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Post by Ponee Sat Jun 20, 2020 9:34 pm

Nick Fleming,

Our military intel contact just got back with this update:

EVERYTHING ON SCHEDULE for T4B to join 4A appts on TUE 6/23 -- He is confirming Mr. Fleming's sources that everything is still on schedule, and the UST, the IMF, along with DoD and the Chinese are still on the same RV release schedule for the T4B 800# notifications to come out next Tue 6/23 to start redemption appointments then, as long as initial payouts of higher levels above T4B are completed from today Fri 6/19 to Sun 6/21--so he confirmed that all RV teams are working aggressively now to get those completed; at this point funds have been moving to execute these payouts from about 11am EDT this morning Fri 6/19 and will continue through the weekend, so that we in T4B can join the 120-30 T4A APPOINTMENTS ALREADY SET for NEXT TUE 6/23;

EVERYTHING ON SCHEDULE for T4B to join 4A appts on TUE 6/23 -- He is confirming Mr. Fleming's sources that the UST leadership team is focused on keeping everything on schedule (parallel to the IMF, DoD, Chinese schedule), because (1) Trump told them yesterday Thu 6/18 to GET THE MONEY OUT >>NOW<< and (2) because T4A appts on TUE 6/23 ARE ALREADY SET, these were/are final tests of the appointment setting process for us in T4B to follow on their heels immediately then; the daily audits have gone well and there are test exchanges of groups of 200 or less that have been happening since yesterday Thu 6/18 (but they have no full access to funds till T4B starts by Trump's mandate) and there have been ongoing tests of other RV release procedures, with full review of all test results going on too, to make sure everything is running smoothly by the time they start T4B next Tue 6/23;

[6:34 PM]

EVERYTHING ON SCHEDULE for T4B to join 4A appts on TUE 6/23 -- He is confirming Mr. Fleming's sources that the PUBLIC T5 is scheduled now by IMF to start on MON 7/6 giving us in T4B 2 weeks to complete our exchanges / redemptions; he emphasized GET YOUR APPT DONE NEXT WEEK IF AT ALL POSSIBLE but for those who cannot, the 800# will be out through the July 4th weekend; he confirmed that IMF was not happy to move the T5 Public start to Mon 7/6 but security teams are saying the final release must be done NOW barring any more unexpected security issues / obstructions which they are not expecting now.

[6:35 PM]

EVERYTHING IS PROGRESSING, NOTHING WILL BE ABLE TO STOP IT -- He is confirming Mr. Fleming's sources that everything is progressing and nothing will be able to stop it; this past week there were a series of problems and issues that the security teams are resolving, but it only delayed the official schedule to start everything one day from Wed 6/17 to Thu 6/18, and the RV teams EXPECT IT TO STAY ON SCHEDULE till they start T4B next Tue 6/23; so he is confirming that YOU NEED TO PRACTICE YOUR PROJECT PRESENTATION THIS WEEKEND for higher rates at the 1ST APPT (whether or not you decide to take the 6-month SKR at the 1ST APPT and to return in follow-up APPTS with your WM and trust company team for your team to request higher rates from UST for you and your projects in follow-up APPTS);

[6:35 PM]

Nick Fleming, [19.06.20 19:00]

EVERYTHING IS PROGRESSING, NOTHING WILL BE ABLE TO STOP IT -- He confirmed Mr. Fleming's sources that the only issues that could THEORETICALLY slow down the release schedule at this point would be security issues, BUT THE SECURITY TEAMS say they WILL FIND A WAY AROUND ANY SECURITY OBSTRUCTIONS, because THERE IS NO CHOICE IN THE MATTER--IT >>HAS<< TO GO NOW because (1) the Chinese are desperate for the RV funds and are PUSHING OUT & MOVING THE MONEY NOW IN ASIA based on the Heritage Funds and exotic bonds, forcing the USA to follow along and NOT ALLOWING THE USA to ALLOW OBSTRUCTIONS TO SLOW the USA PART OF THE RELEASE DOWN ANY MORE--THE CHINESE PAYOUTS AND MONEY MOVEMENT WILL >>KEEP GOING<< because THE CHINESE >>HAVE TO HAVE THE MONEY NOW<< and >>THE WORLD HAS TO HAVE THE MONEY TOO<< not in 2 weeks, not in 3 weeks, not in July, certainly not in late summer or fall, and the Chinese have let Trump, DoD, and the RV teams know this fact--Again he confirmed that THERE IS NO CHOICE IN THE MATTER ANY MORE; if the USA delays implementing what was promised to the Chinese it will be UNTENABLE for the USA and the world and the USA WILL LOSE A HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY POST-RV by just getting behind China's release activities--THE RV HAS TO BE ROLLED OUT NOW--SO THE HEAT IS ON and, again, this is why TRUMP TOLD THE RV TEAMS yesterday Thu 6/18 TO GET THE MONEY OUT >>NOW<

[6:36 PM]

OFFICIAL START OF FINAL RV RELEASE WAS ON THU 6/18 -- He is confirming Mr. Fleming's Brazilian and other sources that the final RV release sequence actually started officially Thu afternoon 6/18 at 5pm EDT, so all payouts are being completed ahead of us in T4B now so we can get started next Tue 6/23; they are executing Level 1 (Tier 1 govt) payouts to the accounts of the 11 adjudicated programs, involving historic bonds, the global collateral accounts, and funds are moving out of the priority accounts starting today Fri 6/19, and then Sat-Sun 6/20-21 there will be payouts at the current USN rate to the few thousand inner and outer core group accounts who then payout the lower level beneficiary accounts, including payouts to the rest of the T4A SKR accounts to be made accessible when T4B starts; he confirmed that on Thu 6/18, the managers, trustees, and administrators were alerted to get ready for these payouts over the weekend; he is confirming that RV rates for the 22 currencies in the first basket were locked-in this morning Fri 6/19 from UST averaging RV currency rates based on the Forex close and the release algorithms over the 3 prior days Tue, Wed, Thu 6/16-18 (the 3-DAY RATE AVERAGING FOR LOCKED-IN RATES HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE & INDICATES FINALITY TOO), the locked-in rates are being tied to the QFS today Fri 6/19 and there is a sequence of 4 steps to convert them over from fiat dollar rates to the USN rate for next week's start; for security DoD security teams are keeping the RV rates hidden until the day of starting the redemption appointments.(edited)

[6:36 PM]

GLOBAL RELEASE INITIATION SUN NIGHT 6/21 (HAPPY FATHER'S DAY) -- He is confirming Mr. Fleming's sources that the main release globally (leading to our T4B start on Tue 6/23) will commence on Sun night EDT when Hong Kong opens at about 8pm EDT (8am HK time Mon 6/22) and HSBC HK will give final instructions to HSBC North America for WF and the banks about the timing of the 527,000+ 800# notification emails being sent out to initiate the start next week, and final instructions will go out to the redemption centers and the 12 regional call centers to allow T4B to set appointments and start Tue 6/23 accd to the current plan;

[6:36 PM]

Nick Fleming, [19.06.20 19:00]

PAST WEEK DELAY -- He is confirming Mr. Fleming's sources that besides the sting operation that netted 3,100+ higher level Deep State operative arrests, the delay this past week was also due (1) to Covid-19 travel restrictions that had to be dealt with (even as the Deep State fake stream media tries to whip up hysteria again about a so-called "second wave" of Covid-19, which nobody believes any more), (2) and 14 other security issues besides the sting operation arrests Wed-Thu 6/17-18 that the DoD security teams were taking care of; he confirmed that the RV teams had to deal with the 9 Deep State Democrat governors this past week who were complicating the start of T4B exchanges / redemptions scheduled to start this past Wed 6/17, some of the interference coming from Covid-19 travel restrictions, but now the RV teams expect the start next week to be UNIMPEDED by the Democrat governors citing the scam "second-wave of Covid-19 cases"--the security teams expect this to be under control by this weekend expecting most of the states to open up enough by next Mon 6/22 so there will not be significant travel restrictions: he said PRAYERS are appreciated that THE SECURITY TEAMS SUCCESSFULLY BYPASS ANY STATE LEVEL INTERERENCE to T4B exchanges / redemptions starting next Tue 6/23--AGAIN he repeated that THERE IS NO MORE CHOICE, THE CHINESE ARE PUSHING THE MONEY MOVEMENT FORWARD, this HAS TO BE COMPLETED or the USA WILL LOSE A HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY POST-RV by just getting behind China's release activities--THE RV HAS TO BE ROLLED OUT NOW IN THIS COUNTRY.(edited)

[6:37 PM]

NEXT WEEK EMPHASIS ON GETTING US IN AND OUT -- He is confirming Mr. Fleming's sources that the main concern of the security teams regarding T4B redemptions / exchanges is to get every currency holder in and out of appointments and processed as soon as possible once 800# email notifications come out; and he is confirming that there is an emphasis that all ZIM holders get processed by next Fri 6/26; in order to minimize security risks, the concern is that the bulk of T4B must move through the process next week (this does NOT mean that you are in danger if you cannot set your appointment for next week; it only means they want the BULK of T4B in and out next week as soon as 800# notification emails come out).

[6:37 PM]

CONTRACT RATES FOR THOSE WITH NON-ZIM CURRENCIES -- he said this may need more comment later, but his info in regard to questions about contract rates at the 1ST APPT is that there ARE still contract rates for those who do not have ZIM and who only have Dinar, Dong and other non-ZIM currencies; his current info is that there are NO caps of $1.4 million or other amounts, but the $1.4 million was just a general figure that the patriot white hats targeted years ago in the original plan for Dinar RV exchanges to STRENGTHEN THE MIDDLE CLASS (which the Deep State has squeezed through debt slavery over the past century) and to allow the average Dinar holder to retire with at least $1.4 million from exchanges; if a non-ZIM currency holder wants the higher contract rates at their 1ST APPT, they need simply to (1) ask for the higher contract rates, and (2) be prepared, if asked, to give a brief statement to the exchange personnel (his info is that supporting spread sheets are NOT REQUIRED though they may help make the case) about how a part of the funds might be used by you to help others in need and/or to help your community; Trump forfeited his presidential salary to give back to the people of this country, so he believes it is important that ALL CURRENCY HOLDERS have some idea how they can take a portion of their exchange proceeds and PAY IT FORWARD to others in need around them and in their communities.


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