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MarkZ Still Leads Folks Along With His Any Day Fake Contacts! Call Notes For 6/23/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ Still Leads Folks Along With His Any Day Fake Contacts! Call Notes For 6/23/20

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MarkZ Still Leads Folks Along With His Any Day Fake Contacts! Call Notes For 6/23/20 Empty MarkZ Still Leads Folks Along With His Any Day Fake Contacts! Call Notes For 6/23/20

Post by RamblerNash Tue Jun 23, 2020 5:49 pm

Member:  It’s Tuesday. Time for tacos and an RV!

Member: This was supposed to be our morning…..very disappointing.

MZ: I heard it wasn’t supposed to start until this afternoon….so I am not disappointed yet. Watching this afternoon about 4 or 5.

MZ: There is a lot of chatter….I am sure you all are seeing it on the boards as well……that there are a number of appointments supposed to start about 3 pm PST today for tier 4a. Many hope it starts releasing at the time……I have my fingers crossed.

MZ: Banking contacts have been very frustrated but they believe today is the day….specifically this afternoon. . They are confident we are in the last 1-to 3 days of all of this.

MZ: I am getting similar intel from those involved with settlement packages, PP’s CMKX and all of those.

MZ: Iraq contacts are also thinking today is the day and they will be able to publish a figure in the Gazette tomorrow. They are very confident that they will be going by the first and will have an International, Worldwide, Competitive Currency.   We will be watching this evening closely.

Member:  Good stuff last night with Frank 26!!

Member:  Two days ago was Iraq's goal: The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Ali Al-Alaq, announced that the Central Bank of Iraq has succeeded in reforming the economic environment and stabilizing prices

Member:  Go watch pimpy invest chat on YouTube. Talks about ifex Iraq business conference...a lot of great news from there

MZ: I still feel we may need to see another stimulus…bailout…helicopter money before it all releases…..

Member: Trump said more stimulus in the next couple weeks...and very generous he said

Member:  Trump and Mnuchin both said that the Stimulus will come out in about 2 weeks. Trump said it was going to be huge. Was he talking about Us?

Member:  If we RV in two weeks that around the beginning of July kinda makes sense

Member:  It makes sense to me that we have the RV and are exchanged and immediately following our friend mr. cortrelle signs off and we get the reset and making all of our liquid funds at parity

Member: Please explain why we couldn’t do the RV and helicopter money at the same time?

MZ: We absolutely could do them at the same time. My concern is liquidity. They may have a plan for this that I am unaware of though where it goes exactly at the same time…...and everybody gets money in their accounts as soon as they pull the trigger…..

Member:  Ron Giles brought up a great point yesterday in the IDC blog that once Mr.C enters his codes, the fiat system is no more.The old CB monetary system is shut off FOREVER.The transparent QFS takes over.!

MZ: Giles is dead on right with that.

Member:  Good news...Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe announces an auction system as the official peg of the local currency against the US dollar...behind today

Q: Will we have to exchange all currencies at the same time?

MZ: I have been told by everyone that I talk to that we will have about 30 days to get them all exchanged…..after that they will become worthless wallpaper. So, I would not hang on to any of it.

Member: You need to exchange it all before the general public.

MZ: I agree with you. We are not talking about you guys…we are talking about people with no clue that just walk into the bank.

Bob Locke joins the stream……please listen to the replay for the entire Q&A

MZ: Banking side thinks today will be the day….or at least in the next 3 days….I think we need one more round of bailouts……..what do you think? How close do you think we are?

BL: I have never seen the kind of talk and the amount of talk indicating that today is the day thus far through all my years and years of this. . I am hopeful today that we see some stuff happen.

BL: The problem is as we get down to the last wire is there is still plenty of cabal out there with residual power that are doing whatever they can to stop from losing that power and spend the rest of their lives under arrest. . We know they are all being watched but what kind of tricks do they still have up their sleeves????.

BL: Do I think its going to happen?  I know without a shadow of a doubt it will happen….it has to happen. Otherwise the world will be in a really deep, dark place.

MZ: Everything is so compartmentalized…at every level which makes it tough to know exactly what is going on. .

BL: It was designed by the military for secrecy. So in different departments this guy doesn’t know what that guy is doing…..even though they work right next door to each other. So this makes it difficult for a time before we see the transparency.

BL: I was watching Bill Barr last night in an interview. I found myself getting frustrated. I have a sense of trust in him that he is doing the right thing…..he has worked with some of the evil doers in the past but I would like to see him do something now of substance…something major involving someone….whether it’s the Clinton email investigation or the Epstein investigation….i want to see something that would show the top bad guys are scared right now. I am not seeing that yet. You don’t want to bring charges against the rich and powerful without proof that they are not going to walk away from this….

Member: Bill Bar doesn't want to arrest for petty theft he wants the arrest for treason

MZ: I keep waiting to see if someone is going to be held responsible for their decisions…..anybody??  Just one person????  How many more felonies do these guys need to commit before they are held accountable?????  These people commit crimes all over the world and no one yet is being held accountable.  This drives me nuts.

BL: Think about things we never hear about anymore….like the Clinton Foundation which is just organized crime. It’s a slush fund for the cabal. If something this obvious is not dealt with then they are part of the problem.

Member:  Will Trump arrest the peeves and pedos

Member:  Charles Ward interview yesterday says Barr is handling indictments they are not talking about

Member:  There are sealed and unsealed Indictments...Justice coming soon!

Member:  Durham Report coming up soon

Member:  potus last EO was about confiscating all assets of those involved in all the bad stuff. it will be in the trillions going into our Treasury.

BL: I am seeing more and more everyday people awake and openly talking about this now…..everywhere….and that is important to have the people on their side and awake before Barr releases everything so there is no civil war…….

MZ: I have noted that as well…..i used a uber driver a couple weeks ago that was wide awake……its amazing how many people are aware of all of it……and they all know it’s coming…..the world is waking up….

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