 Eastern time today – we’ve got a lot of movement and a lot of paying out of the Admirals group and some of the other groups and that’s what we finally want to see – and that is the information that I’m getting

So my understanding is we’re moving through that process now – with that wrapping up hopefully sometime tonight or overnight and we are supposed to be within a 24 hr period for us to receive our Tier 4B notification – emails released – 800 numbers – and so on –

So even though we can’t nail down a particular time and we did not have one for today but we knew things would be happening around 5 PM today eastern time - they did get started 2-3 hrs prior to that today - so they did hit that deadline – that we heard about in the past and we could be in the vicinity tomorrow by lunch time to mid afternoon for the tier 4B – to be notified and setting up our appointments and so on –

There are things happening – definitely happening now – whereas in the past we thought only Tues – Wed Thurs would work for us with the QFS that theory is no longer valid – This thing can go at any time for us – even on Friday – even on a Saturday – so what I’m thinking is that we should stay tuned and see if this thing doesn’t pop – in the time frame I just suggested

You know that it’s something is a moving target – that’s an expression we’ve heard for a long time now – and some people have used the term what was true a few minutes ago - was true but it may not be true now - there is some truth to that statement too because things do change and the next thing you know - when you’re just ready to get going – something else pops up – or something else needs to be done –

You know that because we counted time and time again something else that needed to be done – and we know that we’ve got situations in various cities that need to be cleaned up – in terms of activity – not peaceful protests – but essentially looting – violence – and degradation of monuments and all that – but that is being attended to – and there’s a plan to eradicate that and clean it up – that plan is in place

Now – beyond that – the proximity that we have right now – we do know that rates are going to be good don’t worry about the rate - that is the least of your worry –

There was one thing I wanted to mention – we had a couple of people that were from down under – Australia - and what happens is – people realize that even though we are in the United States - this is a Global Currency Reset – It doesn’t just affect North America or the US or Europe –

This is a GLOBAL thing that is happening - so even though I don’t talk a lot about what’s happening in other countries it is important to realize that other countries are going to be exchanging currencies as well

For example – if you are in Australia – I talked about this in terms of S Africa – I mentioned this years ago - about Australia – when it comes to your exchange – and your Zim redemption – if you have a HSBC bank that’s most likely the best bank you could use internationally – so check that out – see if you have a HSBC where you live – in Australia – also Australia/New Zealand bank - ANZ is also one that I believe is going to be one to do exchanges –

Any of your largest international banks – are going to be good candidates - now listen – will the 800 number work for you? No I’m sorry I don’t think so – It will help people in Canada - United States – and Mexico – but that system is not set up as a Global system - for exchanges – so what you’re going to need to do is to stay tuned to the blog sites on line – like Dinar Recaps – Dinar Chronicles – and a couple of the others - If you stay tuned and find out that we have gone then you need to get on the horn and talk to a HSBC or ANZ bank or any other large international bank regardless of where you are in the world –

You’re just going to have to know those banks and contact them about doing redemption of Zim Bonds - and exchange of your currencies if you have some – so that is the answer to that question that was posed to us yesterday

And it would be true for a lot of different countries – for example – even in Mexico you have obviously a number of Mexican banks – but you also have HSBC – that would probably be my first call – if I were in a major city in Mexico - so keep that in mind where ever you are –

Now when it comes to us – again – this is a moving target – but – as of 5-6 pm this afternoon – (Thurs) things were moving forward for us and we believe we are on our way to getting g started within 24 hours so that means we could set appointments and go on exchanges quite possibly tomorrow or Saturday

So – consider that and schedule your time accordingly - Obviously when the numbers come out – emails come out - it will be “GO TIME” – and this would be our last call – if this is true – and if this is what’s going to happen we won’t have any more calls like we have been Tuesday & Thursday nights and I just want to wish everybody the very best – God Speed as you go forward with your exchanges and projects

Stay tuned to any emails that come from The Big Call Universe because first of all we’re going to put the toll free number out in that email to goes out to about 40,000 or so that we have on our site – and then also we’re going to let you know when we come together and start creating our templates for our projects – how you can blend in – how you can be a part of what we’re doing .

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