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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 6/19/20 - Sound Familiar? Does Bruce Need A New Script? DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 6/19/20 - Sound Familiar? Does Bruce Need A New Script?

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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 6/19/20 - Sound Familiar? Does Bruce Need A New Script? Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 6/19/20 - Sound Familiar? Does Bruce Need A New Script?

Post by RamblerNash Fri Jun 19, 2020 10:40 pm

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday June 18th and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody - all over the globe

First of all – it was a very quiet Wednesday – there was a little bit coming out and a pretty quiet Thursday – But things opened up and started happening somewhere around 6:30 pm tonight – with information – some people were being told that things were happening for us – but I’m going to tell you something about emails because this was a big concern yesterday - and today – and did emails go out? The answer is “Yes” –

Some emails went out yesterday and today – but before you say “Well I didn’t get one” – Let me tell you what – the total number of emails was just over 3302 – But understand that 96% of those were targeted for Bad Guys - They were not for us - they were not for 4B - They were targeted and those emails that went out - once they were received and appointments were attempted to be made by people they knew in advance – would not be good people – they took care of the situation – Let me just say it that way – kinda like pick up and drop off –

Now – there was a very small percentage that did actually set appointments – 4% - somewhere between 120 and 130 people – and guess when? They were allowed to set appointments for Tuesday – This coming Tuesday – so that should give you a clue right there –

So – I don’t know – you might want to call it a “sting”? I guess – and yes it was very effective and it did work – so – moving on beyond that – no mass emailing – no 50,000 an hour – no 527,000 + that are on Wells Fargo servers – those did not go out – so you can just give a nice sigh of relief

Now – let’s go beyond that – let’s talk about this week – we are going to have some pay outs beginning today and tomorrow – when I say pay outs – these are for people in the groups – could be intermediate / CMKX – these are people already in line ahead of us (tier 4B/internet) and they are starting to pay out - I think it’s just primarily the intermediate groups – might be some tier 3 SKR’s –

Beyond that this is a very important week – and we’ve heard some specifics about tomorrow – they say tomorrow will be very – very – very – very – very – very – very good for us –

I checked to see if that meant a start date for us – I think it’s not – I think it’s something else – I’ll tell you what I believe that is – This week you know that President Trump is doing a rally in Tulsa on Saturday – He was attempting – originally to do the rally on Friday – but what he learned was that Friday in Tulsa is celebrated as Juneteenth – I’ve heard of it for years and years – I did not know the full significance of it and neither did the president until he was informed –

What it is – is commemorating the abolition of slavery – in this country and June 19th is the day that is reflected and celebrated – I don’t know if it is celebrated everywhere – The President obviously did the right thing to move the rally to Saturday and I think as a result of what he knows about the Juneteenth – is that it is a day of liberation and celebration and I believe it will also be a day of liberation for all of us –

The reason I say that is I’m hearing that NESARA and GESARA will be – I don’t know if it will be announced – but I know it will be started tomorrow on Juneteenth which is the beginnings for first fruits of Debt Jubilee or Debt Freedom for all of us

You know I’ve talked to you about what is included in our Debt Jubilee – I’ve talked to you in the past about what happens when we receive that freedom from debt and the freedom from credit card debt and mortgage debt and everything – and you know – this debt forgiveness – or debt jubilee has already occurred in many countries throughout the world – especially in China – Australia - Laos – a number of countries have already started with that –

People have received letters saying that their mortgages were wiped out – or this debt relived – it’s going to be interesting – so let’s see what happens tomorrow in that line up – in that vein of debt relief – It’s a big thing and it’s part of NESARA and GESARA – and It’s going to be good for us – really good –

As far as our start – I’ve got to tell you – banks – and I know specifically Wells Fargo is having a conference call tomorrow morning from 8:45 to 12:15 at least on the East Coast –

Now – that is a call that is mandatory and during that call they should tell employees that are on the call tomorrow whether our release for our appointments to be set – whether our 800 number release is coming out either Monday or Tuesday –

I told you there was a very small percentage of appointments that were set for Tuesday already - very small like 4% of 3300 – so easy math is what? 128? 132? That is a very positive thing and the fact that they are being set for Tuesday lets us know we could possibly get the number Monday and set our appointments for Tuesday – Or – if we don’t get the number Monday we will get it Tuesday and set the appointment on Tuesday –

Now that is what I’m hearing – this is not me calling it – this is me telling you what I’ve heard from extremely good sources - now – let’s go a little further – as far as our exchange appointments are concerned – especially for Zim holders – I told you if you were a Zim holder you can request an appointment that would last from 45 – 90 mins – especially if you have a lot of Zim – a lot of it – not just a few notes –

Now – here’s how that is going to work – you let them know when you call in – When you call in you will get 1 of 12 call centers – because they are set up regionally across the country – and you will tell them the kind of currency you have – not how much – and you will tell them zip code where you want to do your exchange - and then – like I said you will get connected directly to the redemption centers that will do your Zim and most likely connected to someone there that might be helping you at the redemption center

After you are connected and so on – what you’re going to see when you do have your appointment and you go in for your appointment – you’re going to be able to do your full presentation and negotiate the value of your Zim and here is the clarification of what I said on Tuesday – I’ve got further clarification that actually sort of makes sense – and here is what it is –

You can negotiate your first quadrillion of Zim that’s assuming you have that much of less – what is a quad? A quadrillion is 10 x 100 T Notes – Now what if you have 10T notes? Or 50T’s? or Billion dollar denominations of Zim and you might not have but 1 100T – What I’m telling you is the first – my understanding is the first quadrillion of Zim is negotiable –

Let’s just play a game here – Let’s say you have 5 quadrillion Zim – not a little not a lot – Your first quadrillion is negotiable based on your world class presentation that you give – and your rate will be decided based on your presentation and the value you are going to bring to that exchange –

What happens to the rest of your Zim? We started with 5 – we used 1 for negotiation – the other 4 quadrillion you are subject to the rate that they offer you – whatever that is – you are subject to that rate – on your remaining Zim –

I think I have made it clear on how it’s going to work – I don’t like caps – I’m not going to use caps again – anything like that – but they are ….. you have to realize the rate that we’re talking about – that’s negotiable as you’ve heard me say that before so go back to your mind bank on that –

On that first quad – turns into some serious bucks – and it’s a LOT of money – we all know that – So…. What we’re hearing is you should not give them a hard time about this – just take that negotiated amount and then take the offer amount they give you for any remaining Zim that you might have –

Obviously if you have less than 1 quad it is not an issue – if you’ve got 2 x 50T notes or 3 notes or 4 notes – you can negotiate those based on your projects & presentation – I told you on Tuesday you would be able to negotiate longer interest rates on your structured pay outs if you could go 1 generation which is 80-90 years or 2 generations which is 160-180 years – and you’d be able to negotiate a higher rate of interest – interest is not the same as the rate of the currency as you know – So when you go in you should have a very good plan -

I am excited about what we’re hearing – I think that the clarification on that Zim redemption is very important for us to understand – I think that the idea of having projects that would go – let’s say you are not going to live 80 -90 more years or a 100 + years – you need to have people that can carry your projects on into 100 – 150 – 200 years – you may not have those people now – but you need to find them in the next 10-20 years –

The longevity of your projects is very important – the longevity – the hiring - or job creation is extremely important and you know to build infrastructure is also important but most of the infrastructure is going to be handled by the president and administration – that is their intent – they did not want us for example to say we’re going to build roads or bridges or whatever – they wanted us to do other things for humanity and there are a ton of other things that we can do – and you already know a lot of them –

The rates I’ve heard are going to be really - really good – and I can tell you based on some of the rates I’ve heard that I can’t put on the call – that I believe that’s true – I believe that’s very true – and I’m excited – we’ve got NESARA / GESARA kicking off – tomorrow in some way or form – you know we are going to get away from Federal personal income tax – it’s going away- don’t know how quickly - but it’s going to be amazing – you are going to be amazed –

Now – will a lot of that stuff matter? Getting refunded the interest we’ve paid on credit cards – mortgages – loans – lines of credit – all of those things? Is that going to matter? It might add up - it will be money – but it will pale in comparison to what we have with our exchange proceeds – I told you that other currencies other than Zim are fully exchangeable when you get those – you will get access to 100% of those funds starting on Day One – the day of your exchange –

If you’ve got Venezuelan currency or North Korean – or a couple other countries they’re going to hold those for you in terms of a SKR if you want to exchange or get rid of those – If you’ve got Iranian Rial you should bring it – and you will probably get a value on that – if not they will give you a SKR - because it is next door to Iraq it could come out at a similar value to the Iraqi Dinar – it could be close – I don’t know if it will be on par – the same as – but I’m taking mine – let me put it that way –

In addition to that the only real question is will be get an announcement about the USN – it is a part of NESARA so I would look for it maybe not tomorrow but maybe starting pretty soon – pretty soon –

As far as tomorrow goes should be a big day for us – could have some cool stuff coming out – and then Saturday the day of that rally – I just would not be surprised if President Trump brings something of major value – have you seen on the news in the last couple of days where Pres Trump talked about going out and getting one of those things – he did not even have the right word for it (RV) Recreational Vehicle – and driving it around – he was making reference for us of the RV – the re-valuation – and when he asked – what is that thing called? – guess who answered? Steven Mnuchin was the one who answered – it’s an RV – Mr President - so there are clues out there that we’ve had that are very interesting and that was one – was kinda fun - and why was VP Pence at the Winnebago plant yesterday? That was another sign – you know – because the Winnebago is a recreational vehicle – right?

So I think that is overall –the deal – I know some people thought it was going to be this week – I thought it was this week – but I can tell you this week that the pay outs did and will start – tonight and tomorrow – Pay outs – not to us though and won’t find out until either Monday or Tuesday one should be our start date and getting the numbers and setting our appointments starting Tuesday

I want everybody to have a great weekend – to chill – Have a great Father’s Day – have a great Juneteenth as we celebrate tomorrow the abolition of slavery which is wonderful to celebrate – and I think this is possibly a great opportunity for all of us to be free – all of us – to be free – and sovereign individuals

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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 6/19/20 - Sound Familiar? Does Bruce Need A New Script? Empty Re: The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 6/19/20 - Sound Familiar? Does Bruce Need A New Script?

Post by Ponee Sat Jun 20, 2020 9:10 pm



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