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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday Night 6-23-20

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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday Night 6-23-20 Empty Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday Night 6-23-20

Post by Ponee Wed Jun 24, 2020 9:47 pm

Intel Begins 1:07:00 min mark.

Call Transcribed by WiserNow.

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday June 23rd and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody – all over the globe

Now – over the last 4 or 5 days  there have been a few things that have come out – I believe it was even on Thursday  or Friday we were already pointing toward early this week – and today is already Tuesday – So what I do folks as you know – is report basically what I hear – basically what I get – sometimes I can’t give you quite the amount of detail and you know what I’m talking about clean up on aisle 3 – or pick up and drop off – you know what I’m talking about – if  you don’t just use your imagination –

So we came to find out late last night actually – there’s still a little bit of clean up that was needed for today –  my understanding is that took place already – so I feel as though we’re in position where this could go and we could get notified – I doubt that I get notified tonight – some things may happen overnight tonight – I will say that – we did get new rates on the screens yesterday – on Monday morning and we had expected that – cause we knew that the new rates and the USN would show up to be tradeable on Sunday night – in Beijing  and Hong Kong when those markets open – which was Sunday night around 9:30 our time – eastern

So – that took place – and you know the thing is like ok – if that happened and we’re ready to go when are we going to get started? We did have some clean up to take place we didn’t know about – till late last night I found out about it – and here we are with that in the position of it having been accomplished –

So that points well for  us over the next couple of days – in fact – our understanding was today  that we could go tomorrow and if not we would go by Thursday – or on Thursday – Now I am not trying to call it – I’m not doing that – I’m just saying the information I have is pointing towards the next 48 hours –

So – I feel as though we have a lot of the basics already down – but let’s go through a couple of things that we may need to revisit – in terms of the redemption centers – I have told you we have a ton of redemption centers that are not even connected to Tier 1 or Tier 2 banks – these are independent places let’s call it – 13,810 that are set up to go –

This is in addition to the ones that are connected to the  tier 1 and tier 2 banks – the total number if I remember right is we had 3220 plus the other number puts us at over 16,000 total redemption opportunity centers

Now – these are all bonafide by the US Treasury as Zim locations – for Zim redemptions to take place – Now the – regarding the Zim – we have heard that we can exchange all the way up to and through July 6 –

I don’t have any idea to go anywhere near that long – I think we will have the majority of the Zim exchanged or redeemed in probably 3-4 days – and they would like it done as soon as possible – obviously –

When it comes to what we’ve talked about with the structured pay outs – we’ve had dates that would be 20 yrs – 30 yrs – 50 yrs – even 100 yrs – I think that if you had a structured pay out that would go 100 yrs you could still do that – I think my intention was to go 50 or 100 – I’ll opt for the 100 –

It doesn’t necessarily I’m going to be around that long and I would say that is the goal we want to have is have projects that go a long time – say we don’t make it quite that long  but with the technology out there I think anything is possible and we could go that long – I really do –

So – let’s look at this – When you set up your project – think in terms of an 80 yr generation – meaning a 80-90 year lifetime – they are using that term as being a generation – so if you have a project that you can go 80 – 90 years with that could allow you to get an interest rate of up to 6.75% APR on your structured pay out
Now if you could go 2 full generations  – 160 – 180 yrs with your project – you could qualify for up to 9.45% APR  interest rate on  your structured pay out and I’ve talked to several people that kinda want to do something that I’m doing and that is using the mother lode account – Master Account – and not really touching that account but letting the interest spill over into another account – in the same bank or another bank It’s up to you – but that interest would be what you actually use to fund your projects – every quarter – every three (3) months you have a certain amount of money that you know is going to be paid out based on the amount of your mother lode account times your APR divided by four (4)  1 per quarter – 1 pay out per quarter ( 3 months)  – that’s just the way I am going to do it – and I’m using the spill over account to name the account the interest is being spilled over into –
it’s just an easy way for me to keep the principal doing what it’s doing in the mother lode account and the interest doing what I want it to do and use that for the various projects – and do my very best to invest and spend that every single quarter –

Knowing that in 3 more months I’ve got another X amount of dollars coming in – so that’s going to be one thing that we’re going to do – we know the APR’s that are available based on the longevity of the project and you know some of these projects can go on for hundreds of years – maybe some of them are done in 20 yrs – I don’t know – it depends on the project – but what is your goal?

Your goal is to create jobs – to create new businesses – maybe where there weren’t before – and of course we’ve got opportunity zones – that we understand and have heard a little about over the last few weeks on the news – and that is something that Dr Ben Carson –is going to be heading up – and that is something that I’m going to be able to talk to him about – when it comes to Rebuild America – but so many things – projects are going to be available to go into – I think it is tremendous

Let’s think if there is anything else regarding – ok you obviously know to present your – if you are a Zim holder you let them know – when you call – this is what happened with the call centers – there’s been some chatter out about a safe/secure link – the safe link is the term they are using for the new all centers format
Remember we have 12 call centers – now is tier 4B – everything we’re going to do to set appointments is on the telephone – in other words YOU will be calling the toll free number and you will be speaking after you tell them you have Zim – if you are a Zim holder – and then your other currencies after that – Zim is the first currency that you mention – that reroutes you to the actual redemption center – which is set up to take you and your Zim for redemption – and your other currencies too for that matter
So what happens is – you’re going to be able to set your appointment either through a manual operator or automated operator that connects you I believe if you’re a Zim holder you will be connected to a live – breathing person – at a redemption center of your choosing by zip code –

You will go in and do your exchange there – when the numbers do come out – and I put them out – get the word out – the theory is that we should be able to go in for our first appointment in 90 mins – 2 hrs –

I will have the number on the website and will be doing an emailing also of about 40,000 from our list

Basically when you set your appointment that’s it – I know there’s a little confusion out there about some of the groups may go about it differently – I think the admirals group will get a number and an email and they will proceed differently but remember the money in those groups have already been ponied up – They do have some people in the group that have loose currency and it’s up to them to figure out how they want to deal with that –

But in terms of us where they don’t have any of our currency – nobody has it – except us – we set our appointment and then go in and bring our currency to exchange and redeem if it’s Zim

Obviously when you go in they will be checking you out – unless you’ve been gifted  but they will find out who you are – and  you will go in with a couple forms of ID – driver’s license – passport – Sam’s Club card – whatever – go in with some photo  ID and also a utility bill from where you live so they can yes this is a real person with a real address –

It doesn’t take too long for them to go through that and confirm who you are with them – and then of course you will be presenting your currency for counting and verification – on the delarue machine and then  you’ll  have a tally of how much that is and you’ll be discussing the rates and so on – as you do that and then  you’re going to do your world class presentation with them – and 2-4 people – probably listening in – depending who you are and all of that – it could vary – you could have as many as 4  likely 2-3 people actually listening to the presentation – which is supposed to take 5-8 minutes overall

If you are a large Zim holder – and you know who you are – when you call to set y our appointment – let them know that you might need a little extra time – and you can get up to an hour and half for your session / appointment  meeting –

If you only have a few notes it’s not going to take long to do it – you won’t need more than an hour – If you have less than a dozen notes or so but if you’ve got a “bunch” then you’ll probably want a little more time – so let them know

You’ve got the opportunity to choose a bank or maybe 2 banks to set your accounts up in – that would be good – you might be able to make a wire transfer or 2 – I would not exceed 2 – maybe 1 or 2 – and the call them ledger to ledger transfers now with the new QFS and you should be able to get a sheet –

let’s  say  you have 2 banks you want to work with – you will want to get a perk sheet from each – probably a couple pages long – that will allow you to go through and say  as a qualified person — I am going to ask for this and this and this – and this – I do not know what the limitations are – I know they are not supposed to be taxable to us – so that’s good – otherwise – the redemption part of it – the exchange part of the appointment is going to be pretty simple and straight forward –

The NDA is supposed to be about 2-3 pages –Zim holders may have a little longer – maybe 4 or more pages – but the Non-Disclosure Agreement is something they’re going to adhere to you for 90 days – Now you’re not off the hook in 90 days because they will surveil you and monitor your phone and any social medium that you are on – not on – but anything where you’re talking – they are going to see if you slip –

If you slip and you start talking about the exchange or violating your NDA in any way – you’re going to be monitored for at least 90 more days after your NDA expires – so you might as well look at it as if your NDA is at 6 months – you might as well look at it that way – even though it might say 90 days I think you’re going to be watched by Homeland – NSA – who knows? So you have to be wise and shut your mouth – don’t talk to anybody about this – keep it quiet – it’s your private business – and I would say if you do that you will be far better off in the future

You’ve got to keep your family quiet – if you have kids that are aware of what’s going on – you’re going to have to keep them quiet – it’s your private business that no one needs to know –
We are looking at very good rates – Don’t know what they are – I had an idea but they change –and so you’re going to be fine on that – don’t even sweat that – that is the least of your worries – and think in terms of how  you can make the best presentation – and be sure to leave a copy with them –

We are looking really good for the next 48 hours – you know we’ve been here before – I’m not going to lie to you  – I’ve told you we’ve been close many many times and you probably rolled your eyes – when it didn’t happen just like I did – I just feel like this thing is coming to an end –

China is ticked off – China is ticked off that we have not let this go yet – although there have probably been a few good reasons that it didn’t – but they are looking and giving us the 48 hr stink eye to get this thing done and I believe even though our President – you do not give him an ultimatum  – I don’t believe you do –  but I know he is trying to get this thing done and there have been some obstacles in the way – a lot of things have been out of his control but I really believe President Trump is going to do the right thing by us and get this thing done this week –

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