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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 6/16/20 - Do You Still Buy Into His Garbage? DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 6/16/20 - Do You Still Buy Into His Garbage?

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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 6/16/20 - Do You Still Buy Into His Garbage? Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes 6/16/20 - Do You Still Buy Into His Garbage?

Post by RamblerNash Thu Jun 18, 2020 9:40 pm

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday June 16th and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody - all over the globe

Well let’s talk about it – Let’s see where we are – Let’s talk about first of all there is a 48 hour thing that we are right in the middle of right now - in fact we are toward the end of it - What happened – yesterday morning - the final gold backed bonds – Chinese bonds – they were negotiated in London – were wrapped up at 4 am or close to 4 am Eastern Daylight savings time yesterday – at that point – you take another 48 hours and that was supposed to be the time of everything releasing – that would be a little after 4 am Eastern time tomorrow – (Wed)

Now what is supposed to release is all new algorithms in place – all new rates on the screen and the Forex – and the bank screens – and with that the opportunity for the toll free numbers to be released by email – as you guys know the 527,000 + emails that are on Wells Fargo’s servers are to contain the number – those are to go out – I am supposed to get the toll free number to put out – not only on our web site but also we’ll have it to give to certain individuals - and I’m sure there will be people who will get the number – it’s not as exclusive as we once thought –

I think there are three that are supposed to get the actual 800 number and then I’m sure they’re going to put it out on the prominent websites – so we will see how that turns out –

The email process from Wells Fargo is supposed to go out in 4 batches – and it’s supposed to take about a half hour in between the release of batches – so we’re looking at maybe a 2 hour period to release those numbers – and again – like I said –

I don’t know whether I’ll be able to get the number at the beginning of the release – the middle - I really don’t know – I just don’t know yet – they really have not informed me very well – on what that whole procedure is going to look like – all I know is that I’m supposed to receive a packet in person of some information – whatever that is –

So that is what is looking good – so far for tomorrow – You guys know that we never “call it” – on the Big Call – I tell you what I’m hearing - whether it comes through as I’m speaking it or not is to be seen - but the information overall is very positive – about this wrapping up the middle of the week – well – middle of the week is Wednesday – that’s looking interesting –

What else can we bring up? Regarding the exchange itself – a couple points – If you have currencies NOT including Zim – let’s say you have dinar and dong – and you have the exchange that takes place – when you exchange those currencies – it’s a non taxable event – how many years have I been saying that? 9 years – I am in my 16th year – but when you do that exchange – you will have full access to all of that immediately –

It’s good to have that confirmed – there’s no wait – no 26 hr wait – nothing like that – you should be able to have full access to your exchanged funds immediately –

In regards to the Zim – and we know that what you want to do – obviously – I think if you are a Big Call listener for the most part – you’ve got projects – whether you’re going to partner with us or not – there are projects – but the point is – the Zim is going to be decided based on to a great extent on the amount that you have - we are not going to do rates – but I’m just going to tell you if you’ve got one quad or less – and in case you do not know what a quad is – its 10 X 100T Notes – (100Trillion Notes)

If you have that or less – you have a better opportunity to negotiate a half way decent rate – If you have more than that – and more is really not a good thing – when it comes to Zim – the more you have the lower the rate will be – but they will offer you something and you can try your best to negotiate that –

Another point about the exchange – we had talked about a period of time when the structured pay out that could be 20 yrs 30 yrs – 50 yrs – you have the capability if you want – and I am thinking about going this way - to go for 100 years – structured pay out –

Well you ask will I be around that long? – well who knows – it’s possible with the technology that’s coming to the forefront – to really de-age and extend your life – quite a bit – you guys don’t know yet but I do and Sue and Bob do – we are aware of it - we are aware of what’s possible – so don’t write off the fact that you might not be around – you could be –

What I’m saying is they consider a generation to be 80-90 yrs – so let’s say your project is something you think – whether you’re here or not – doesn’t matter – the main thing is the project going to go 80 or 90 years? – If it can – and you can show that in your presentation the longevity of your project – then you are looking at the possibility to negotiate an interest rate (not a currency rate) that 80-90 yrs could get you 6.75% APR – remember my plan is to be paid every quarter – every 90 days –

Now let’s say you have projects that you believe will endure and go beyond that to 2 generations - 160-180 years – you could negotiate up to a maximum of 9.45%

So – that is just something you can keep in your mind – when it comes to setting up your structured pay out if you are a Zim holder – If you’re not a Zim holder you do not need one - If you are – you are looking at that situation – and you know what I said as far as your so called 80-90 yr generation and then of course what you’re going to do is to let them know even if you don’t have a successor – trustees – beneficiaries of your trust picked out yet – you’ll get them – you will get somebody that can take over for you in 20-30 years – or whenever – depending on your age – so be aware of that –

The other thing that I think is sort of interesting – I’ve told you this for years – I told you that God Fund – is the term I used for the Mother Lode Account – there is no more 80/20 or 70/30 stuff – It’s gone it’s dead - that was a cabal tactic – none of that exists for us –

That means you have full access to your funds – obviously your currencies from day 1 and then if you have a structured pay out what you need to do if you are a Zim holder is calculate how much money do you need for the first 90 days until your first interest payment comes in – approximately 90 days let’s say 92-93 days – whatever it takes to save up right –

When it comes to setting up that plan – I told you I am going to use a mother lode account as my main account that will earn that interest and pay that interest into a spill over account at the same bank – at least initially – and then into a new account – so I’ve got a brand new mother lode account which is where the bulk of the exchange of the Zim goes in and then when that creates interest – in 90 days that will spill over and pay into a secondary account –

I’m doing that – notice – I’m not touching the principal – I’m not touching the mother lode account - now maybe initially to handle for the first 90 days maybe I’ll figure out I need some and I will take a little out - I’ll take a little out to cover any needs for my projects for the first 90 days – ok - but after that the mother lode account is basically safe and intact and keeps me happy and the bank happy – this is what I am going to try to do - the spill over account will be where I’m drawing funds to do the project –

Every quarter I’ll have a number that I’m expecting to receive and I’m doing my very best as a humanitarian to plow that interest into my projects and humanitarian needs – not only US but globally - that’s our job and I think that’s what’s going to be so much fun – to try to invest into people’s lives – spend it for useful services and so on

I’ll probably use the currency exchange funds for personal – that is a plan I’ve had in my mind for probably 5-6 years – so that is going to allow us to do that and to be successful by managing it – you do not have to do it that way - it just seems to make sense to me to do it that way – for what my desires and goals are for these assets – this blessing – and I am not going to try to compound the mother lode – I don’t want to compound it – it’s going to be big enough as it is –

The spill over account though – could compound – it doesn’t need to but it is earning at somewhere in the 6.75% all the way up to 9.45% range which turns into real money real fast

I told you last week that if you’re a Zim holder and if you have a lot you’re going to need between 45 -90 mins to get your appointment done and you need to let them know that so they can schedule that and other people around you – that’s important –

Everything we’re hearing is pointing towards middle of the week we’ll see whether it is that way or whether something else comes up – I don’t think there is anything else that’s going to come up – and I believe the time frame we’ve got is pretty good – it has been relatively quiet – there’s been some information that’s come through and I’m glad it does – so we’ll just see how it goes – I want everybody to be prepared as much as they can – get ready – rehearse a little bit – stay fit – have a beautiful week – let’s see what happens – I’m pretty excited about the possibilities -

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