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Fleming Update For 6/23/20 - Can You Believe In This Fool? DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Fleming Update For 6/23/20 - Can You Believe In This Fool?

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Fleming Update For 6/23/20 - Can You Believe In This Fool? Empty Fleming Update For 6/23/20 - Can You Believe In This Fool?

Post by RamblerNash Tue Jun 23, 2020 8:55 pm

On Tues. 23 June there would be a Shotgun Start through 800#s notifications to start same-day appointments.

White Hats and Interpol sources said that obstructionists have been arrested behind the scenes and that, along with the lifting of travel restrictions in areas related to Redemption Centers, has allowed the start this coming week.

The new banking procedures were under the rule of Constitutional Law under the Restored Republic. Constitutional Law under the Republic began to be implemented two months ago (from May 1 2020 onward) and Constitutional Law has just begun to be implemented among the banks and their procedures that would be affecting you at your appointment (nothing to dread – it’s all good).

This weekend the main thing the RV teams have been aggressively working on was getting everything executed that was tied to the final exchange procedures – that in turn were tied to a sequence of priority accounts that must be flushed forward (exact payouts at current USN rate being made into those accounts in order to be ready to start paying downline redemptions / exchanges). Everyone attached to payouts has been going through either processing, settlements, closings, or getting a state of liquidity in order to be ready for the start.

Last week even though everything has been moving forward very quickly, there was a series of issues that the RV teams had to work through including issues related to Covid-19 travel restrictions nationally and internationally that were now largely resolved.

Last week the banks had a series of meetings on the transition from the old SWIFT system to the Global Payment System for Cross Border International Payments (CIPS, Real Time Processing System, the Digital Ledgering System).

Now the Quantum Financial System (QFS) has complete transparency of financial transactions. The old Deep State SWIFT system limitations have been removed. Digital gold-backed currencies were now driving the new system.

The banks and RV teams have been working hard to make sure everything was safe for each individual currency holder using the QFS.

The banks were now compliant with GESARA / NESARA standards to make banking completely safe for us (which was radically different than the old Deep State dominated banking system practices).

The Know-Your-Customer procedures that you would be taken through at your appointment intake was to protect all parties (the bank and you) from all fraud.

The banks were working like tightly controlled utility companies with complete transparency and honesty (so different than the past banking Deep State criminal and terrorist activities we all know so well).

The rules attached to GESARA were now attached to banking protocols that you would encounter at your appointment intake (where you give two pieces of identity and would be asked know-your-customer questions to verify that you were who you say you were, etc).

The Chinese Elders were largely satisfied with the American forward-movement so far. They have been pushing the RV release of funds forward in a way that the RV cannot be stopped.

They were moving forward with the RV release no matter what and the US was being pulled along so as not to lose billions post-RV by getting stalled and getting behind the Chinese release pace.

The Chinese Elders have been releasing funds in Asia through the Heritage Funds accounts and through processing 12 different types of Exotic Bonds.

This weekend the Dubai 1 & 2 accounts were being hydrated with funds for the final Shotgun Start by the top 27 Elders to release liquidity at multiple tiers and levels for the exchange process during that Shotgun Start.

Behind the scenes all were excited because D1 & D2 were now ready to disburse fully to all tiers and levels across the 27 levels and categories of payouts this coming week.

The White House RV team has been making sure that appropriate levels of security were in place including the appropriate behind-the-scenes level of Martial Law.

They have mostly been concerned with the Covid-19 travel restrictions and border closings on the Mexican and Canadian borders. Now that most of the travel restrictions were lifting domestically and internationally, exchanges / redemptions could finally start this week.

The main body of the final RV release was now possible this coming week and that has made many very, very happy behind the scenes (It’s largely a done deal for this week).

The US Treasury and IMF, along with the Department of Defense and Chinese Elders have been and were still on the same page getting everything done on multiple levels in order to get this final release done this week.

Keep prayers going up over all and get ready.

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